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  1. This morning I went to Krungthai bank and I asked them the process. They said they needed the letter which has a barcode which they need to transfer the money in the E-wallet card. The woman at the bank was very helpful and asked the status of my tax refund after which I showed above message. She then called the tax office for me and asked the actual status. Seems the tax office just sent the needed letter with barcode today, so I expect I get it friday. The woman at Krungthai was very helpful. I still couldn't find this exact process on the Tax office website though Maybe it's somewhere, but I didn't find it so far. I just found out how to do through this forum-thread.
  2. Bud has to be one of the worst beers I've ever drank. Of course Bavarian beers are nice.
  3. IMO Huntsman is tasting much better than Snowy. Snowy doesn't come close to Hoegaarden and tastes very sour. Huntsman comes much closer to Hoegaarden. But then again, everybody has its own taste. Actually I like Grolsch and sometimes it's for sale in Thailand, but way too expensive.
  4. What is this letter? The status of my tax refund shows that payment is in progress and that I need to register for Promptpay or something, but I didn't receive any letter yet.(see screenshot) Do you think I can just take a print out of my filed tax refund and go to Krungthai bank to make such a E wallet card? Or should the status progress to the last step (1 more) and they will send me that tax refund letter?
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