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  1. Western North Carolina. Lovely mountainous region with light snow, tons of pine trees and birds. High Speed internet is almost everywhere in American these days. Friendly, friendly country folk. Can still make a 6 hour trek to the beach for a few days. The Outer Banks blows away anything you find in Thailand. I thought I would miss Thailand when I moved back to the USA after living there for 10+ years. But I didn't. The stress of not having to deal with anything Thai at all or anything with immigration, language, not reading Thai, and 100 other things brought a real calming to my life. Where I live in the USA, we have every kind of Thai food for sale in Asian Grocery Stores, Thai Beer, Jasmine rice, sticky rice, thai fruits you name it. Weather is not as hot as Thailand. I have no neighbors bothering me at all. In Dec 2019 I went back to Thailand for the first time since 2014. Now people that live there full-time may not see these changes as well, but to me, the country had gotten even worse. Costs higher, traffic worse, Air Pollution just choking me. One 2 hour stroll around Bangkok one evening and I had a respiratory issue that didn't clear for days. Coming from pure, clean air to all the air pollution was horrible. Saraburi when you have to drive past all those cement plants, you can see the sky change to nasty brown from all the air pollution. I just was thankful after that trip that I wouldn't be making it again, ever. As people get older, they really need less stress and clutter, a healthy environment, access to health care, proper eating and exercise. Much easier to do here. Much, much easier. I can ride my bike in the clean air not a worry in the world of getting run over. But if I did, 911 can get to help me in minutes. I have a major hospital 5 minutes from where I live. I won't be dying in the back of one of those Thai rescue meat wagons stuck in traffic because Thai drivers are too selfish to get out the way. I thank God I was fortunate to get out of there and I am 100% convinced my life will be extended by NOT living there! We all have a choice, no one can tell you what is best for you, except you.
  2. Countries can open up, however, there is no guarantee people are in the mood to travel. Many have taken personal financial hits during this pandemic. Although we can personally afford to fly anywhere, we are in NO mood to get on an airplane right now and maybe not even this year. Sure there must be masses thinking the same thing.
  3. Who in their right mind would plan a trip to Thailand in June, when they have no idea if self-quarantine will be imposed, no idea where they will be allowed to travel/stay in Thailand, and no idea of what will be open or closed? I think the answer is very few, not even from China.
  4. No one can predict hordes of anyone coming to Thailand. The Chinese may have that no travel mentality now as well as the rest of the world. It isn't like there is a vaccine or cure out there. I think people in general will be fearful of flying. Look at the news of airlines all over the world downsizing? Most people across the globe have taken a personal financial hit. I think the going on holiday to Thailand mentality is not there and maybe not until well into next year. People are not in the vacation mode, they are in the financial survival mode. Who in the world would have ever thought Thai Air Asia would be thinking merger to survive?
  5. With everything negative going on in thailand......
  6. Who the heck wants to deal with irrational decisions made by a third world government whether or not you can return to your family or home in Thailand? Although this whole pandemic has caught many off-guard, it is a real indication what CAN happen when you are out of your own country. It is a risk you take to live in a foreign country. As far as the USA and the huge number of deaths, we have 330,000,000 people. You have better odds by 10 to 1 to get killed by a lightning strike. Here in the USA, all things are open where we live including the gyms and salons. Companies are still fearful of getting sued so the work from home will continue the rest of the year; which is actually a good thing for me. In any major event such as a new pandemic, there are lessons to be learned. However, some people will never learn them, only to be caught by the next big event. It is extremely odd married ex-pats cannot return to their families in Thailand? Anyone returning, whether Thai or expat have the same exact chance to bring CV in. CV does not discriminate. That should be wake up call as to how important you might perceive yourself to be living in Thailand and the reality of not being important at all. After 10+ years living in Thailand, I have never had one regret about moving back to the USA. My experience during this pandemic is there has never been a lock down where I live, never been a shortage of food, never been an increase in prices (gas is at it's lowest in years), people in the stores are more respectful and friendly towards each other and get to work from home. Restaurants have all had carry out or drive through service open. Beer, wine all readily available. Never worn a mask or gloves. The media seems to want to paint a picture that every location in the entire world is sheer hell and death. Not the case where we live at all. I think the smartest thing any person could do, that is not trapped in Thailand the rest of their lives, is to ensure their wife and kids have the legal paper work to get the heck out of Thailand should any future event warrant it and be able to relocate to the husband's home country. That way you won't have to suffer at the slow govt decisions that could perhaps keep you away from your family for a long time. We have seen how ONE pandemic can cause chaos all over the world, are you ready to take a chance their won't be another one in the future? Or something even worse? Feel extremely safe where we are at and feel smart I pushed my wife to get her US citizenship as soon as she was eligible.
  7. Do you understand who own the malls and how much power they wield in Thailand?
  8. Going to see the launch today if the weather holds out. Only about 45 minutes away.
  9. If it was easy to start a business and succeed every one and their brother would be doing it. Post CV, there are a lot more broke people than ever before. Online business model? To start an online business and have your website found is something that takes a lot of time and some are never discovered despite all the advertising in the world. One poster had it right. Shipping costs kill. You need to set a goal how much you want to make, figure out how many customers it will take to reach that goal and see if it is even feasible to get that many customers. It will be a long time before most will buy anything other than basic necessities to survive like food and medicine.
  10. And there is NO risk from Thai Nationals? How about Thai Nationals coming from China?
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