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  1. I don’t have a soul mate but as I’m pretty much a social chameleon I adapt myself to the personalities around me. I’ve dated many Thai girls, 1 pinay and spent time with Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian girls. My gf now is probably the girl I’ll be spending a long time if not the rest of my life with. She’s smart, inquisitive, self motivated and most of all doesn’t get up in my grille all the time. I like a peaceful co-existence. In my opinion a lost of relationships fail because one or both people have a criteria that their partners have to fit and this adds unneeded pressure right from the start.
  2. 36 entries in the last 7 years. Last year 6 with an SETV & an METV seperated BY 9 days in July last year, 3 this year for a 90 day run and to squeak the last 90 days our if my METV, now on an Non-Imm ED. I was asked questions about my ED on my entry but otherwise never questioned beforehand. I also have a close friend that enters 5 or 6 times a year on VE for anywhere up to 30 days at a time via both BKK & DMK. Going by all the reports it’s a mixed bag but as stated, there’s many back stories that don’t get told. I genuinely think you’ll be fine
  3. How lucky was he being covered with no helmet? Very rare
  4. I chose Pacific Cross after much research. I’ve got quite a few pre-existing conditions/issues but I was pleasantly surprised with the minimal list of exclusions and yearly cost
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