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  1. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. This is way off topic, but there really isn't any practical way to legally bring in alcohol in excess of the duty free limit. To do as your friends say they did, you not only need to pay import duty, excise tax, and VAT - not all of which can be collected at the airport, since they go to different agencies - but you also need an import license. It's theoretically possible to obtain one, but realistically it's way too much difficulty for anyone who doesn't have an alcohol distribution business.
  2. The probe also found four suspected prostitutes on Walking Street, three suspected drug users in Thonburi, and two suspected sex-toy sellers near Nana.
  3. I've seen plenty of those as well. And the perpetrators of those crimes against taste usually say "oh, I'm charging a higher price for this unit because I just remodeled". Uh huh. By definition, any price that doesn't attract buyers is not the "going price", but most sellers in Thailand don't wish to acknowledge that.
  4. It's actually two HOURS to 29 days before departure - so you can (theoretically) buy a ticket online on the day you're traveling, but not at the very last minute.
  5. There were (and perhaps still are) travel agencies that were wired into SRT's reservations system, complete with an official ticket printer - so not exactly "online" in the sense of being on the public internet, but more like having access to the same proprietary terminal used at SRT ticket windows. That was fine if one of those agents happened to be nearby, but reserving/ticketing wasn't something you could do on your own with that system.
  6. The government made up these rules and hasn't explained the reasoning behind them. People who aren't related can't choose to share an ASQ room, and yet the government was - at least initially - assigning strangers to share rooms in SQ. Go figure.
  7. US prosecutors had requested ten year sentences, but the judge ended up imposing much shorter terms, mainly due to Gerald Green's ill health. As for it being "essentially the same crime", it isn't. A person paying a bribe is violating the law, but a public official receiving a bribe is also violating the public trust, and is typically held to a higher standard (with more severe punishment). That being said, 50 years seems over the top considering the usual levels of sentencing in Thailand.
  8. Please look again at my post - I was only commenting on the Meteorological Department's forecast for Bangkok, not anywhere else.
  9. I'm curious, have you seen this reason given officially, or is that just an assumption? People reasonably assume that's the logic behind the ban here - despite the fact that most countries have no issue with alcohol in quarantine - but I kind of wonder, given all the other odd restrictions in Thai quarantines. For example, in many countries you can order in any food that you want; here, ordering in food isn't allowed, even if it's just left in the lobby and then deposited outside your door. Many forum members have constructed rationalizations for why that is, but I've never actuall
  10. Proof that the funds came from abroad has to be shown in order to obtain the actual Non-O visa in country, but isn't needed for the first extension or any subsequent extension (which isn't to say that some random officer might not ask for it anyway). Regarding the situation of the OP, is he sure that the officer was actually asking about the source of the funds? When switching from the income method to the 800k method using gradual deposits instead of one lump sum, some people get caught out because there are one or more months during the year between extensions when they neither t
  11. A fair question! In some cities, taxi baggage charges only apply for items "handled by the driver", and Bangkok cabbies may or may not assist with luggage; some do and some don't. And since most taxi trunks/boots here are virtually unusable because a retrofitted gas tank takes up all the space, this seems to raise the possibility of being charged for an item that the passenger handles him or herself, and has to squeeze onto the seat inside...which makes one wonder what exactly the charge is for. And yes, I do realize that some cities do in fact charge exactl
  12. I was thinking the same thing, there are many countries who would bend over backwards to have this festival take place in their land (without any bribe), why would they choose to pay that huge sum to Thailand? Something is missing in the story, possibly the Green's wanting to take the money out of the US and hide it in Thailand? Which would also explain the US continuously following up the case to end with a conviction? They didn't pay bribes because they wanted to hold a film festival, they paid because they wanted to be award
  13. So what happens between May and November? The trains stop running? Or is something missing from this report?
  14. More information here https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/film-executive-and-spouse-found-guilty-paying-bribes-senior-thai-tourism-official-obtain If I see it correctly the court case in the US was finished in 2009 and the first court case in Thailand in 2017. Yes, my recollection is that the US handed Thailand all the evidence gathered in the case against the Greens, which should have been sufficient for a slam dunk prosecution of Juthamas. Thailand then followed the usual pattern for this type of case, delaying and postponing and co
  15. What...? The low temperature in Bangkok today is closer to 26!
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