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  1. rumak

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    always gotta weight the risk to reward.....and everyones different......especially women
  2. rumak

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    they wouldn't be looking for one if they had mine for a mommy you're right, it is possible here, but took me quite a few to find a keeper. hey, i ain't complaining though
  3. rumak

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Like in so many things ........Much easier said than done ! I've lived my entire adult lives with guys questioning my no BS attitude. Jealous as hell, they were BTW: no BS does NOT mean you are not a nice guy . Just means that you want respect and appreciation.
  4. rumak

    Pros/Cons of CM

    i had an "argument" with him once . My strength was being able to resist doing it more than once
  5. rumak

    Pros/Cons of CM

    i've noticed that with almost EVERYONE on this forum. Could possibly be a farang trait ? ( But, I will agree that mr smB has even a higher than average need to win. strong teeth that dog