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  1. Putin must be so proud of his asset we must ask ourselves are we tired of winning yet if this is winning I’m tired of it please stop
  2. More like a smart person who knows to leave when the leaving is good
  3. Well looks like old Donald got the old quid rite up the old pro so to speak definitely was demanding personal political favors to smear a political rival in exchange for aid that was allready agreed to that’s an impeachable offense
  4. Congratulations Justin and blessings and best wishes to my northern neighbors hopefully soon we can celebrate here in the USA
  5. The problem is what you are describing is a dictatorship Donald doesent have the leadership skills to achieve those goals in a democracy he keeps trying to do things outside the constitution that’s illegal that’s why he is always in trouble and btw his policies have on the whole been an absolute fiasco for the average American and the world order.i personally don’t put my confidence in a real estate con man wanting to blow everything up
  6. I watched some of this on cnn interesting,good luck sir to you and japan
  7. It’s a sad day when I give the Chinese more credibility than the president of the United States guess you reap what you sow Donald the fruit of constant lies
  8. I know you just can’t make this stuff up and there are people that support him it’s just beyond belief
  9. And what has he got done that benefits the general population of the USA?granted he has done plenty for the top 1% and has been the best asset putin has ever had not so much for the average American
  10. We here in the USA need to close the loopholes in our gun laws that will help with the easy access to assault weapons and get a handle on our drug addictets the majority of Mexicans are hard working resourceful family folks they deserve better than this next time they see that (deleted)just shoot him
  11. Ha ha don’t think so but your Donald is getting rather well done lol
  12. It has been known for a long time the weapons were there heck Donald wants to give the Saudis nuclear technology what a clown show of an administration just disgraceful
  13. Put him in the general prison population let it be known how many women and children got killed they will sort him out in no time!
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