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  1. will chiang mai guest houses routinely refuse me an apt./room now? This is serious. I finish asq in bkk & have no where to go? Hope for an answer. No sim card to call places. Just this wacko email from the apt. i'd counted on.
  2. BUT sudden reversal from apt. I'd relied on in Ch Mai: Because Bangkok is an area at risk of disease nowadays.> If you want to stay in one of our apartments, You will also need to be> quarantined for a period of time set by the government.> And must also list a person to the staff in Chiang Mai too. cubism hopes for adviceThanks
  3. I flew from Ecuador straight to ASQ. I have 2 bags & hope to keep them w/out penalties/huge charges but can lighten them a bit. What airline should I book to CNX? Planning on ED visa/student visa, too. It's been awhile since I've been in LOS. Many changes, but so glad to be back. Many thanks
  4. Is where I lived before & will again. OK, I'll call American L school in Ch Mai tomorow. Already paid those huge sums for flights, insurance, asq & now I'll get the visa. 1st find a school, then.... submit applcation (?). & 29 Jan. extend. I think there are restrictions on the schools. Am L should know. Thank you.
  5. In SFO, 5 minutes before boarding Qatar said the Thai govt demanded I get an onward ticket when my visa exception of 30 days was up. They got me a flight to Cambodia on Feb. 10. So I feel I'd better get moving on the visa I'd planned on: an education (student?) visa to study Thai language. I'm in quarantine in BKK; got here today. What should I do next? Thank you.
  6. Things are increasingly covid-centered, the SFO airport almost empty.& even in Guayaquil at the airport & in the city things were reduced to basics. Cheerful, but basics, no translations, no friend of a friend to help. We shall see. Thanks for writing.
  7. Hello, I seem to have missed this, & hope it's true. I'm stuck in a SA country, not my cup of tea. Can I come back to Thailand now? Where can I read about the rules, etc.? Thank you.
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