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  1. One day the news reports all international investors pulling their money out of Thailand ahead of the election. Then the baht gets stronger? What a bunch of BS!
  2. What recourse does a person on a limited income (teacher) have to take on a school owner who probably has lots of students whose parents are politicians and cops? The answer is go quietly!
  3. The recent outcry from the Army when Pheu Thai suggested reducing the number of Generals tells me the Army is not planning to relinquish control any time soon. As far as the nation moving forward? It is not possible as politicians are in politics for one reason only. To control budgets to make themselves rich and powerful. I don't think there is any party, maybe Future Forward Party, that would be interested in doing anything that makes Thailand better. Pollution problems, continued problems with city congestion, floods, year after year it is getting worse and worse. In reality there is no financial rewards for solving these crisis, so politicians aim their efforts at new projects they can grab a piece of the financial pie There is no incentive to do things the right way, the incentive is to make deals where corruption makes them richer and more powerful. Is there any such thing as a poor politician or a poor general in Thailand? Until that system changes, Thailand could slide quite a ways backwards.
  4. Richard ask yourself if you would trust ANYONE to make the decision where you and your family should live? If he is banking his whole move and future location on you.......
  5. If you have any expectations of earning enough to live off, better have a plan "B" for when you lose your investment.
  6. How is it millions of American retiree's can live in America and afford it but not you?
  7. Good to know about the K1 visa. I was already married so just had to wait it out.
  8. My wife just passed her US citizenship and will be sworn in March 14, 2019 The process, being married to a US citizen, was as follows: 1. Have to reside in the USA for 3 years minimum if married to a US Citizen (5 years if not) 2. After 3 years residence, you can send in the application for US citizenship (N-400 form along with the fee of US $725). We sent that in on (April 2018) Somewhere in the process we received a test booklet for her to study. Can also download it from the immigration site. 3. Received Notice of Action form I-797C, which scheduled the immigration interview and test at the USCIS Immigration Center February 2019, (10 months after the application was sent it) Although the letter tells you to bring a list of documents, her immigration officer did not look at any of them. Straight to the interview and test. That took about 30 minutes. There was an interview about being married, etc., oral test of questions from the test book about US Civics, and then the officer will read you something that you have to correctly write in English. Then they took her fingerprints (biometrics) to do one more police check. They let you know right then, before you leave, if you passed or not. 4. Just received the "swear in" letter a few days after the Interview (USCIS N-445) to go "swear in" March 14, 2019 at the Federal Court House in Orlando, Florida at which time it will be 100% official 5. The N-400 application gives your wife a chance to change her name legally which mine did. So after the "swear in" it will be name changing on drivers license, credit cards, et.c, etc., etc.
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