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  1. Yes, that is what I heard about Germany too, they will seize your passport after that so you wont get out of the EU before you pay the debt back. Might be different for the UK though, so the embassy should be asked. Explain it as it is that nobody has the money - at least he has a chance to work back home for a future.
  2. Guys, I do not know the situation in detail but given that he is on a overstay I would assume his return ticket already expired long ago. But maybe he did not have one. Or rented an onward ticket. Or traveled hand luggage only - in Europe they will let me skip check-in doing that, so no return ticket check. Here it does not work in SEA - Immigration wants a printed / cardboard boarding pass. One of you made a good comment, one should not be here so far away from home without some savings etc. Nevertheless there seems no nice way out of it unless you save up the money and hope he does not get caught until then.
  3. Really hard situation he brought himself into. I think the best and least expensive option is to buy the ticket +20k overstay fine and hope he does not get arrested before. If the mother cannot get a private loan from friends / anyone she knows, because we are not talking about a huge amount of money, she could sell furniture items, car etc. whatever there is - this will raise the money. It is not nice to do that, but surely a better option than being in prison and deportation "tickets" are going to be more expensive. The friend he stays with in Thailand could be another option. Many people wrote before the British embassy would not lend money. I do not know whether that is accurate, asking for it surely does not hurt. I know of other countries in Europe who will borrow the money for coming back, after that they seize your passport and you will not get a new one until the debt is paid.
  4. Interesting topic. Rents have gone down significantly in my view. I rented a condo for 3,5 years near Nimman - moving out this month. 10k THB monthly. I compared many websites like Perfecthomes etc. - same units now available at 7-8k on average. Talking about new units. Many decent units (not new) for less, cannot remember good offers like that when I came here. You move hear in the beginning of next year? I would suggest to wait until June. Go somewhere else first - come here in June when smoky season is over.
  5. Immigration does not want us to spend 4-6 months in a row here on a tourist visa regularly. They do not need our money. We have to accept that.
  6. Just another thread to unsubscribe with just rubbish being posted.
  7. Interesting device and small for hand luggage and travels. I am curious how reliable the measurements are with these small devices. How much did it cost you?
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