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  1. I would just go ahead with your plans to move. The vaccination process will catch up with you sooner or later. In the meantime, the risk still remains low. Too many people have already had their lives put on hold for 18 months because of Covid. But there is nothing stopping you. Don't be hostage to the Covid situation. If you have made up your mind, just do it!
  2. So Thammanat's star keeps rising (this is the guy convicted for heroin smuggling in another country). Next stop is leader of the current ruling party, after that, maybe Prime Minister.
  3. Good on you (the poster) for sticking up for your way of life. Why should you accept arbitrary restrictions imposed by someone who has no right to do so. I wish more people would stand up for themselves rather than just giving up.
  4. Actually, I think I had Covid earlier in the year so maybe I already have the antibodies and the vaccine therefore doesn't trigger an effect. Thinking ahead, I wonder what will happen when people who have been fully vaccinated test positive for Covid. Of course they will most likely be asymptomatic and their viral loads will be low reducing chances of infecting others. Hopefully there will be no more quarantines if you have been vaccinated, but test positive.
  5. I had no adverse reactions at all when I had my first AZ shot on Monday. Even the jab was a pleasurable little <deleted>. Does this mean the vaccine is not working? Should I go back and ask for more?
  6. Below is an example of the certificate issued in Thailand for someone who has been fully vaccinated. One would hope that Thai immigration/customs can just scan the code on the certificate to get database proof that the person has been fully vaccinated.
  7. Attached below is a copy of the generic certificate issued for a friend who has just finished their 2 shots of Sinovac. A similar certificate will be issued after the second shot for AZ. I'm assuming this can be used throughout Thailand where proof of vaccination is needed. I'm not sure if it will be accepted by overseas airlines and countries when travelling out of Thailand. For information.
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