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  1. It starts at 600 Baht age 60 and goes up 100 baht every 10 years after that.
  2. I've wired much larger amounts with no problem. They may call you to find out if the money is for buying property or living expenses.
  3. You are mixing up 2 different things here. Make sure you don't go on overstay.
  4. By law in Thailand if you have not yet passed the line you are supposed to stop on a yellow light. In reality you will probably be rear ended...
  5. My wife has this problem. For a long time she was taking Omeprazole. But I don't think taking it everyday for long term is healthy for you. I read about people using probiotics for the problem and got my wife to try them. She takes one before each meal. It has helped her a lot. Hasn't used Omeprazole for years now and occasionally uses some Gaviscon. Getting good probiotics in Thailand is hard and expensive. You can get better by ordering from iherb or vitacost and even with shipping much cheaper. Have to keep the order small to avoid customs checking it, under 1,500 baht and less tha
  6. I would not call this movie a comedy. Happy ending though.
  7. 1) I would wait until the next generation solid state batteries are commercially available to buy an EV. 2) If hydrogen powered vehicles become common just imagine all the explosions occurring on the roads in Thailand.
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