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  1. Soon, we will get a better understanding of the difference between tourist visas, multiple entry visit visas (to visit wife), extensions of stay (to live with wife), and permanent residence.
  2. From your article: Annika Linde, who oversaw Sweden’s response to swine flu and Sars as state epidemiologist from 2005 to 2013, had until now expressed support for her country’s approach under her successor, Anders Tegnell. But she has now become the first member of the public health establishment to break ranks, saying she has changed her mind Well, that does not make her more of an expert than Tegnell now, does it?
  3. I agree with Sweden's model, I agree the majority were aged and with existing conditions, so influenza could have killed them also. But somehow, when we talk about influenza, we don't become overly dramatic, describing the deaths as "mothers, fathers, grandmothers". Decisions are made (or should be made) on statistics, and not emotions.
  4. I just wanted to show you guys a breakdown of deaths in Sweden by age groups, of this new flu that some may know as coronavirus.
  5. With the risk of sounding cynical, they probably told the clients 5 months for a refund, because by that time phone lines will be cut off and e-mails will be bouncing back.
  6. An EU-wide ban on the sale of flavoured cigarettes was introduced in May 2016, including menthol, under the 2014 revised European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), with a May 2016 deadline for EU countries to transpose the TPD into national law. While retailers were allowed a year to sell stocks of other flavours, the phase-out period for menthol was extended for a further three years, and was due to come into force across the EU in May 2020. To be more exact, Wednesday, May 20th was the deadline. The companies have been advising consumers to switch to e-cigarettes if they want menthol flavour.
  7. Every insurance company has a special department, and all these people do in this department, all day long, is find reasons not to pay out. Because of semantics.
  8. It's great, the only small issue is that covid 19 is not an epidemic, but a pandemic. So maybe worth asking if they also cover pandemics or exclude them.
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