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  1. It was reading that thread that alerted me to the change of last year. I agree if folks can afford it, leave it, and as I said earlier I rarely drop down but when I did I wasn't aware of the rule changes. My bad there but cannot go back and put the genie into the bottle now.
  2. Phew! Let us hope that, when the time comes, immigration officers, who as we know tend to interoperate things in their own way, agree.
  3. Thanks Sophon and yes I now know about the 400k thing but I never usually go under by more than a few thousand as a rule. Just sometimes waiting and hoping the bank rates will improve before I transfer over.
  4. Call me an idiot for not keeping up to date but I have only just recently, thanks to this forum, found out that the rules of the 800,000 in the bank for retirees was changed last year and now also requires the said sum to be in the bank for a 3 month period AFTER the annual renewal visit. After quickly checking my bank book I see that I may or may not be in trouble depending on which date the 3 month period is taken from. My last visa extension renewal date was the 7th Jan 2020 and my bank balance dipped under 800,000 on March 31st 2020, which of course is less than 3 months. The date of my actual visit to immigration in Bangkok was 19th Dec 2019 which means if that is the date from which the calculation is done then I am in the clear. If the worst scenario happens could anyone advise me on the route to take to avoid having to leave and start over. I have seen on other threads that a certain amount of cash to an agent or the right person would help oil the wheels. As I am rather naive about such things and would like to be prepared if the worst comes to the worst any help with that side of things would also be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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