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  1. It's one idea, but I doubt it would be much appreciated in my case. Anyhow, I'm looking for something that can be done from overseas since I'm not in Thailand. Sending money via bank transfer is too expensive with small amounts, and unfortunately I don't have a Thai bank account. Last year I ordered flower delivery which worked out great, but kind of expensive for what you get (especially considering flower prices on the street in BKK). Was hoping for something similar but different from last year.
  2. My girlfriend (not Thai) lives in Bangkok and I live abroad. Her birthday is coming up in less than a week and I'm still struggling to find something to give her. I treated us both to a rooftop dinner when I was there a month ago, which is considered "the birthday gift", but I still want to give her something extra on the day as well. She usually doesn't eat out, but I know she once in a month or so treats herself to Hachiban Ramen, or orders Pizza Hut or KFC with her friends. The perfect gift (considering that the rooftop dinner was the main gift) would be a gift card for Hachiban or Pizza Hut, but they don't seem to exist. Does anyone have any good ideas for similar restaurants that do offer e-vouchers? I only find things like luxury hotels and fine dining when searching online. Not even Eatigo seems to offer a way to give a voucher or gift card to someone.
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