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  1. I did the transfer about 2 months ago. I got sent my new Australian passport in the mail, but there was no letter. Anyway, the lady at the Immigration Office did not ask for any embassy letter and just did the transfer. It took about 30 minutes and she asked for 200 Baht (no receipt)
  2. Well it's like the strong Baht, continuing to defy expectations. Thailand is truly the lucky country (provided you have money).
  3. I use it when checking into a hotel and they ask for my passport. Has worked every time so far (saves any potential grief from Immigration).
  4. Ha Ha. You are a joker! I did not blame anyone. I just accept the loss and get on with life. But maybe others can learn from my experience. Obviously not yourself because you are Mr. Perfect. Our PEA Director's job is currently on sale for 5 million Baht. Perhaps you can apply? Guaranteed you get your money back within 3 years.
  5. We built our house 6 years ago and have lived here ever since. I've always thought our electricity charge to be high. A few months ago my wife inquired at the local PEA office why we didn't any Covid discounts, or meter refunds. She was told it was because we were on a construction meter and that no discounts applied to this tariff. The construction tariff was 8 Baht per unit versus the domestic tariff of 4 Baht. The lady kindly calculated that we had overpaid some 87,000 Baht since we had been living in the house for the last 5 years. It took about 4 weeks to get the tariff changed. First we had to pay 1000 Baht for a 'new meter' despite the meter being the same as everyone else's. We then paid 500 Baht for a PEA worker to certify that the house was being lived in (we couldn't locate the builder to do this). Then nothing happened for a few weeks. Apparently they were waiting for the end of the monthly billing cycle before applying the new tariff. The subsequent monthly bill applied the correct tariff and our bill was half the previous. Two weeks ago a tree on a vacant lot fell on the power line in our soi and brought down the power pole at the end of the soi to which 5 households are connected (including ours). We had originally paid for the pole when we built our house, but understood it belonged to PEA because it was on common land. PEA refused to fix it, but offered to send a team of workers to reinstall the pole if we paid 4000 Baht. My wife checked with 3 of her friends who had built houses within the last 12 months and all were still on the construction tariff. No wonder the director of our local PEA lives in the biggest house in town and drives a Mercedes.
  6. The Australian pronunciation is closer to 'Toy-land'.
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