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  1. It’s an old people’s disease and young people recognize that and think let’s get on with life. The uk with one of the higher virus death figures has less than 600 deaths under the age of 45, some of these were in the “at risk” category.
  2. Too much coughing, spitting and spluttering going on in most pools but it should be the decision of the swimmers/splutterers.
  3. The reason Boris must defend Cummings is I suspect because he sanctioned the trip. If this comes out it becomes the BIG story. Cummings is seen as a contractor by the elected elites which partly explains why he’s despised but for the righteous to criticize Cummings is hypocritical. The truth is, thousands in every town and city paid little heed to any of the so called rules.
  4. China has also been building the largest navy in the world, along with buying and developing all the military technology they can get their corvid fingers on.
  5. Farage has previously bragged about breaking the very same guidelines.
  6. It’s a classic non story. I’ve just seen the press photographers not observing distancing protocols or wearing masks while shouting out questions, as he enters his car. The police need to have a word here, I won’t hold my breath.
  7. A non story with the usual suspects still gabbin on about Brexit, 6 pages already. Tens of thousands in the uk haven’t bothered at all with the so called lockdown regulations, regardless of political persuasions. This Cummings fellow was probably right from the beginning with his herd mentality. In short no laws broken, nobody injured, nothing to see, move along, next story please.
  8. Ok, you couldn’t answer me so I’ll bell Farage later. Jeez man, move on for Christ sake.
  9. So the Thai hussies are skint eh? Same their sisters all over the world. A few million tax paying legit workers too are struggling. Send em to Wuhan.
  10. Lol, what’s with the brexit infatuation? Are ye still in denial?
  11. Keep an eye on oil levels and avoid sustained high speeds. Any resemblance to Honda’s is only visual. Inferior metals used all over these motorcycles and the bearings are made of cheese.
  12. lol, a lot of deadwood on tv also, they only want to rant, not help. like the loser in the article, they haven’t got a pot to pee in.
  13. Time for free speaking countries to wholeheartedly support Australia and buy their produce.
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