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  1. Try to plan an activity you can both do together once a day. Start with the simple things like a river cruise, visiting some out of the way place in Bangkok, a picnic etc. I'm sure there must be plenty of things to do in Bangkok that don't involve spending hours in the hot sun. Maybe you should plan the activities for the first three days, but make it clear she will have to be proactive and research and come up with activities each alternative day after that. It's not good enough for her to say 'up to you' and be passive. If she can't do this then maybe she should go ba
  2. HobbyKing is by far the best source (order over their website). Look for RTF (ready to fly) aircraft that come with everything you need. Start off with a Bixler, and go from there. HobbyKing ships from Hong Kong.
  3. Thailand is a great country for old men, probably for all the reasons given by Rooster, and more. But I can't blame young Thais for wanting to get out, see the world and experience other cultures. I suspect opportunities could be limited if your family does not have the right connections. I agree with Rooster about the roads. I was pleasantly surprised about the extent and general quality of the roads when coming from Australia. But (particularly on a motorbike) you do have to be alert at all times and cannot allow your attention to drift for even a few seconds.
  4. There was a science fiction story about this once. It was about teleportation. It worked on animals, but humans seemed to go mad. Turns out, because of some quirk of time and space, although teleportation was instantaneous to an outside observer, for the person teleported it took about 100 years. So they were in a sort of limbo, alone with their thoughts and with no sensory input, for 100 years. But their body did not age at all.
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