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  1. If you read just page 3 one would not know what the topic of this thread is at all. All it takes is one or two folks to get way off track. Anyway NCC, i admire your self control as you have not yet responded to the darts being thrown by some. The boss in Chiangrai would have started a debate immediately. Well, maybe you have not woken up yet haha. My take is that anyone living here and enjoying it should be commended. As ANYPLACE , there are pitfalls and we all have our challenges , Keep living the life that is rewarding for you. And don't forget those photos of what you ate yesterday LOL
  2. good question. any answers from anyone on this thread ? Have you asked? Have you done it ? If we're gonna have polls...... this should be at the top of the list. (right after how many of you are considering leaving) EDIT: i guess its not a poll, as needing to know which province/immig office does allow mail ins would be required
  3. I suspect there are many offices ( maybe smaller ones, though CM is quite lenient as of now) that do not make a deal about in country travel. I also expect that the SMART posters here do not want to post about the "easy" offices . Some things are better kept to ones self to keep things from changing.
  4. fun, entertainment and Expat life .........hmmmm, don't quite see where this post by the OP fits in this category. Though the statement : "I have been disillusioned by politics for years " if changed to read "for decades" I would certainly agree with. But really, I have all I can do to keep positive without going over stuff from 50 years ago. Nothing has changed, only the surveillance technology has improved dramatically. Sorry, that's all i can say. I think there is a drone over my house right now.
  5. We do it first to INSURE that it is done properly . I find that tenants usually don't understand as well as we do how to get it done easily so better we do for OUR peace of mind As for other provinces... Maybe someone can start a thread and ask ? Hell, whats one more TM30 thread lol CM used to be the WORST place to deal with. Not bad nowadays. And when returning to report no forms or anything (except new arrival card no) . Maybe a 5 minute procedure
  6. I don't know how many provinces require strict adherence or whether they are like CM where so far it is only required after leaving the country ( and going to report a few days later so far has been fine for most people). Like i posted above, if you know that what your local office wants, then plan from that.
  7. This is wrong, if you stay at a house or condo and have a rental contract in your name you will be considered the possessor and you also have the obligation to submit the TM30 Edited just now by jackdd I will give MY take on this based on my experience as a Landlord in Chiangmai. I do believe that many other provinces would treat it the same way..(but of that I of course am not sure.... Here is how we do it: WHEN A PERSON wants to rent from us we tell them what CM immig told us. We as owners should do the first one when the tenant moves in. After that the tenant must go WITH THEIR PASSPORT and initial tm30 receipt to the immig office to report that they have just returned. Up till now CM only requires that after returning from out of the country . NOTE: the more people that go there and start complaining the quicker they might require more stringent reporting ! Five years of doing this (since they started enforcing the tm30) and we nor a tenant has ever had a problem. If someone told us the we as owners had to do it every time we would not rent to them. The big problem for renters is really when they rent somewhere that is not within a short drive to the immig office ( CM is a very large province, for example) The ongoing and never resolved argument about who is responsible is made VOID when the tenant and landlord agree beforehand how it will be handled. Just like many immig things, it is open to interpretation, not black and white as the debaters insist. Like I said, I was told by CM how to do it and we have not had any problems following it that way.
  8. To the OP : You have a choice. Believe posts like this ( from some experienced posters that have been around for quite a while) ..................... OR, believe your GF and lawyers and police. Hope you make the right choice. Find someone who is not involved with problems
  9. Good thing she doesn't know her snakes ...
  10. Funny, I think the same can be said of the usual bunch that make the most posts on ThaiVisa. And hardly any Thais in that group .
  11. by all means.... do what you want. We love reading your posts. Please keep us informed of your victories. or defeats.
  12. I will not respond to one poster directly BUT anyone renting out their house is liable for this tax: real properties put to commercial use (residential houses not 'owner occupied' and commercial buildings) must under the Building and Land Tax Act pay a 'rental' tax at a rate of 12,5 % of the annual rental value or the annual assessed rental value, whichever is higher. There are no deductions as with the income tax one pays to the revenue dept. This is a SEPERATE tax. WE PAY IT EVERY YEAR . Paid to the local Tesabahn (or or bor tor if the area less developed ) Our office was an or bor tor, then the office "graduated" to be called Tesabahn.
  13. +10 ! JustinCase : Are you reading the responses ? I can hardly believe it but almost everyone here has got it right ! Stop being bitter and MOVE ON . Now..... if everyone on TV can stop the same type of "I have to win" behavior oh what a beautiful world it would be. Never a "discussion" that doesn't get one or two arguments started. Even from some that advocate the right to different opinions.
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