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  1. I am sure this is all FAKE NEWS and that anyone spreading this information is definitely a conspiracy theorist wearing a tin foil hat .
  2. you have the patience of a saint, my man. posting sensible explanations to completely unchangeable followers of their programming. go have a drink.......... look at the sunset it might be our last look at freedom
  3. haha yes, of course ! Maybe the only difference is that WE can see that there are different viewpoints possible .
  4. Well, in the same way it is fortunate that I do not have to debate with people on this forum that in my opinion are completely brainwashed and arrogant in their views of the world. Fortunately, they can still state their view ( however brainwashed it is) ........
  5. Shouldn't you say Fortunately ? And just how many brilliant people in history were ridiculed and even prosecuted or worse for views that did not go with the norm ? The world hasn't changed that much.....except now the bits and pieces of "news" that are presented on the usual platforms are more biased than ever. And people like the OP and anyone who quickly agee with him are more and more the norm .
  6. You left one thing out : Odds of getting anyone to even consider that there are alternative views to those ALLOWED to be sent out on all the main news and social media outlets : 1 in 100 million There are some esteemed doctors and virologists that have spoken quite sensibly on what they think about the efficacy of the "tests" and the need and safety of these "vaccines". ( blocked because their views do NOT agree with those of the presenters) Even though there is hardly anyone in the mass population who understands the science behind this "pan
  7. The easiest words of advice ever (given to someone else) ........... are : "Relax, don't worry" Rumak
  8. and i was surprised more than once when the lovely lass i was with put her finger over her mouth as we were frollicking the time away. with time the "surprise" factor becomes more a realization of the reality. darling to sponsor " I miss you too mutt, ! "
  9. i assure you that there are more than a few doctors and experts that , in their professional opinion, feel that mrna "vaccines" have serious potential dangers and have voiced their opinions which have been BLOCKED by main street media GIANTS..
  10. personally if i was at "the very end of life" i think i should have the right to tell someone where to stick that damn needle .
  11. yes, i KNOW this is not the place (or forum) to ask, but what the heck. If its one thing we have here, its experts expats. Anyone here that cares to share what "different technology" in AZ and Sinovac are ?? (try to put in your own words AND, with almost everyone here seeming to quote the pro vax "experts" on the m RNA shots ( NOT, IMO really vaccines similar to polio and smallpox etc etc) UHHH, if you don't know how they are different maybe read up on that, including doctors and experts that think it is dangerous. No need to tell me to find how AZ an
  12. sorry, i'm really just too fagged out to comment at this moment. and I'm pretty peed off that my partner forgot to clean my putter !
  13. i looked it up on Google. They said it was most likely Chlamydia
  14. NEWSFLASH !!!! LATEST TOURIST VISA SCHEME ANNOUNCED TODAY !!! For all those not wishing to be held secluded in a room for two weeks , a committee of 24 ministers have teamed up with the Hard Rock Corporation to offer a truly Unique and Amazing alternative. It will be announced World Wide under the catchy name " Rock on Thailand " and have publicity ads such as " Don't sit , Get fit " in one of our Rock Solid Centers . First 200 to sign up will get a FREE mental health examination . .
  15. OHHH, it does go through their heads . Straight through !
  16. A Killing Smile by Christopher G. Moore a lot more than two............. and many years to learn ( like any subject ) . Though i have to say, I am truly amazed how quickly the farang can come to Thailand and become an expert on sooooo many things Thai .
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