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  1. i had a friend who tried that method. he is still hobbling around with the gecko refusing to let go of his pecker. ( you do know that it is said once they grab hold they won't let go
  2. oh, those Nits and those Nois ......... sexual healing , but sometimes emotional nightmares 55 most all the names i forget ...... but not Nit from Buriram
  3. i guess I am a "mor doo) then. cause i felt the oppression coming a long long time ago. such a shame to see what is geographically such a beautiful country ( and Northern Calif was top of the list) turn into such a wasteland ...in more ways than one .
  4. i've lived in a few really nice places . Hill Country in Texas ( people fairly nice, back 25 years ago) and Sonoma County in N. Calif. ( beautiful, clean, nice weather ) .... but taken over by yuppies Its just the censored , censored, and censored way of life / attitudes / mindsets that I would never go back to. ( well, unless they start outlawing air conditioners in Thailand) cat saving video.mp4
  5. "its no fun getting old". and there aren't any exceptions. those that get along the best are those that try to do the best they can with the hand they are now playing. i certainly do not believe anyone (older person) that tries to convey there are no negatives. But, the more one can focus on the positives the happier one is simple, really lol
  6. Well, this little story is just one indicator of why I am so happy to have escaped ........ " Bruce Springsteen has been fined $500 (£355) after pleading guilty to consuming alcohol in a New Jersey national park where drinking is banned. The 71-year-old rock star admitted drinking two shots of tequila on Sandy Hook beach in his home state.
  7. oh boy, i just had this weird vision of you two operating one of those small kiosk Dairy Queens. She taking the orders and you dutifully pulling the handle and filling the cones . Happy as " 2 kids in an ice cream store"
  8. ahh, Thailand ; where you can have your cake at home then go out and eat no. 2
  9. Very very rarely do i think about how much more money i could have made if I had stayed put . But if i had stayed put i would now be thinking what a dumb a$$ i was . Fortunately i chose to come here fairly young and make life an adventure . Doing all the exciting things that were new back then; touring the country, chasing the ladies, making mistakes, and learning how to survive. Not many free spirits left in the world ...... and gonna be much harder to be one as the iron rules of the "new world order" clamp down on freedom. I certainly have no regrets for living mo
  10. Is there some way I can do it all again ? I certainly would like to .... with Nit , and a few others
  11. first i would take a look and assess if they look serious . a good look tells me most are not really aggressive , but the more the worrier . just takes one bad one to encourage the others. I do not try to outrun, but will yell Pai, glap bahn that stops them haha Keep a steady pace , don't go all crazy..... but if they persist and you think you might get bit than i do stop, put the bike between us, and get my stick ready if really necessary. If same route often they will know you, but going into unfamiliar territory does bring the dog or dogs out .
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