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  1. Quite the contrary. Thailand is owned by China. Who do you think own all the banks? Exactly what is Thailand developing? Cars? Space Program? Manufacturing? Thailand is nothing but the slave labor to the real developing economies.
  2. If you are not living in Thailand, she will take whatever pitiful amount you offer her, be silently insulted, and all the while she tells you she loves you, she will be looking for another donor who can offer her much more. Here is a tip! Any woman that asks you how much you will pay her is the wrong woman and has no interest in YOU and all the interest in the world in your money. RED FLAG! It takes some time and experience to realize that if a woman really loves you and wants you, she won't ever ask for anything except you. There are Thai girls working in the bars (selling themselves every night) and when the bar closes, they will zip off on the back of their Thai boyfriends motorbike; giving him all the money they earned Got it now? If it is all about the money and not all about you, you lose and get burned. Remember that.
  3. Exactly how many foreign managers are there in Thailand out of 66 million people? Exactly!
  4. You must have really wronged her to get that furry unleashed on you. You want to pay her back? For what? This sounds like it was probably ALL your fault. Man up, understand it is over forever and support your kids. Next time around, realize what you did wrong this time and don't do it again.
  5. Probably on par with the public schools in Chiang Mai!
  6. Once she is an ex-wife, she is none of your concern. The bitterness will eat you up. Time to learn to live on your own again and enjoy yourself. Life is too short for anything else.
  7. Americans are pretty much bombarded with the thought that 50 year old's shouldn't be with 20 year old's since the time they are small. You have to seriously ask yourself if Thailand was on the same international pay scale as other first world countries, would the women be so willing to go with a 50+ year old? People get seriously confused when they move to Thailand. 50+ year old's with 20 year old's is not normal in most countries throughout the world. Thai women make the sacrifice to have a better quality of life and economic standard. Anyone that thinks they are dating men 30 years their senior for any other reason is delusional. That is why you don't see 50 year old's with 20 year old's in America
  8. If you look at the entire executive management team, including the Principle, there is no one there above a MA in education from no name schools in the UK.
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