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  1. I answered this question previously. Just because I have independent wealth she should get a free ride? As I mentioned earlier it’s more to remind her that it’s a partnership and It’s not one sided. She gets far more in return in any case
  2. I haven’t really thought about it too much tbh. She moved to be closer to me so she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her family and friends. She doesn’t drink or go to bars, just goes to work and she likes to relax on her day off. We lead a very normal almost boring life, especially so for Pattaya residents
  3. It’s not about money it’s about enforcing the idea that I’m not a free ride. The money she gives me gets put aside into a seperate account and it’ll be used if and when she asks for it. But she doesn’t need to know that. We share things like paying for dinner, some grocery shopping (I spend far more than her) and she pays for maintenance costs to her scooter. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and intellect. A foreign concept here obviously.
  4. You can believe what you want, it’s reality lol Can’t believe it because every other beta farang doesn’t have the intelligence or the game to find a decent girl that has an intellect. Says more about you than it does me
  5. Thanks for the positive words. Her family are firmly middle class. There has been no requests for money in the 8 months we’ve been together. In fact my gf gives me 5K a month for living costs. Amazing hey?
  6. Any Issan girl in a bar will be asking for sin sod, it’s just how much...
  7. Mate I retired at 40. I’ve got plenty to last me the rest of my life. As for a wife being expensive I chose wisely. Add to that I control my own finances well enough to not fall into that trap
  8. I’m about to marry my 25 year old, university educated, no kids-never married before girlfriend. Sin sod? Absolutely zero. Mumma’s only demand is that I take care of their daughter and treat her with respect. When the time comes I will put up ‘shoW money’ but that’s my choice, not theres. One bonus of doing the hard work and finding a girl outside of the bar scene
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