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  1. Not gonna happen with most complainers . But kudos to you for figuring that out !
  2. Good to hear your story , and wish you continued "happiness". Since we are being philosophical ( country life will do that lol ) , I would like to add my 2 cents. I can understand that many expats, TV members, or people in general will sometimes react negatively to people that tell their "happiness stories". Not many, including myself, have had a smoothe passage through life. Each individual has different experiences and few get by without mishaps. Whether due to fate, ones own doing, good or bad judgement,health issues, a partner that did a jekyll and hyde , or maybe they themself just screwed up .... it's what makes us all different. I personally now try to avoid the many negative facets, and people, in this game of life. I do however, try to make the best of what I have . Improve my physical, relax a bit and try not to be too critical of others. To all on here with the burdens of the past on their shoulders...... try to move on. To those who just say fk it..... its ok. Just have another beer.
  3. and learn how to duck when they start throwing home grown tomatoes at you also a pic of my favorite farangs.....
  4. in the spirit of this thread, i will try to think of a positive response to this. May take me some time........ i will post if i think of one
  5. bon cafe drip coffee maker 990 baht (or electrolux has cheap one too) 550 baht coffee bean grinder (at YOK on super hwy) pack of coffee filters decent beans can be bought for around 120bt/ 200 g at many places I got off my instant coffee around 9 years ago . Nice coffee now for a pittance quick and easy makes around 3 cups at a time
  6. This simple subject has been raised from the dead so many times that i might start having nightmares. Fact #1 : different IO want different things #2 Most IO require the INITIAL tm30 report to be done by the owner/ manager/ or someone with POA (power of attorney). I do not know if they provide a form for the POA One should ASK #3 : In CM and according to many posters elsewhere, after the INITIAL tm30 receipt is in your hands, you only have to go and UPDATE (YOU, not the owner) within 24 hours if you have LEFT THE COUNTRY. But again, most offices let you go within a few days upon re-entry. This pertains to those returning to the same address ! #4 : few offices require you to update if you have just travelled within the country. I guess you have to ask your office. Be sure you ask a higher official that knows, and be sure you understand the answer. A lot of problems occur by misinterpreting what they say ( must do new tm30 usually means you have to go there to update). #5 : copy this and keep read when needed To Gecko...... you did not say where you report but IF they are really requiring the "housemaster" to go after the initial report.... you got a really bad immig office. Check about having a POA from the owner so you can do it yourself. (will need their permission and whatever copies (like ID, housepaper of owner, housepaper of rental ). By housepaper i mean copy of the blue book. Get a few copies for future use, signed of course .
  7. well, if your arms are tired from working out at the gym, just smile. as for elders, learn their names and yell "hi mate, how ya doing " . OK, to be serious, its no big deal, but err (wai) on the side of politeness if you can. Sometimes it feels awkward hurriedly raising a wai... but returning an elders wai is something i always do .....especially people in my village . If i go see a dr or govt person i even wai first sometimes (never hurts to show respect if it helps to make life easier) If we meet and you extend your hand for a handshake...... should i take it ?
  8. Well if they ไหว้ you......ไหว้ not just ไหว้ back . Don't worry about what "others" think, especially farangs ! I am surprised that if you can write Thai i would think you can observe what situations Thais wai and when they don't ( like a waiter or doorman wais you..etc) This situation is just a greeting from the people that see you at the gym . It is quite informal, just an acknowledgement , like saying hi. Heck, with another post on TV with many complaining that they are "ignored" by Thais, you should feel honored
  9. very true. fortunately i have one or two friends from 30 years ago. have not made another real friend since. sometimes i think of reaching out to someone on thaivisa and then i think....hmmm, maybe not ! just like those couples having lunch together, never looking up from their smart phone. communication on thaivisa is kinda like that, i guess. transient indeed
  10. i always start my conversations with : khun poot passaa thai, dai mai ?? that usually overcomes the automatic "pause " and starts the "play" . sometimes gotta click and repeat
  11. i may be delusional.....but that ain't the way i feel where i live. Of course i have a good personality, speak thai pretty well, don't say stupid things, and act a lot more respectful (of people in general) than I did in my younger days. I think the problem for many farangs is that they think they are better than others... and take offense at not being seen as something "special" But if cash is all that works for you, well, hope your loaded. But one thing that it won't buy, and that is respect. I don't expect anyone, farang or thai, to give me much thought. This is a selfie world we live in. I would invite all who doubt my situation to come see for themselves, but that would end up like all the threads here , and to be honest, the force of my urine stream just ain't what it used to be.
  12. stop paying the bills and see if they start talking...............
  13. Actually, i find that to be one of the very few benefits of getting old . At least it kind of falls in place with my (lack of) desire to have interactions with most people. No, i am not a bitter old man.....but do not ignore the fact that it is no fun getting old. I am sure there are a few here that will now tell me how this is the best time of their life. Well, personally I enjoyed the health and vitality part a bit more ! Of course, I was not working a job for someone else and had the freedom to do it my way (with all its ups and downs).
  14. let me first say i almost always agree with the gist of your posts. as for the 3 wives, however....... i did learn my lesson after one. On gf number 5 now , think the odds finally paid off (and my bank acct. is still intact )
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