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  1. Well, you can tell your parents that "living the dream in Thailand" incurs additional costs, as another poster mentioned.
  2. I bet they are, since Taiwanese nationals do not qualify for visa exempt and they would get VOA and a permission of stay of 15 days only.
  3. I see everybody is making plans about this 65K, when eventually they may very well twist it and leave two options. 1. Affidavit ( that they know you cannot get). 2. 800K. So basically one option.
  4. I have a better logic. Your logic was: if the westerner wasn't dodgy, then visa agencies would not make money and would not make the IO's corrupt. How about: throw into prison corrupt IO's, eradicate corruption, make sure they earn their jobs honestly (not paid). Yes, in Thailand to get a job in Police one must pay money. Promotion also costs money. Immigration is Police by the way, part of RTP. And people need to get a return on their investments, common sense dictates. How about they start there and all the rest will fall into place? Give it an estimate 50-100 years.
  5. I tell you it's the farang's fault. If the farang did not come to Thailand, the agents would have continued with their local scams and not expand into this very lucrative business. Better for farang not to come at all. How about this? Do you remember when visa run agencies were teaching us how to "correctly" use double entry tourist visas doing visa runs a few years ago? Now those IO's that were chop choping passports a few years ago, when I was crossing into Poipet, smoked a cigarette and came back 5 minutes later, they thought I wanted to visit Cambodia and changed my mind? Again, any system in any country that has loopholes will be exploited. Pointing fingers now is irrelevant. If you want to point fingers, point them at the lawmakers and Immigration for allowing it to happen.
  6. Wherever there is a system that has loopholes, those loopholes will be exploited. "Those people operating illegally" - are you talking about foreign applicants, Thai agents or Thai IO's?
  7. Don't keep your fingers crossed At the moment, they are lobbying the Japanese. It's all over the monitors in Phnom Pehn Airport as one arrives. One year, two years and three years business visas for them. 40 USD, 80 USD and 120 USD if my memory serves me right. While for the rest, the tendency seems to be the other way (shorter).
  8. It is a bit tricky. Here is the page you were looking for, that includes Joe's link at the bottom: http://www.thaiembassy.org/hanoi/th/services/1761
  9. Actually that's a good idea. What I am wondering is, which countries in Asia integrate westerners to that extent, if any.
  10. All sounds good, I am excited about these major countries mentioned by @Lovethailandelite Meanwhile, a quick whois on VFSEVISA.COM tells us: Registrant Contact Name: Girish Kanojia Organization: VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd Mailing Address: 20th Floor, Tower A, Urmi Estate, 95, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai Maharashtra 400013 IN Phone: +91.2267289000 Ext: Fax: Fax Ext: Email:vfsdomainadmin@vfsglobal.com Part of VFS Global headquartered in Dubai. Still wanna know what role France played in all this, from a technological point of view.
  11. So a mixture of technologies came together to design Thai 4.0 Immigration huh? Could I ask you, specifically, what did France bring to the table? Also interested in the UK and Germany's contribution. US don't need to know.
  12. I mean in regards to parameters like how many visas in a certain timeframe or limits in total duration of stay per calendar year, which would make the system reject an application. That sort of thing. Or they're not bothering with that?
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