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  1. 1968 Kawasaki 90 - lady pulled out from a cross street, saw me - stopped. I did too when I hit her 1972 Kawasaki 500 - rear tire blowout, drove off a 70 foot cliff, broke LH leg in 3 places. Cast from my waist to tips of my toes for 6 months, below the knee to tips of toes for 3 more 1982 - YZ490 converted to Super Motard - almost duplicate of 1968 More in N. America Riding in LOS 17 years 2005 - Dyna - passing a minivan when the worlds oldest vigo with 8 people in it pulled out in front of me. Broke the shift lever off with my foot. Transferred paint from the Vigo to
  2. And what are posters doing about this problem ? Except ENDLESS posting of numbers, and "Woe is Me" And how many actually LIVE in the CNX area ? Most likely less than come on here and post the same message, over and over, ...
  3. Why would you not want a car ? Solve all your "How do I get to ..." questions Be Aware, Beware - do this and driving a car or riding a bike is fine.
  4. Do you want a complete overhaul - crank ground, line bored, cylinders bored, new pistons and rings, head overhauled and new valve guides and seals ? What is wrong with the engine that it needs this ? Burns oil ? No power ? Might be something simple - turbo bad, wastegate failure, etc
  5. When the Cali police changed from HD's to Kawasakis they were asked how they liked them. They said that with the Kawa they could no longer push broken down cars off the highway.
  6. We used hex head roofing screws into the knobs - roar along the Yukon river after freeze up but before lots of snow came.
  7. Unless and until you get Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, China, et al on side the efforts of Thailand will be for nought. Think there is some sort of invisible fence along the border that stops the smoke from entering the country ? 555 Some (most) people have not a clue
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