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  1. Badly adjusted is an understatement, some female riders have one mirror pointed at their face. I try and get in the mirror of a bike in front of me before I pass but driving etiquette in Thailand is baffling. I wouldn’t be without mirrors on my daily bike but gold wheel family members have stripped them off their scoots as uncool items. Like Thaiguzzi all my bikes have been custom non mirrored bikes but ridden in the U.K. Safer riding environment. Pic of my 1970 custom Triumph.
  2. You didn’t like what I said about Kev the beggar on another post so you follow me here. Ok, she’s mother of the year. From the age of 2, Harvey was brought up by Amy, his grandma. Hows about that then? Happier now mai crap?
  3. I’d expect nothing less from the slapper of the year, 15 years running. I feel sorry for her son Harvey. For Dwight Yorke she was just a fling, certainly not girlfriend material.
  4. Alas, karma is what begging Kev is now experiencing. He hounded a fellow youtuber and his wife and suffered a defamation case against her also. The ex American serviceman Greg/Twitchy has already reposted an old video on YouTube, where he praised begging Kev for creating a vlog discussing the importance of health insurance. The karma is all Kevs this week as the Greg/Twitchy characters last few YouTube videos have gone viral. Get well soon Kev all the same.
  5. Without doubt Kev is a serial beggar and good at it. Patreon, buy me a beer donations (by the way he doesn’t like beer), monetised youtube channel and now go fund my smoking related illness. I wonder which part of Kev the beggars begging isn’t understood by his smoking brethren.
  6. Generally go fund me pleas in Thailand are linked to young idiot tourists falling off motorcycles or Chaing Mai vandals spraying ancient buildings. Not seasoned expats offering advise through monetised YouTube channels and then doing the opposite. Id suggest to a few above that this is the reason many people find these schemes distasteful.
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