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  1. What an unspeakably horrific experience. Those Americans are truly a loathsome and despicable group of savages…every last one of them. Positively appalling that these degenerates are allowed to intrude upon polite society with such frightful impunity. But the stern talking-to you gave this debauched and decadent cad has no doubt taught him a compelling lesson about foolishly trifling with proper and respectable people. He'll surely know better than to try his vile and reprehensible tricks again. Well done...these rascals deserve no mercy whatsoever. At least over these past few difficult months you’ve been able to begin the long road to recovery from this dreadful nightmare. Congratulations and best of luck for continued success.
  2. Absolutely correct. The Huawei CEO is flat out lying. Furthermore...the CEO doesn't have any choice in the matter. Huawei is obligated by Chinese law to share everything with the Chinese government and to act as an agent of Chinese Intelligence. This cooperation is legally mandated in the National Intelligence Law of the P.R.C. (2017). https://www.chinalawtranslate.com/en/national-intelligence-law-of-the-p-r-c-2017/ Article 7: All organizations and citizens shall support, assist, and cooperate with national intelligence efforts in accordance with law, and shall protect national intelligence work secrets they are aware of.
  3. “....and now...I am pleased to announce that we have a winner in the Doctor Evil Look-alike Contest”.
  4. But remember...they're not only "'Amazing"...they're also "Trusted" now.
  5. The primary goal of this ‘government’ is, and always has been, the continuation of military rule. This is paramount and takes precedence over everything else. Maintaining a state of emergency (a sort of martial law lite) is a good way to emphasize rule by decree, establish new means of control and further institutionalize military authority. They probably would like to to extend the 'emergency' indefinitely....if they can figure out a way to do it while keeping their income stream intact.
  6. Not necessarily. The innocent and ‘trusting’ (note important name brand change) Thais would never have voluntarily chosen a life of crime….they were obviously corrupted by the evil, malevolent, and dangerous foreigners.
  7. Scientific reasoning? Like that's really going to happen....
  8. This is like coming up with a rehabilitation plan for a hard-core alcoholic which consists of giving him an open ended charge account at his favorite liquor store....but only on the condition that he returns the empty bottles.
  9. Maybe Immigration is confused because they’ve never seen a real, no-kidding, genuine, Nigerian…tourist…before.
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