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  1. Yes, in my experience, most offices keep working when they still have people to serve. Mind you, you may need assistance with 'overtime' because I'm sure the department does not pay them overtime.
  2. I try to use my pink card as ID when physically checking into hotels during travel in Thailand (to avoid getting my passport info entered into immigration databases and getting caught out with a TM 30 or whatever in my next visit to immigration). It is accepted most of the time, but not always.
  3. Steady rain is good for gardens and dry land farming. However, we need torrential rain to flood the fields, fill local ponds and the larger reservoirs. During the 2018 wet season (in central Isan) we got a lot of steady drizzle, so things looked green, but we missed the torrential rains that normally come in September. As a result our dams and groundwater were at their last gasp moving into June 2019 when good rains normally arrive to replenish everything. The 2019 wet season is looking grim so far coming off a poor 2018 wet season.
  4. Their predictions issued today are for poor rainfall in August and September (20% below normal).
  5. No rain here here in central Isaan for 7 weeks. I keep asking when the wet season will start.
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