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  1. Defiantly trying to do something positive good luck and be carefull
  2. Another racist nut job doesent matter what flavor the nut job is glad they got the sob before he acted and you can bet your pay check the current acrimonious speech being bandied about makes thease nut jobs more likely to act
  3. God that sucks rip kids and my deepest simpathy to the parents
  4. Donald will do his level best to squash the report let’s hope that we the people will be allowed to see it
  5. I will try to say this nicely so I’m not accused of baiting.I am dumbfounded that this administration would consider giving the wahibi Muslim nuke tec they live by sharia law the citizens of this country attacked the World Trade Center to my simple mind that looks bad very very bad
  6. Love Bernie Love the idea of getting something for my taxes but I don’t think we can afford him I’m for Biden and a good running mate
  7. They do get him on snl lol his days are #rd this giving nuclear tec.to the Saudis looks really really bad espically on top of everything else the wall will be around Donald soon
  8. Last time I checked 16 states have joined not just California you know the one with the 4 th largest economy on the planet
  9. You reap what you sow Donald is a pariah at home and abroad he is a laughingstock on the world stage a true dumpster fire of an administration
  10. How much does mr Patrick want his job?is he an American who respects and will uphold the constitution or is he a Donald trump boot licking tody
  11. Poor Abe he must feel dirty and used to suggest Donald the rasist devider in chief deserves the Nobel what a man would do for his country poor Abe
  12. Bet he got to see lots of weepers in jail lol especially because he is a pedefile
  13. Don’t want to pop your balloon but you do realize California has the 4 th largest economy on the planet they have a budget surplus in the billions just saying lol
  14. 22 trillion deficit we are seen as joke on the world stage we ln 2 short years have become a pariah on the world stage you have a marginally intelligent mentally ill guy in charge who is trying to destroy our democracy and become a dictator it’s not all about short term money Donald is not building a sound foundation 6 more years no absolutely not we need competence do you even listen when he speaks he is like some old burnt out pot head for crying out loud open your eyes
  15. Well most Californians despise Donald they know a con man when they see one we are still a democracy Donald it’s not your or Putin’s money you don’t have permission so hands off us taxpayers say no!
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