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  1. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30403133 "However, the vaccination must be used at the discretion of the physician and the consent of the person receiving it, Kiattiphum said."
  2. I said they WILL, in summer. Or even earlier, maybe as early as May. Once the vaccination certificates are up and running. Next time read more carefully what I write before calling it BS. You are showing me today's entry conditions. What will happen very soon is, if you are vaccinated, no PCR, no quarantine. If no vaccine, PCR or rapid test (maybe). No quarantine. www.thesun.co.uk/travel/14160758/greece-holidays-vaccine-passports-may/amp/ What will Thailand offer again? Shortened quarantine?
  3. I don't think they can compete with Greece. Greece has stated that they will welcome unvaccinated UK travellers this summer, without any quarantine, likely with PCR/rapid tests. As for vaccinated, there will no testing whatsoever most likely, not to mention no quarantine obviously. Not sure what these people in the Thai administration have been smoking.
  4. The supply will substantially increase in April, as per the delivery agreements. The EU is extremely likely to authorize J&J mid March, with scheduled deliveries in April. Even without J&J, 70% immunisation amongst adult population is expected by September in the EU.
  5. According to Danish epidemiologist Thea Kolsen Fischer, who was on a recent World Health Organisation fact-finding mission to Wuhan to examine the origins of the latest coronavirus pandemic, the virus might have actually originated from Chatuchak market or similar, Bangkok. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/did-the-covid-19-virus-actually-originate-in-thailand-video
  6. Pfizer doesn't sell to the private sector, they are covered with orders from Gvts for the next few good years, and they are continuously expanding the capacity to meet that demand. So are others. Perhaps Sinovac will be sold to the private sector sooner.
  7. Foreigners in Thailand need not to worry about the vaccine brand, since they might be eligible for one in maybe 6-12 months (most likely Chinese anyway).
  8. 2 million Sinovac doses vaccinate 1 million people, so 1/70 = 1.43% of the population.
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