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  1. A dangerous 'foreign' terrorist captured…and there’s not a single vinyl poster anywhere in sight. Vietnam certainly has a long way to go before they can catch up with Thailand.
  2. I entered in 2006 on an O-A and have been doing uninterrupted extensions in Bangkok since then. I did my most recent retirement extension last week (7 Nov) at CW. No one asked about insurance. The extension was approved for the normal one year. I then obtained a multiple re-entry permit the same day. Again, no one mentioned insurance. Both procedures were virtually identical to last year. Other than the long wait...it was a painless day.
  3. I think the idea is to punish someone by separating him from his income-generating power base. A police superintendent can generally make a very comfortable living. Losing that monthly cash flow and having to live on his salary can be quire painful.
  4. Are you freaking serious? I know damned well what visa I entered the country with. And I'm not going to play any silly 'show and tell' games with you. You're free to believe me or to not believe me. Up to you.
  5. I initially started with an O-A. I successfully did a retirement extension and got a multiple re-entry permit yesterday (7 Nov) at CW. No one so much as mentioned the word 'insurance'. Everyone might want to calm down some...until there are more facts and fewer speculations.
  6. Which means Thai execs, military generals and other assorted hi-sos...will now have to put their personal servants, cooks, drivers, gardeners, fortune tellers, masseuses, manicurists, luggage carriers, jewelry polishers, food tasters, laundry girls, fruit peelers, shoe shiners and other essential 'staff' in Economy-class seats.
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