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  1. My family's sending me a document from the US & wants to know which courier service to use. Long ago I used DHL. (Thai post''s air mail is stopped until May 10. The PO said to use a courier.)Which one do you use? Thank you.
  2. Probably not. Now I wonder: I truly love the public markets where I bought vegetables. I agree that the King's shops are great, but in Ch Mai they're limited. Now: if a public market is outdoors & has no seafood or meat stalls, do you think they'd be safe for fruit & veg? Thank you.
  3. How did this work? Your fiancee was in BKK? (Dr Donna's the greatest.)
  4. I have a different situation. I came back here simply because I love Thailand, but my 'real' life is in libraries & scholarly activities, bicycle paths in the West. It's difficult to be patient w/ all this; it just seems bleak & foreboding. Not so sure I want to retire here after all.
  5. Or how if a test is positive, you automatically go into a hospital (producing overcrowding). My brother had covid (he's 80) did a quarantine for 14 days & is back to working on the farm...I know: time will tell.
  6. This morning I counted 13 businesses gone that were functioning yesterday. All were within 2 blocks of my house on one side of the street.. I feel scared for Thais now.
  7. I read this on the internet. that a US citizen is required to have a passport card and a Trusted Traveler program card (in addition to the passport). What is a passport card, can I get it in Ch Mai; ditto Trusted Traveler Program card. Do you know of anything else they want? Thank you.
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