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  1. Seattle too. 27 arrested as the downtown retail section destroyed. Looks like looters used peaceful protests as cover to break windows and rob, then hid behind peaceful protesters - like human shields for their crime.
  2. It seems people have an issue with getting killed when unarmed and restrained when they've not committed a violent crime. How do these bad apple police officers get hired, and then kept-on after they've shown themselves to be no good? They make all police look bad.
  3. What "foreigner" would fight a guy who's fighting to get out of a Thai prison? Reminds me of Gladiators forced to fight for their lives, in a way.
  4. This American hopes Thai-US friendship will persist no matter which transient leadership holds power. America will return to stable, engaged diplomacy. Please just be a little patient as democracy shows how messy it can be.
  5. Just finished my 1st Zoom meetings today. Hadn't been to a meeting since March 1, 2020. Not recommended, but no pronounced symptoms of the a-holism I've been prone to. I liked it and of course wondered why I avoided the change in format for 3 months... It was like when I was very new and sitting in the back, not saying anything, afraid to scratch my nose in fear the chair would call on me. Didn't turn on my camera until 1/2 way through the 2nd meeting LOL.
  6. IMHO it is precisely a substance abuse issue - which is a symptom of a disease I'll call Mr Ding here. :)
  7. COVID-19 quarantine; It doesn't seem to matter how long I'm sober or how many meetings I've been to - I still need the fellowship. I contact the higher power daily, providing the usual laughs still. Anger popped up recently. "Justifiable anger", my favorite brand. So, it's clear my regular dose of meetings has been interrupted by quarantine. It keeps popping into my head... What are the newcomers doing? If I'm losing the plot a bit it's a given that 'newcomer me' would be foaming at the mouth with snot bubbles. My hope is that newcomers are more technologically savvy and there are online meetings. YouTube has audio-only speakers meetings and I binge on those sometimes. They're good. They're not meetings though. Just chiming in. Grateful for today in more than one way.
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