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  1. Every moronic Somchai and Somying near me is burning <deleted> as fast as they can before ‘the ban’ (which they will more than likely ignore anyway). It is bad now. Stop the burning Now! Educate (if you can) that a valuable compost resource is being squandered.
  2. But it would appear removing it from someone else’s just makes you look like Eeyore
  3. As a professionally handled vessel, the tanker should have been displaying a flag warning other vessels to stay clear 1) because it is carrying hazardous material but more especially 2) it was refuelling another vessel. The professional captain of the speed boat should have been nowhere near the tanker having seen and instantly recalled the meaning of the flag. Hard to see how the exhaustive training and checking process that is pusued in this country could have broken down to such an extent.
  4. I doubt this individual understands anything, let alone sarcasm.
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