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  1. You can do a resident certificate at your embassy. But it can be expensive. $50 at USA embassy.
  2. It is not that dangerous for humans. It does have some venom but it is rear fanged so it doesn't inject it like front fanged snakes do. You would have to let it chew on you for awhile to get any effect from it. Even then it probably would not be that bad.
  3. Thai law says that if you have not crossed the line before the light turns yellow(orange?) you must stop. There is no leeway in the law. Problem I see is that if you actually stop when the light turns yellow you run a high risk of getting rear ended.
  4. You can withdraw from them. That is one of the requirements for Thai Immigration acceptance. When I set up my fixed account, SCB, I asked them about it. They said if you withdraw from it you will only be paid interest on the lowest balance for the period. Or in other words you will earn no interest on the portion you withdraw early.
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