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  1. We use a place near Maya. Not home now so all the info I have is there. Will drop off our town car for an upgrade to multi port system in the fall. If memory serves ... always a risky business ... 10 years is it. No inspection and recert. Replace. Go south on Superhiway from Maya. Take the first left - big red and gold sign for a restaurant ... Wind your way back - more or less heading toward Canal road. Place on the left. High roof. Nice old Rain Tree on the right. Excellent service. No English.
  2. My town car - on LPG - is almost exactly 1/2 the running cost - cost per km - compared to 95, which it requires. Short run or long run.
  3. 160,000km - or 200 - or 250 - does not mean what it did in the past, where 80,000 miles was time for a new engine. Advances in metallurgy have made 400 plus the new normal, with maintenance performed as need. Advances in motor and gear oil have helped this tremendously. One of mine has 220,000km - burns not a drop, nor leaks any. Due to a rigorous maintenance schedule - both normal and preventive. If you know what to look for in a used vehicle their are excellent buys to be had - and a much wider choice. Including models no longer available new where 4-bangers rule.
  4. Bentley broke the record for the fastest production car at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on 30th of June. The Bentley Continental GT managed to cover 12.42 miles in 10 minutes and 18.488 seconds thus overshadowing the previous record by 8.4 seconds.
  5. 1. Its a rented bike. Its less then a year.
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