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  1. San Diego Chargers vs. Los Angeles raiders 1974
  2. News flash!!! They never stopped drinking. There were just less drivers on the road than normal.
  3. There is the deposit return which varies by the size of your meter. There is also a discount being taken off of bills right now but it is only for the 5w meters. I don't get it because I have a 15W meter. It will be listed on your bill.
  4. Thai's are pretty much the only ones coming back right now.
  5. I paid around 70K for my system. It only has 1 pump though. That is with a auto backwash system. It would be about 20K less with a manual system. I go through a 40 kilo bag of salt per month, 350 Baht. Getting the filter media changed out costs around 7K.
  6. If her Thai ID is still a Thai surname then just have her go and change it to her name without you involved. I tried this with my wife but her Thai ID has a Thai version of my last name. When the land office saw this they told her I had to sign off on it too. That is sign a paper stating that none of the money was mine and that I had no claim to the land.
  7. pretty sure he was using sarcasm. Besides their biometrics not catching him there is no mention of the smart BMW either....
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