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  1. I guess the saying is "i admire your optimism". have to admit that Rumak is more in the " you really believe that ???" camp . The common man had next to no control before, now with technology they know your every move . My opinions are held closer and closer to my chest, so much so that I think they only exit when I need to fart. Your post above can be very easily related to the "nation" where I escaped from as well. The rich and powerful only increase their positions. We are allowed a bit of keyboard antics, and I'm sure we are the butt of their jokes, if they even think of us at all.
  2. i will read the (so far) 12 pages of comments for entertainment at my leisure. It was probably 50 years ago when someone asked me who I was going to vote for. Even at that age I knew that it did not matter .
  3. don't know who resurrected this very old thread................ but, the posters here who said that the "kana" is grown with LOTS of pesticide spraying are correct. ( of course there might be an exception or two). When passing a field where we lived it was beautiful to look at and ready to be harvested. Asked the owner if he was going to keep some to eat himself and he said "nope". ( i have translated ! )
  4. I was in quite a few pretty good movies, and didn't always play the same old character in each one. I was pretty cool in all of them though. Interesting stories with likable characters, definitely a thing of the past. I might come out of retirement just to get the magnificent 7 back together . Working on the storyline where we ride into thaivisa to save the forum. Tarantino is interested
  5. I have no rent , property tax of 200 baht a year (waived for the next 3 years) , water and electric come to about 1500 baht month. Avocados 60 baht kilo, tomatoes homegrown or 25 baht kilo, organic eggs and no hormone pork. chicken very reasonable at Rimping. almost no house maintenance and i can do most..... I have cable tv and good internet for 2000 baht month. (true visions sucks but still some entertainment/sports . A very few health issues over the many years that hardly add up to one year of health insurance (which i do not have as they are all criminals). I do like the areas in the states you mention...... and places outside of Austin, tx are pretty nice too if you like warmer and drier. BUT, unless you are an army vet.... medicare will bleed you dry if you have health issues. Sheryl can back me up on how much copays and deductibles there are that will bankrupt many without large savings. I used to move freely, and often. But reaching 70 the decision gets a little more difficult. I could go to Canada, but brrrrrrrrrr why would i move from here? yep, maybe the pollution
  6. From my point of comparison I have been living here for well over 20 years and do so for about 60% less than if I lived in States or Canada. I buy good food and live on 6 rai of land in a small air conditioned house. All goods and services are much cheaper for me here. Of course, i could trade it all in for a lovely house in Sweet Grass, Montana : ONLY 195,000 dollars ! With that and cost of health care I could kiss my Sweet Grass good bye
  7. i said the same thing today. in fact i said it yesterday and many other days as well. Amazing how quickly you will be told that you can not smoke in a restaurant or many other areas. But burning down the whole countryside....... mai pen rai
  8. rumak


    "Couldn't care less" and "could care less" are both used to mean someone doesn't care at all, but English teachers and grammarians will say that only "couldn't care less" is correct, so that is what you should use in formal or academic writing. well, english teachers and grammarians are two of the many groups that i could care less about. or couldn't care less about. Wait a second , now I am confused. And damn, a second goes really fast when you think about it. but i know you meant well. thanks for nothing
  9. If you can "live with it"..... as i could, then the suggestions from others to just wait it out are what i agree with. I would probably mix some concrete and paste it over the larger cracks (pushing it in much like spackling).(do it on both sides) Sure, it won't solve the problem but certainly might prolong the time before it tumbles down. Also, good idea about planting some vines or something on inside or get creative. Edit: just read some of the more instructional comments on how to build a proper wall. I am pretty sure they are correct. My comment is based on what I would do...... but I am probably more frugal and a bit more prone to live with some imperfections . When it comes to what i expect from a friend or lover, now there is where I become very particular .
  10. rumak


    glad to see you got out of the box (condo) and back to mother earth. I am also nearing 70 and could care less what happens with the rest of the crazy world. Right now I am south of Prachuap KK where the aqi today was 35. CM was 165 ! Notice: land for sale in CM good deal ! I am off topic on at least 3 levels so ................ what was the topic? oh yeah ......... age... well, don't forget: time wounds all heels !
  11. rumak


    when mrs rumak found out how much age difference we had she was disappointed. she had thought I was much older than i am .
  12. rumak


    your posts recently are showing a bit more humor than previously. you have a gig ? shhhhhh mums the word
  13. one more guess............. think bigger, like 2 more wheels bigger motorcycles do not impress
  14. Oh, is that you ? I thought you were the guy that looks serious and just shows them a photo of you dusting off your BMW.
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