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  1. when we initially agreed to buy we made a 100000 baht deposit with the agreement to be finalise ‘subject to finance’. Our loan was rejected due to 60 baht outstanding on my wife’s credit card from 2 years previous (they were fully paid out by me). Even after being denied the seller was still happy to continue with their financing of the purchase. We had them draw up a contract of which we had checked by our lawyers and we also made quite a few changes ourselves to mitigate our risk and then checked once more. After we got the ho ahead we drew up a repayment plan so everyone could easily
  2. Helmets were not allowed carry on and must be checked in on the two international flights into Thailand and one domestic flight I have taken in the last 2 years. That was with Thai airways. edit: that was full face helmets. My skid lid ice cream container lid I have hand carried previously with no issues.
  3. I think maybe because it the same height as sea level? Water flows downhill and there ain’t no downhill from ground level to my eye
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