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  1. I Don't Care if it Rains or Freezes Long as I got my Plastic Jesus Sitting on the Dashboard of my Car Math never a strong suit
  2. All a Hoax by some yahoo on FB it seems ...
  3. No doubt some people are more sensitive - to give them the benefit of the doubt. But attempting to hold back progress - whether you agree or not - is a waste of time. Quite surprised to hear that the left coast is trying to have it banned.
  4. Stop picking on TAT - they are doing their job As are all spin doctors and lobbyists the world over
  5. Enjoyment for me Some get it some do not The human condition
  6. Nit Picking Falang If not the Weather pick another Endless Twaddle
  7. From the OP - I read recently that 50/60% of drivers on Thai roads have been drinking What a Crock Stop believing what you read, especially if it starts 'Once Upon a Time'
  8. I do the exact opposite - call it 'Getting Lost' Other than a destination for overnight - hotel - I follow my nose. Come to a junction and head off in the most interesting direction. Seen some amazing things doing this - like placer mining for gold around Pai Of course with many members on a ride this will not work. Another reason to ride alone or better yet with one other bike.
  9. This looks like it would do a good job - umbrella plug installed from outside
  10. Best is umbrella patch - tho' I have never seen them in LOS We use them at work, on trucks, so the water does not enter the belts and rust them, or expand in the winter and separate the steel belts
  11. Plug ok for roadside fix. Always carry a kit. When back home take tire off and patch. Tubes ok but tire runs hotter Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Ran them on many of my bikes. Like the removable discs, and how you can add or subtract them to decrease or increase back pressure. And sound. And the SS lasts forever, and looks great.
  13. Could never stand 'beach bars' Re: tire, remove from rim, patch inside, good to go. Supertrapps !!!
  14. https://subscene.com/ Set filter to English You will see many subtitles - try to match the download copy you have with subtitles with the same name i.e. A.Private.War.2018.720p.BluRay.x264.-(YTS.AM) This ensures the subs and movie are synced - dialogue comes at the same time the actors lips moved. Altho subs without the same name can also be OK. VLC player lets you speed up or slow down the subs to sync
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