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  1. A lot can be solved if you can find a smart Thai..... Pity they're so rare...
  2. I want one that folds out the size of granddads Sunday newspaper.... I'll be the coolest person on the bts
  3. They will probably also think she is a hooker...
  4. I rarely stop for police /highway bandits and never hear anything about it Don't worry unless they come to you
  5. If you want a job done properly , sometimes it's best doing it yourself...
  6. I hope you came back and killed them? If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem
  7. I have killed more than i could count over the years After they snap at me once, i come back with their last meal or drive over them in the dark
  8. Chop off her head, she wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice, make it for her....
  9. Taxi drivers are filth, the world over But especially in Thai they like to rip off tourists with immunity I love to see them begging and can't wait until they are replaced by self driving cars
  10. I mainly did bodyweight exercises in the army, boxing and cross country running before i decided to "bulk up" The 25kg was gained ridiculously fast, my weight was going up at freaky levels on 8 meals and protein shakes etc Strength went through the roof but i could not be bothered with the lifestyle and mainly the eating to sustain it, my body changed though It never dropped back to pre steroid levels so some of the size was permanent (although my metabolism probably slowed down too so i can keep the muscle and still do with less food even over 90kg)
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