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  1. Just when you think he'd already red-lined the "arrogant hypocrisy: meter....
  2. Sergeant Somchai always hates it when it's his turn to wear the Thaksin mask...
  3. Precisely. To a sociopath, there is no such thing as "fair" or "unfair". Anything that gives them what they want is, by definition..."good"...and "right".
  4. And…a stunning 119% of people wanted a PM who is a recovering general, has lots of fancy uniforms, writes his own songs, is a certified aerobics instructor, no gray hair, can control the weather, punches journalists in the nose, is a toxic narcissist, a compulsive liar and has little or no impulse control. Formidable criteria to be sure....but the search is on....
  5. Unfortunately, it looks more and more like the fix is in. Even more sadly, it looks like the only way the current general is leaving...is when the next general stages the next coup, and ushers in the next Junta. But what's...even worse...is that the Thai people don't seem to really care.
  6. The public must remember that they are only required to believe general-endorsed, Junta-approved and government-issued fake news.
  7. True...but what always gets me is an airline getting excited if the 50 kilo passenger has a carry on bag a kilo or so over…yet the 150 kilo passenger with the small bag is just fine and meets all airline specs.
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