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  1. I think it's cheaper now than it used to be but yes, seems like more hassle than it's worth Could probably get most of the same effects with a slightly higher dose of testosterone for safer and much cheaper I don't fancy the subcutaneous injections multiple times a day, even if they are tiny pinholes....
  2. As the owner of the connection, they will simply prosocute you for anything the guests did A bit like the nite club owners who get done for not checking ids properly and having underage people inide
  3. Anyone using e20 or similar should be on a modem bike with fuel injection Is there any proof it leaves sludge in the tank?
  4. Anyone using Thai versions of human growth hormone /hgh?
  5. I will do if i like it Just surprised how dirt cheap they are in the Philippines and thinking about buying one just for the entertainment....
  6. I only really want a toy, if i was half serious id get a crf250 or even a new 450 Just thinking about trying out one of the cheap ones to see if i like it because all my bikes are big and heavy
  7. Is there a cheap Chinese dirtbike like the racak bronco 150cc or similar available in Thai https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/cheapest-motorcycles-philippines/amp/ They seem to be gaining popularity and marketshare in other countries but don't know if it can be bought in Thai under the same or maybe sold under a different name etc 150cc min but 200 or more would be better
  8. They get paid to work there all day long so making things fast or efficient for you is the least of their concerns
  9. Someone should torch the lot That will teach them rapidly
  10. Every pharmacy in touristy area's has it Some have it in stock others will show you a catelog and then you can "order it" Don't forget to haggle, the prices in the book will be a multiple of the "real price"
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