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  1. Apparently they only work until 4:50 PM. But there are a few important operational limitations, the kind only revealed when you move dogs out of the laboratory. According to a Thai researcher: “5pm is their dinner time. When it is around 4.50, they will start to be distracted.” “So, you cannot really have them work anymore,” the researcher said. “And we cannot have them working after dinner either because they need a nap.” https://scroll.in/article/996641/can-dogs-detect-covid-19-yes-but-not-after-dinner
  2. They were heard rehearsing how to say "Ni hao!" Anyway it may have put a little money in peoples pockets that have not had any coming in recently.
  3. Basically what it means is that whatever sandbox area you go to you will not be allowed to travel outside of it. So if there is a virus outbreak it will be contained in just that area. That's the theory anyway.
  4. When you click on the new 'report bug' button on the Thailandintervac site it says at the bottom: "Some bugs on the websites may not safe for other, So please report us immediately and don't share it to public that would help." They might get upset with Richard for sharing it to the public. Of course it does also say 'So please report us immediately' not 'So please report it to us immediately"
  5. Not required. Me and the wife have had check ups more than a few times, every 3 months. No test was ever required other than reading your temperature. A couple of months ago I wasn't feeling that well. My wife insisted I go to the hospital. Once there they said I had a slight fever and admitting me for observation. They tested me for quite a few things but not for Covid-19.
  6. I think bottled beer tastes better. However it is more likely to be ruined by exposure to light. The metal cans are coated on the inside to prevent the liquid from reacting with the metal. I say do a blind taste taste between the two and see if you can tell the difference.
  7. Unless Covid-19 just somehow disappears we will all be exposed to it at some point. Just like influenza, even though we have some immunity to it and vaccinations for it, people still get exposed to it every year. Around 500,000 people die from influenza complications every year.
  8. If so you should be more worried about getting blood clots from having Covid-19. According to several articles I have read the chances of getting blood clots from Covid-19 is far, far higher than the chances of getting them from a vaccine. The vaccines that have a blood clot risk are rated at 1 in 100,000. For those that get Covid-19 it is 20,000 in 100,000. Even higher if you have a severe case. "Overall, 20 percent of the COVID-19 patients were found to have blood clots in the veins, and among patients in the intensive care unit, that statistic increased to 31 perce
  9. I am registered for the 22nd at Phayathai 2. Called them last week to check if appointment was still valid. They said nothing had changed. My brother-in-law is going to check at the hospital on the 21st to see if the appointment is still good. I live 2 hours away. As far as choice of vaccine you chose that when you register from the available list.
  10. The local government hospital where I live charges me 50 baht for a doctor visit. I'm on a retirement extension.
  11. "I'm not getting a vaccine. It's too dangerous.", hops on motorcycle.
  12. Thai immigration has leaked all of our information more than once. Nothing new.
  13. The article says "...29,700 foreigners have now cancelled plans to visit Phuket." I think he means percentage wise. 29,700 could be 90% cancellations. We just don't know.
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