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  1. Let’s hope so that would be great!in the meantime follow safe protocols I’m thinking it will be next summer before things start to get back to normal
  2. a Truly stark difference one spreading falsehoods and disease the other strength of character truth decency and unity with real policy’s to me the choice is easy
  3. Good move especially after the rasist slaughter that happened in the Texas Walmart
  4. Well if donald stopped lying inciting violence and spreading conspiracy bs along with a deadly virulent virus maybe they wouldent pull his posts joe Biden doesent behave in the same manner pretty simple imo I’m glad they are starting to realize their platforms have the power to corrupt and ruin a democracy
  5. Any religious murdering thug should be harshly dealt with I’m glad they have this pig alive i hope they make his stay as (uncomfortable) as possible for a very very long time thease religious zealots need to grow a pair and learn to have a sense of humor this behavior certainly doesent earn them any respect just a vile evil crime my deepest condolences to the victims families and to France as a nation
  6. Oh I beg to differ my country has organized free and fair elections for many many decades it’s trumps attempts to corrupt them that is bad my fellow citizens are literally risking their lives to oust this abomination from office we all see he is incapable of working within the constitution he is a lousy leader intentionally spreading lies and a virulent deadly virus at his (rallies) now we are done!
  7. All safety training is a good thing but I’m still surprised that 400cc Is considered a (big bike) that’s a toy were I come from that beeing said a moped goes fast enough to kill ya if you or the other guy is stupid ride safe and defensive
  8. Awww just change the oil paint it and your good to go nice job salvage co
  9. Especially that horrible California the 5th largest economy on the planet the folks migrate to red states because with the money they made in California and other blue states goes much farther in the depressed red states hopefully with their success they can help in those depressed states become more successful and egalitarian in the future
  10. The stock market isent the whole economy and it tanked big time today it was a slaughter also keep in mind what the Obama Biden administration inherited from bush rember?i do and they got us going again till trump wrecked it again with his tax cuts to the rich that’s the money you see sloshing around in the stock market imo no sir I trust TEAM Biden to stop the bleeding not trump
  11. I’m sure it will be canceled soon after January 20th when we change administrations
  12. That’s a tough call imo it takes a courageous tough person to make it knowing the financial hardships it’s going to cause........good luck!!!
  13. Good we are a better country and deserve a better president than trump
  14. I’m sure all those little Muslim countrys that trump got to sign accords with Israel aren’t pleased but hey anything for a few votes ehh
  15. Don’t worry he will he’s also smart enough to delegate the response to qualified people and stay out of their way and give them the tools to succeed.He certainly won’t be traveling around the country spreading lies and disease
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