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  1. Rational folks (many republicans)are btw aren’t going to back a guy that that is largely responsible for getting 500,000 Americans killed in a year (more than all combat deaths in the last centuries wars) tryed to destroy our democracy cratered our economy lost all 3 branches of government?made us a laughingstock wrecked our reputation and alliances no sir I don’t think so nope I don’t buy it
  2. No sir 500,000 lives wasted is waste this money is going towards dealing with the catastrophe left behind by the last administration it’s going towards safety reopening schools keeping folks from becoming homeless restarting the economy and getting folks vaccinated so no it’s not wast it’s one of the reasons (most) folks pay taxes
  3. Excellent another arrow in our collective quiver follow safe protocols stay safe and let’s kick this scourges (rear end)
  4. Not again I sincerely hope they catch thease criminals and deal with them in the most brutal way possible I’m sorry if I offend but it’s how I feel about it
  5. I don’t think so we all hear about the lunatic fringe crowd most real republicans are horrified by trump they are ditching the party in droves
  6. A skilled creative guy looks like he certainly has a passion for exotic cars nice piece imo kudos
  7. Ahh he even has bigger problems now,the NY DA has his tax returns now it’s gonna hit the fan bigley now lol popcorn time!!
  8. Awww he’s just going to play the victim card lie about the election and further ruin the once proud Republican party
  9. Well looks like the administration gave the Iranians a slap in Syria just bombed one of their strong holds come on to the table Iran
  10. I’d be highly surprised if he survives his prison term a very courageous man poor guy
  11. I’m taking it as another piece of good news and all vaccines provide some level of protection combined with proper safety protocols we will put this scourge behind us stay safe good health!!
  12. The republican desperation really shows I sincerely hope it’s thrown out of court
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