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  1. To The OP Do you know how to make a pizza? If you do, then you can figure out the entire cost yourself Flour Yeast Tomato Sauce Tomatoes Cheese Flour - Figure out how much flour you use in ounces. Now lets say a bag of flour, 128 ounces = 128 baht. Your pizza uses 4 ounces. Therefore the cost of the flour is 4 baht. Yeast - One package 30 baht. Your pizza uses 1/2 package of yeast = 15 baht Tomato Sauce - I can 35 baht. Your Pizza uses 1/2 can = 17.50 baht Tomatoes - 10 baht each. Your pizza uses 1 = 10 baht Cheese - Lets say 1 package is 100 baht and you use 1/4 package = 25 baht Cost = 71.50 baht Now your job is to go to the store and get the actual cost of these ingredients, weigh how how much you use to make 1 pizza, then do the math as shown above. Very simple formula to determine the exact cost. Now the cost to actually sell a pizza would have to include labor, electric over, or gas, rent, etc
  2. You simply cannot fight ignorance and lack of common sense. Thai Airways always wonder why year in and year out they lose so much money. I never, never, never fly Thai Airways for a reason!
  3. Contract or not contract, you are missing the big picture. Your money will be lost period. Do you think the Thai legal system is just going to stop everything they are doing and go after her for your money? If she doesn't pay, she doesn't pay. The legal system could care little to get involved in your personal financial affairs with her. All she has to say are things like the money disappeared, someone stole the money, etc. and she is home free. This is Thailand and the law does not serve foreigners well, contract or not. Once you 2 split, the only concern she will ever have is money, money, money and she will do anything to keep the money from the house. Come on man. Use your head and don't spend the money if you simply cannot afford to lose it all. All the posters are telling you the same thing. The Thai legal system will never look out for you, lawyer or no lawyer, law or no law. The fact you are seeking advice tells me there is a propensity for you two to split up. Never take a gamble. the foreigner will lose 99% of the time. Ask yourself seriously what is more important to her? Your or her own house? Better get than answer correct, because if you have the wrong answer, you lose it all.
  4. Find out the cost of 1 meter for the materials, then you will know if the cost for labor is reasonable or not. 1800 a meter sounds high Also if that fence is steel, it will be rusting in no time
  5. bwpage3

    Looking for a small business in Korat

    You would have to define small business as to how much you want to invest and how much you would hope to earn in one month.
  6. bwpage3

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    To fly over any city or populated area in Thailand, helicopters have a requirement to be twin engine. (unless that has changed recently). However, over the years, the majority of helicopter tour operators, even in the popular beach areas, have gone out of business. Insurance costs, maintenance, fuel, etc. simply not enough customers to make a financial go of it. This is Thailand, people come to Thailand because it is cheap, cheap, cheap to do things. Remember that!
  7. bwpage3

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    You need to have a sound business plan, instead of trying to think about money. Look at the total investment involved and then try to make an educated determination how long to recoup your investment. Maybe never in this case. First of all understand the mentality of tourists to Thailand? Who they are, where they are going, what they want to see. Look around right now. Do you see a multitude of tourists hanging out locally? Enough tourists to make a go of your plan? Probably Not! Do you think they want to look at that lake for an entire week? No, no and probably never. Red Lotus Lake is something to see, not a location to stay. Overall I would say find some other avenue to make money or be prepared to invest and not recoup your investment. Not sure the latest Thai laws on Air BNB, that might be a long shot, however, I just do not see anything other than viewing the lake for an hour as enticing people to stay a week or more in Isaan when they rather be at the beach, in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, you name it other than Isaan. Before any investment is made and lost, hire some college kids that can do a professional business plan for you. I think the plan would prove without a doubt there are not enough tourists or people interested for you to make money. Is someone going to do completely out of the way to Udon Thani area to see that lake? Not me, that is for sure. It is too far from all the other main attractions in Thailand that get the majority of tourists. it is good to dream about building a resort house and make fistfuls of cash, however, this is Thailand and the reality is zero. Save your money and heartache. Just not enough customers to make it worthwhile.