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  1. My 2 cents is that it won’t be checked at 90 days only on renewing your yearly extension. What will happen if it’s found you didn’t have over 400K but have the appropriate 800K by renewal time is beyond me
  2. I’d be fairly confident the bars wouldn’t really be paying their fair share of taxes on their earnings. Sure the cash Eve risky goes back into the system but I have a feeling a huge percentage is undeclared income
  3. Thailand still has more stability than Australian politics. Who is our prime minister now??
  4. +1 for 3BB. I’ve been connected with them for a couple,years now. My 30/10 plan is currently running at 54/12 which is a bonus, 7K yearly up front, fault service is very easy am quite fast (within 24hrs). I’ll be sticking with them
  5. The tarmac on Patong Hill is awful and any sort of moisture makes it extremely slippery, could be a mitigating factor maybe?
  6. I was taken out by someone breaking the road traffic law, ended up in hospital in a coma near death and a life of disability and pain. Their penalty? Around 10000thb. And that was in Australia. They can only fine people to what the legislation allows unfortunately
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