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  1. This is what we do also. The wife lived here all her life, so she knows who sprays like a maniac and who does not. Those that do not are getting hard to find past our front gate. Grow what you can. Cow manure never killed anyone I know about. That being said - don't eat it ! Put in the garden !
  2. canthai55

    Changing to fibre optic internet connection

    Been 24 hours more or less. Download speed for torrents almost doubled
  3. canthai55

    Custom Paint Job for a US Hot Rod

    If it was me I would go to a custom car show, classic car night, etc. Ask around - soon find out who is the best. I know Thor from BKK http://thorchops.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ThorChopsKustoms/
  4. canthai55

    Changing to fibre optic internet connection

    3BB in today. New Fibre Optic cable and 5G connectivity.
  5. canthai55

    newbie in chiang mai

    Most times just mandatory Gov't insurance. 80K max You damage it - you pay It gets stolen - you pay No way for you, as the renter, to purchase additional coverage.
  6. canthai55

    Custom Paint Job for a US Hot Rod

    400 crank in a 350
  7. Also ... Chanote can be forged. Land office best place to ensure you are signing the original - and legal - one. Be Aware. Beware.
  8. True. Max I believe 30 years. Can not be sold without you signing it over at the Land Office. Just like the bank having a mortgage on the land, can not be sold without mortgage being paid and the bank signing off on it. Also True.
  9. canthai55

    Buying an old classic

    Don't listen to all the old farts with moss growing on them. Find a car you like, buy it, drive the Hell out of it. If I had the $$$ I would have a 1000 sq M house and a 50,000 sq M garage Go for it
  10. canthai55

    more bike porn

    Gives new meaning to ... An Old Fatboy on an old Fatboy
  11. canthai55

    more bike porn

    When the black bike above was a Baby ...
  12. canthai55

    Used car inspection

    1 2 Car is just a website. Each dealer is independent. That being said we bought our Teana from a dealer in BKK. Found the car on the website. Never a problem. Only replaced consumables. If your knowledge of vehicles is lacking, take someone with you who does have the know how.
  13. canthai55

    Used car inspection

    1 2 Car shows these Nissan March with inspections done https://www.one2car.com/en/cars-for-sale/nissan/march/thailand_bangkok-metropolitan_bangkok?inspected=true
  14. canthai55

    Changing to fibre optic internet connection

    3BB installing Fibre Optic tomorrow. Man just left, all the fone line routers - as well as the fone lines - create many problems for them. So out with the old and in with the new.