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  1. Question on this: I have a Non-imm B visa with the latest extension based on marriage. Also a work permit. Total of 4 years. I have never had to produce a TM30 but understand it might be necessary for my next annual extension due in Oct 2019. Every time I need a "residency certificate" in Thailand for banks or whatever, they are happy with the address mentioned in the WP which is my office address. Now, for this constellation, can you please confirm that a TM30 form is necessary? Also, I have never done a 90 day report during the last 4 years I worked in Thailand because I usually go overseas for work at least once every 2 months. So upon returning from overseas next week, should I report a TM30 form to my local Bangkok immigration? And as soon as I leave for more than 24 hours (domestically), upon my return I need to refile it (provided that I stay at a place that will notify the local authorities of my stay)? Is my understanding correct? Thanks
  2. I don't know about the other ones but KFC in Thailand is run by only three franchisee companies (Thai Bev, Central Restaurant and Restaurant Development Co). No small-time business man in that network.
  3. I don't understand this? They still accept cash, credit cards and VWallet right? What's the problem?
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