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  1. my edit did not go through. stop the red light runners is great. they hurt others as far as helmets and seat belts........ should be up to individual ( IMO ! )
  2. they were told to stop the "check points" that made them money. hence the new cameras for red light runners, and now helmets; all about money, though stopping red light running is a bonus. that can kill others.
  3. maybe because he understands how many guys have lost a lot of money to sweet wonderful ladies that they trusted ... "don't get married. just find someone you are going to hate in five years and buy her a house"
  4. that's about right. for any of us that have enough money to get by it just isn't worth the stress as one gets older. I certainly will never live in a condo..... but i have downsized to where i have things to take care of but seldom need to hire someone. I have a few guys who i can count on ( electrician, concrete guy ) when needed (rarely). Pay them well...... by the job . Good day labor is a thing of the past
  5. Me doth think you exaggerate your affect on the hoi poloi . Hope you enjoyed your vacation as I did mine. I would elaborate on my time off..... but it would be against "forum rules" . And would almost certainly result in my joining some other popular members in that other dimension where the vanishing breed reside.
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