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  1. ahhhhh, and therein lies the problem . no ? as for the "oops, maybe I chose the wrong woman" mantra I think that could also be a case of not learning what is behind the veneer........ before building the house so, ultimately, who is at fault ?
  2. note : not meant in a mean way..... just good natured but i think he knows that
  3. i relate to what you say . hate to admit it, but i have just hit that magic number (70) . jeeez ! Now i think of those young studs (lol) like bm2 , only 64 , still playing the boom boom game. well, being here for a long time I have had more than my share of hobbies and adventures. It is sad to know i can't go out and dig the earth like i used to, or ride my bike for 50 km.... but i will say i DO keep trying to do my best . but it is not as easy to get myself into that mindset as it was before. Like you say, the world being like a twilight zone episode also makes me withdraw even more. One thing i can relate to, is when i hear someone saying " heck, i still feel like a young kid..... just trapped inside this old body ! " and so it goes......................
  4. thank you for a bit of honesty. I have been here almost 30 years, and in my 30's riding our honda wings around this new found disneyland (asian style)..... was indeed lots of fun. Then my forties.... married then my fifties......... divorced. but having "fun" again. Oops, disillusionment starts to creep in : heck, those thai smiles and thai attitudes and thai figures all feel a little different. Yes, as OMF points out...... things change then my 60's. uh oh hansum man ain't so hansum anymore . and every sweet grape I taste somehow turns sour with time. Not that fine wine that some would claim. easy to talk positive stuff along the journey. when you near the end , and no longer have the energy to pursue your hobbies ... what then ? yes, i too get a little more depressed as time passes .
  5. Now here is a case where even I would recommend Steely Dan to contract with Villagefarang to take a few photos for his bloggggg
  6. i gave your post a like. I also have witnessed farangs acting loud, rude, and disrespectful .... in a few places ( banks, offices, immigration, etc). This is how some act when not getting their way. Not great to be the person seeing the officer afterwards once or twice i have seen some rude actions by immigration officials. not often, and much less often than from farangs. I must admit though, immigration procedures CAN be trying at times
  7. I am not going to read all the pages here before i post this..... so apologies if already posted : Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. Now the funny thing about "power" as i have observed, is that the same basic premise exists everywhere and on all levels ! I personally would have to assume that this is a human trait, going back to the beginning of time. I can just picture two cavemen from different tribes having this discussion ..." my chief sucks ! " " yeah, mine too ! " and just one last thought. how many of you well-to-do men feel just a pinch of superiority when interacting with the "locals" ?
  8. Oh what i would give to see a photo ..... or video would be even better.... of this guy and his GF strolling down the street. 5555 C'mon closet88 give us a treat !! Let's see what you got.
  9. Looks like time for another of TV famous surveys : How many of you are "concerned" about your visa status having done it with this agency ? a. not me b. uh, yeah, maybe c. well, my wife's brother said they were ok d. got my bags packed e. damn, where did i hide the weed
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