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I am an Australian citizen and retired from my job at the end of 2013. I worked for the Australian Government Department of the Environment.

In Australia, I met many Thai ladies. I married my Thai wife in 2012. I was 54 and she was 52. This is my third, and hopefully last, marriage.

We moved to Thailand at the beginning of 2014 following my retirement. My wife's family live at Mahasarakham, near Khon Kaen in Isaan, and we had previously brought 5 Rai of land on the outskirts of the township of Kosum Phisai.

One of my dreams on retirement was to build a house of my own design and to build up a hobby farm over time. We built our new house at Kosum together with some fish ponds/dams and have started to try and plant some trees. I like to have a bit of wildlife around me and want to reforest our little piece of land.

My wife has a small restaurant at Kosum Phisai. She is a retired school teacher with two grown up sons. Jida (my wife's English name) has been westernised, to some extent, but retains her Thai character for better or worse. I think she would like to live back in Australia where her family can't reach her and she is free!.

We'll stay in Thailand for at least 5 years. I hope to do a little part time work, probably teaching English, to supplement my pension. I enjoy cycling and fishing.


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