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  1. Permissions of stay get exteded, visas just preauthorise someone to travel to the borders of a country, entry being subject to Immigration clearance.
  2. I'm sure the Vietnamese government (for example), has committed plenty of human rights violations, have you seen that affecting tourism lately? Reality is, tourists don't look as deep into these sort of matters. They care about the beach being clean, and not dying on a boat sinking, etc.
  3. You keep providing wrong information, when other posters have clarified above. A Non O-A visa has a validity of 12 months AND, upon entry, the holder receives a permission of stay of 12 months. Currently, non O-A comes only in a multiple entry version, although it has been issued as single entry in the past, as far as I recall, and the memo regarding insurances indirectly suggests it may be also issued as a single entry visa in the future. A Non O visa (single) has a validity of 3 months, and allows a permission of stay of 90 days upon entry. A Non O visa (multiple) has a validity of 12 months and allows a permission of stay of 90 days per entry. There is no visa that has a validity of 3 months and allows a permission of stay per entry of 12 months, as you are suggesting in your posts.
  4. I have addressed the human rights situation in a previous post here: In short, they don't really care much.
  5. The fact that they don't want you here unless you play their game is a different matter. They provide you with options, the fact that they don't suit everybody or not everybody meets requirements (or want to meet requirements), is a different story. I'm not agreeing with what they do, I left in March, I'm just describing visa categories and what their purpose is, and everyone can draw their own conclusions about being wanted/not being wanted here.
  6. Read the MFA website. It will explain different visa categories and what they are for.
  7. In Immigration's view, a person spending most of their time in Thailand should be on a 12 month extension of stay with re-entry permit. Or, if they wish not to extend in country, and they wish to stay over 3 months with a visa issued outside of Thailand, then the visa fit for that purpose is non O-A or non O-X. Don't you see that every other visa has a capped permission of stay at 60/90 days? 90 days is short term. Over 90 days is long term. Short term: SETV, METV, Non O single/multiple, Non B single/multiple, Non ED single/multiple etc. All short term. All for short visits. For longer stays (over 90 days): extension of stay from local Immigration, non O-A/X, Elite.
  8. You missed mine. You should not be based in Thailand on a multiple entry non O. (as far as Immigration is concerned).
  9. Yes. Trips into Thailand. Not out of Thailand. As long as each trip into Thailand does not exceed 90 days. So they live outside of Thailand, and visit Thailand multiple times, each time they get a permission of stay of up to 90 days. That's why they are issued outside of Thailand, and not in Thailand. They are meant for people travelling regularly to Thailand. Inside Thailand, they issue extensions of stay, for people that want to extend their stays.
  10. They don't insist you leave the country and do a visa run! People that travel less than 90 days into Thailand per entry do not need to report every 90 days (obviously). Because they never stay longer than 90 days. Anybody that stays consecutively more than 90 days per one entry, has to do a 90 day report of address when the time comes, regardless of the visa category /extension.
  11. What's still unclear for some here? If someone wants to stay 12 months continuously, there is a solution! It's called: (drumroll).......Extension of stay, available at local Immigration. If Immigration wanted you to stay 12 months on a non O multi or several O singles, they would not limit the permission of stay at 90 days per entry, would they? Or you guys think they did that because they wanted you to do visa runs? Someone living in a country does not have to do visa runs! They also allow longer permissions of stay for otger visa categories, such as non O-A/X.
  12. Yep, so were many people doing consecutive single entry non B's every 3 months, because the employers did not want / could not provide documentation for a local extension. Then all of the sudden, one day, Kuala Lumpur started to put remarks on these single entry non B visas, advising they would be refused next time. I see it as a matter of time until it spreads to non O single.
  13. Instead of doing that, they have taken the path of heavily restricting the issuance of multiple entry non Immigrany visas. Anybody heard of many people still getting, say, a multiple entry non ED? How about multiple entry non B's? 2-3 places on the planet? Penang (directors, shareholders etc), HK (locals only), and perhaps Yangon, with varying conditions? How about multi entry non O's? London took them off the menu already. Savannakhet and Penang left? Does it not seem like all the others say: you get single, you extend there if you want to stay longer?
  14. Well, no Immigration officer has ever suggested to me that I should not use double entry tourist visas for years and years a while ago, the way I was using them. The reality is, these visas were invented for visiting purposes (and that includes visiting wife). Although Immigration still tolerates usage of multi non O's doing visa runs, or consecutive single non O's. In simple words: If you live in Thailand you should NOT need to do a visa run (whether it's non B/O/ED). That's what extensions of stay are for.
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