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  1. Many IOs do not check that the 800,000 Baht has been maintained after the previous extension for the required time, and that the balance has never fallen below 400,000 Baht UNTIL you do your next extension (e.g. they retrospectively check your bank balance for the critical dates. This retrospective checking means that people may be non-compliant and will only realise when they come to do their current retirement extension (e.g. their balance fell below the required amount). It is a difficult situation and, in theory, the IO may deny people people their extension and give them 7 day
  2. Plenty of countries are administering the Sinovac vaccine to the elderly, including China. Who dreams up this 59+ age restriction!
  3. If you are doing serious riding, it is impractical to stop or muck around every time dogs run at you. The three things I do are below. None of these methods requires you to change your speed and allows you to keep both hands on the handlebars and keep full control of your bike. First, if the road conditions are suitable and the dogs are on your left or right, ride close to the verge so the dogs have to run on the rough verge. This normally slows them down so they fall behind. Second, when the dogs first close in, you might be able to get a good kick in the nose of one (
  4. Watch The Simpsons elephant pet episode. It contains all you need to know about looking after an elephant at your home. Bart just let his roam around the neighbourhood looking for food.
  5. Look at the mess the government got itself into with their latest Covid handout by assuming everyone could register by smart phone. I still have my old Samsung non-smart phone. I'm happy to use the internet at home on my computer, but don't need a smart phone on my travels. I'd prefer to use my eyes and ears and take my time to soak in my experiences first hand. I'm retired and don't need email and messaging on the go. I don't feel the need to be in constant touch, and reachable, all of the time. I guess I am happy enough with my own company. Maybe it is just a life-style thing.
  6. I wish media (including TV) would show more guts and name names when reporting on matters like this. Yes, I know all about Thailand's tough defamation laws, but it seems to me if the Thai media banded together on clear matters such as this they could make a difference and influence a good outcome.
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