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  1. I think that the government must be totally oblivious to everything that is happening around the world. Otherwise they wouldn’t spout such rubbish daily.
  2. Coco cola in a tall glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Looked like it was going to explode ! Great.
  3. Yes, I suppose these stories are meant for expats and a few thousand *stuck* in Thailand tourists. For who else, certainly not Europeans or Americans or anyone else, who are going bankrupt by the minute ! The global situation is horrifying, so, sorry, not many people are worrying about Thailand .
  4. Now they are all beginning to feel the pinch. Wait another 4/5 months when high season has come and gone unnoticed , then we will all see and feel the repercussions of Covid worldwide. The difference between the west and certain Asian countries ( Japan for ex ) compared to Thailand , is that preparations have been made for this catastrophic situation. The west is thinking outside the box and social and economic help is at its highest.
  5. I lived on Soi 9 Jomtien beach and was terrified going out and in to my condo. I can’t understand why nothing is done about it. For me , it goes to show that authorities don’t give a damn about anyone’s safety, along with the kamikaze drivers and fly tipping rubbish.
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