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  1. I really think that when boarding, the ground staff should check every passenger for signs of being drunk. These travellers are a threat to security and make the 200/500 travellers voyage a nightmare. My flights have been completely spoiled 3 times, a drunk laying in the aisle , a young man vomiting all over the place, and the cherry on the cake, a completely drunk man allowed to board a Lufthansa flight , created havoc, smoked, threw things around, and finally his meal tray all over my direct neighbour ! All this despite me signalling the stewards before takeoff that he was in a bad way. My neighbour and I refused to stay in our seats and were finally moved behind the cockpit where the pilots rest seats are. The man was handcuffed to his seat and arrested on arrival. My seat neighbour and myself got to see the landing, which was great, but what a way to start a holiday.
  2. Because of the extreme cold i now avoid going. I would go often, as long as they were showing the new block busters and not the kiddies stuff the Thais like . Every time I have been there have only been a handful of visitors. I really can’t understand this icy aircon making watching a film so uncomfortable the only thing you want is to get out fast. Also, the sound ! Are they deaf ? MAYbe all these comment s should be sent to management, don’t they want/ need customers ? Even Bangkok theatres are near empty ! complain , maybe it would help.
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