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  1. hahaha i like that line . I also was entertained at times, though of course I much prefer the real heart and soul of the Thai country folk .
  2. I'm pretty sure that many guys wives have replaced the old " i have a headache" with..... "gotta practice social distancing, dear "
  3. samsung is the only A/C i had this problem with . four rental houses, 15 years, 2 a/c in each. Only had one samsung, all the rest are LG . the samsung , on second time in 15 months......... the big shop said the board was not available in BKK ! never will buy another samsung a/c my TV and fridge has always been samsung . fridges still good after 15 years
  4. photos please. would like to show to the mrs . anyone else doing such also welcome to post some photos. we have used this method (in my photo) , but the rings could be another method
  5. great post AD ( slam dunk ). I was just about to write this comment : "i really think that since so many have been bored by many of roosters sunday sermon.... he decided on the tried and true answer to that. Just write about covid ( in favor with the mass media of course) and let all the self deleted people continue the endless "clog" of comments going on ad infinitum ." Like a basketball player when they no longer can compete, they learn how to flop. Or, a comedian who can not come up with new material. Just yell louder and try to be controversial. Humor ? La
  6. When i joke, people here take me seriously. When I am serious, people wonder if I am joking. must be good at what i do
  7. i am very tempted to offer some personal attacks of my own. i have studied the TV bestseller " how to hold your tongue while being blasted with nonsense" and it has held me in good stead recently. rooster as usual gets to throw his personal insults around..... rumak ? just chillin, waiting for another great lunch with me lady
  8. don't add any steroids ps: i am expecting a serious answer from you. please surprise me with some humor .................
  9. If they did do that, I am pretty sure that almost all the guys on this forum would be last in line as well ( male, white............. end of the line ! ) of course this is just racist humor . ( or is it ? )
  10. just type in seconhandchiangmai a few options will come up. i find this one good
  11. yes......it is a brand of yoghurt dutchee and most other "famous" brands not the real thing Rimping in CM has it and Makro too cheaper at 50 baht
  12. did anyone suggest giving a slight reduction but asking for rent to be paid for the next 3 months at the signing of such agreement.
  13. you had every right to do that as your agreed term was completed, and you honored the agreement. not quite the same situation as 2 months free......pay one month....... then ask to change the terms
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