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  1. Thanks for the great local information, my wife ended up taking it to Watana Car Air (near where she was going) and she really liked the service and honesty. She paid a whopping 990 baht bill instead of the 9,000 - 24,000 baht the dealership wanted. They replaced the relay and refrigerant after a quick estimate and they had a comfortable waiting area with A/C and drinks as well. She was on her way and happy as a clam! Sometimes it really pays to ask for recommendations and local input.
  2. Thanks Marty - I will pop in to see them on our next trip into Ubon.
  3. We had a dealer estimate for a 7 year old Honda City for about 9,000 baht (3 components) but if the compressor was no good it would be 15,000 baht more? Does anyone know of a good, honest, reasonably priced air conditioning service garage in Ubon? It only has 140 KMs on it but it could have after market parts as the warranty has expired. My wife took the car in and sometimes the dealers gouge the ladies thinking they will pay up? Thanks
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