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  1. Yes, it is acceptable. I tell you why: we are guests here. We have nothing to say. Accept this simple truth. Now Corona shows you more than ever before that we have no rights and for those who are not in Thailand, cannot even return. How is that family/child/marriage/Elite visa working out? Oh, we cannot return, I forgot. We are all simply tourists, no matter what visa we use. For the same reason, foreigners/tourists/guests should not complain. Thais can decide on their own. They decided 2019 that the smoky season lasts much longer now and there is more to burn. Ok, their decision. Their country. They did not ask you or me to move to Chiang Mai.
  2. I had an April Emirates full flex ticket, which can be cancelled for free, so there is not even a need for another reason to cancel it. I cancelled the ticket on March 10th. Was approved, but did not get any money back. Many calls and e-mails later - still no money. In the beginning of May I wrote them a letter to their airport office in Europe threatening a lawyer - refund was done 2 days later. Had to do something similar with the Eurowings airline 2 years ago when I was entitled to 600 EUR because of a flight delay. Now I learned my lesson. Next time I only write letters. Do not bother anymore with calling the airlines.
  3. Of course you can book a ticket for June. The airlines need some money. After that, they can suggest you to rebook your ticket for free for a later date but still they have some money to work with.
  4. Here we go again. Foreigners complaining about the pollution in Chiang Mai. Instead of moving out they stay and will start the same complaining cycle again December until May. See you in December.
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