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  1. Perhaps TAT should open a museum dedicated to Thailand's illustrious leader. A holy place dedicated to his life story, heroic accomplishments, dazzlimg brilliance, and unparalleled contributions to Thailand's peace, happiness and prosperity. A monument to his greatness would surely prove irresistible to tens of millions of Chinese pilgrims...eager to donate lavish sums of money for supreme spiritual guidance. After all, he is the one and only...Hero-General.
  2. This news will certainly save Phuket. The Hero-General’s words of wisdom and majestic presence will inspire the people to superhuman efforts of tourism promotion. And the opportunity to actually see and experience Thailand’s savior in action...will draw millions of tourists like flies to shi….that stuff that flies like so much. Yet another vexing problem put to rest….
  3. Absolutely correct…these degenerate naysayers are a blight on the community and deserve a harsh scolding. But fear not, a new world beckons…and there’s certainly an important place for positive thinkers like you in the glittering, transcendent, and wondrous future of ‘Neo-Pattaya.’
  4. No need to waste a perfectly good committee on this…. …the Hero-General ordered happiness and reconciliation years ago…and the people obediently became happy and reconciled. There must be a misunderstanding.
  5. In a free fire zone...it's always a good idea to stay clear of the frag pattern....
  6. Political theater at its best. Not to be outdone….the brave, courageous, lion-hearted, Hero-General has vowed to respond by writing his resignation in blood. Private Somchai has been volunteered to act as the donor.
  7. This whole …”Yeah…but, they’re more corrupt than me.” argument is childish, stupid, inaccurate, and proves absolutely nothing.. But what's funny is the buffoon is actually admitting that he's a thief. Can the almighty Hero-General present just one (1) objective example that demonstrates where his so-called ‘regime’ has eliminated corruption?…or even been any ‘less corrupt’ than anyone else? Just one? Of course not…because his gang of thugs has been worse. Rampant greed and unrestrained government corruption is how he and his partners in crime became so ridiculously rich
  8. Excellent….we need a good crackdown. But according to strict, long-standing, time-honored, ‘Crackdown Protocols’ we should remember that only violators who refuse to pay the special ‘Crackdown Tax’ will be prosecuted. Nothing to worry abut here….the new normal will have much in common with the old normal.
  9. Stop....'the trading'? Much more likely he will take a generous profit from 'the trading'.
  10. Translation: Khun Pipat will grovel, plead, and beg for his Chinese masters to please understand that esteemed and revered guests from the 100% Virus free Celestial Kingdom are unconditionally welcome. And they will certainly not be inconvenienced with unnecessary paperwork, health restrictions, annoying quarantines, or any other troubling distractions. These measures are for the loathsome and disease-ridden farangs. Honored guests from China will always be encouraged to enjoy their holidays with all the freedoms superior people deserve.
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