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  1. I really don’t know any farangs going to Pattaya, Nana, Cowboy paying for pleasure, you sound like you might. Up to them but not many farangs in the places you mentioned according to ThaiVisa, apart from yourself or rather people you may know, wink.
  2. I’ve thought this for many years plus the fact that a farang can rock up to any town in Thailand and pull the best looking women effortlessly. Likewise with the Japanese and Koreans but we are further down the pecking order. Simmering resentment towards foreigners exists in most Thai males especially the younger generations.
  3. So Southgate managed to ensure a few Hungarian idiots showed up to single out some of his team for abuse. Englands previous game saw 14 English idiots arrested for vandalism and fighting before the match started. This was after the English FA had asked to move the fixtures date away from the weekend because English fans like to get drunk at weekends and they couldn’t be trusted. Then English fans in time honoured fashion proudly booed the Hungarian anthem prior to the kickoff. Im not condoning racist chanting but if the English FA are so concerned about name calling and banter within the game then start with the home grown idiots first. Incidentally, the worst abuse I ever witnessed was from English fans towards two non coloured players, Beckham and Terry. All this against against the backdrop of the Rugby World Cup, I agree with many of my Aussie mates that say, footballs a game for Sheilas’
  4. Ideally Everton need to find another Neville or Moyes, to keep them in the manner that other premier league clubs have enjoyed for many years.
  5. Probably safer to walk on the roofs than risk walking along the unpaved roads of this lovely soi.
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