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  1. Hi, I’m in France at the moment and making use of being stuck here. I want to install made to measure mosquito screens in my apartment. The classic ones I’ve had in Thailand, simple sliding ones, but I’ve never bothered to look at the frames !! Ive had 2 estimates which are quite high for a standard French double sliding door , aluminum frame to frame 2m80. They want to put a heavy looking frame on the balcony side, which I’m’afraid will spoil the extérieur look . Unfortunately I know zero about all this and would like to see what they look like beforehand, which I can’t, as in photos
  2. Yes, frontline workers and hospital staff should be fully equipped with PPE , not only to protect themselves but to protect future negative patients. It’s been proven that many infections are caught in hospitals. Look at the care homes and why so many elderly died , it was the staff who brought covid in. I can imagine from’what I’ve seen in government hospitals in Thailand that hygiene measures are not perfect. I once saw cockroaches happily running around a waiting room, sick people with entire families coming in, an urgency room late one night with very sick people receiving treatment/ waiti
  3. So don’t you need a PCR proof for entering Thailand. ?
  4. Hé / she broke the law. Ok, her story is, if asked, because she didn’t get a work visa, she stopped straight away. The person should move somewhere else, out of reach of the school, and start again, only with a work visa next time.
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