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  1. Italy produces some excellent food. One of my favourites is a lively sheep cream cheese called Casu Marzu.
  2. My G/F has names for the restaurants in our town. For instance. Banyan tree 8 market. Rita’s My friend. Dirty toilet. I don’t eat in the last one.
  3. Well I’m glad I’m not clever. I wouldn’t get out of bed for 10000 baht.
  4. There like hens teeth where I am. If moogradod doesn’t take your offer up I would me happy to do so. Cheers
  5. Ikea on line. Bought some recently. Stainless steel. Heavy bottom. Cheap as well.
  6. I’ll ask a friend this evening. She has English Bulldogs and shows them all over Thailand. She might know someone.
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