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  1. I think he should ask Donald for a pardon for services rendered lol
  2. How sad and needless Venezuela is blessed with such wealth it’s so un nessary
  3. Dumb ass epic dumb ass lol update they just pulled him by by good riddance
  4. Well we can see how little Kim will try to milk Donald and give nothing in return except a photo op for donald
  5. Putin and Donald are playing games (I hope)Donald is a bit of a nut job so unless pre arranged I wouldn’t push to hard Donald is kinda desperate right now
  6. I’m sure glad I’m not being used by Donald for bait
  7. Good now that clown has to keep his yap shut now there is a real swamp critter a real bottom dweller now shut the .... up and let the law take its course
  8. Defiantly trying to do something positive good luck and be carefull
  9. Another racist nut job doesent matter what flavor the nut job is glad they got the sob before he acted and you can bet your pay check the current acrimonious speech being bandied about makes thease nut jobs more likely to act
  10. God that sucks rip kids and my deepest simpathy to the parents
  11. Donald will do his level best to squash the report let’s hope that we the people will be allowed to see it
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