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  1. 100,000 dead and not a peep out of trump just a lot of distraction pathetic utterly pathetic
  2. He’s having another tantrum he also needs to distract from the fact that over 100,000 Americans have died on his watch many of them due to his failure to properly deal with covid 19 he also doesent have the power to shut social media down but he might bulley them into submission I sincerely hope they don’t fold and continue to call out lies
  3. Well looks like trump just surrendered Hong Kong to the Chinese to bad we used to stand up for democracy
  4. Wow that dident take long for trump to surrender on that one we could have stood up for Hong Kong’s independence what imo a vacum this administration has created
  5. A (fact)is a fact it doesent matter who checks it a(fact)doesent change now donald John trump getting called out has him in his entirety predictable lash out tantrum mode what did anyone expect it’s imo just another reason he’s totally unsuitable for the job of potus
  6. I’m not so sure I agree with you seems to me his trial is teaching him empathy and compassion I hope good things come to him in his future good luck young man I think you are rising to the challenge of your situation I hope it gets better for you soon
  7. Good luck to them imo it’s not unreasonable to make a company provide a safe work place
  8. Sadly I agree with The Who on this one I’d be delighted to be wrong but it’s not beeing taken seriously by so many here in the USA
  9. I disagree the wealth of experience the respect and familiarity with the other world leaders the ability to work across the isle the ability to listen and learn the ability to work with a TEAM of experts in their fields his team knowing their boss will have their back even if they disagree no sir I think joe and his TEAM will be a great asset in restoring our country
  10. No it hasent the study’s have been discontinued due to posing a danger to the participants trump doesent need any help in making himself look bad this is not a plot to make trump look bad
  11. Lousy comparison imo and the (they unleashed on the world)is wrong imo I don’t think it was done on purpose it wasent an intentional act of war that’s what that kind of speech implies
  12. It’s going to be a buyers market for used cars this fall might just get something for the wife
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