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  1. If they haven't found the source for just this one person, what makes you think they really have this contained? Could be a lot more people out there, such as Isaan, where my family says one one has ever been around to test anyone?
  2. It is not just teeth, but general overall health. Can you imagine living in Thailand for 10 or 20 years longer than you ever expected or planned for? Retire with a set financial amount and then learn 10 years later, with all the rising costs, it is not enough. No way to predict the next 10 to 20 years in Thailand.
  3. Look where you are before calling yourself bright! The government is hell bent about the spread of Covid on the outside. Yet they have no fear of 10,000's of people being close together, mask or no mask. Also not testing incoming Thai's from Covid rampid locations like the USA. You don't think for a minute some of these folks have figured out a way not to get in quarantine and might be out protesting? Sound very plausible. You also have to ask yourself how people do a Covid test, negative, to get on a flight and arrive in Thailand positive, or te
  4. How do you explain foreigners arriving in Thailand Covid positive and what are the chances you will be on a flight with someone that is?
  5. So you are saying Thai's coming in the US don't need to be tested?
  6. Has nothing to do with the government wanting protests and everything to do with 10,000's of people packed together. You have no realistic clue how many cases of COVID is in Thailand. Do you honestly believe everything the Thai Government tells you? Masks are not proven to prevent Covid. See my other post. Man from France arrived in Thailand Friday, then tested positive for Covid on Monday. 1. How did he get on the plane in France? Did he not have current health and COE? 2. How did he NOT test positive upon arrival at the airport in T
  7. With all the letters, tests, etc. required to get on a flight to Thailand, why is it everyday in the news we read of an incoming expat testing positive for Covid? "The man from France arrived in Thailand on Friday, and his test on Monday was positive". How did he get past the initial testing and COE to get on the flight in the first place? He arrived in Thailand on Friday, into quarantine I suspect, and somehow managed to test positive on Monday after being quarantined? It appears this process is not 100% effective? 1. How did
  8. This makes no sense at all, unless of course the quarantine is a financial ploy to put money in someone's pocket. Why close the country off, yet allow 10,000's of protesters face to face?
  9. The news reported last week that China had stopped any tour groups from coming to Thailand.
  10. It appears she was 19 with no education. International school of 100K a month unlikely.
  11. It is quite relevant. Did you ever think if she is working illegally she might do other illegal things? How much do you think a server makes in a restaurant?
  12. If you are the owner, what VISA is she on allowing her to serve customers in a restaurant? Also did she have a work permit and if you claim yes, what was the job listed on the work permit?
  13. Would of, could have, should have. Your post is full of nothing but speculation. Anyone that has money, is not working as a school teach in Thailand. You are making a wild guess there everyone gave her the money. She could have been set up? You have any evidence or maybe she was funding a way to open a restaurant? With no evidence it is anyone's guess. In the US when you take college courses in High School, you are actually taking them at the college. Only the top students qualify to do this. A TEFL course gives you a bachelors degree
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