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  1. Good idea. Which model did you buy and are you happy with it?
  2. It's next to the entrance to the Boy Scout camp.
  3. Thanks for the info MTLS2005 and Peterw42. I had been under the impression that I was required to keep the receipt/screen capture or whatever it was in my passport.
  4. I need to run to immigration today anyway to get a residence certificate, so my initial thought was to ask immigration for a replacement. I didn't realize that a receipt isn't generated online. In that case do I really need one?
  5. It was done online by the owner of my building about 1 month ago. The owner printed the receipt out for me and told me to keep it in my passport.
  6. I just realized I lost the receipt for my TM 30. Does anyone have any experience getting the receipt replaced?
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