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  1. Thanks for sharing. Interesting for those leaving from CM. How much is one year in advance compared to flexible extensions ( 30 days, 59 days, 6 months etc.)? Cebu rooms I saw are 600 EUR for a nice condo which is half price in CM 10k THB / 300 EUR. Visa in TH for me yearly around 1600 EUR , still more expensive in PH overall cause of expensive room, electricity and food. Sent from my SM-M205FN using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Although the Thai Baht is very strong, Thailand in my situation seems still cheap compared to the Philippines. A typical livable condo in Thailand costs me 10k THB monthly, in Cebu it seems to cost twice as much, around 600 USD. From my research most rooms are just unbelievable small otherwise. I am not complaining about PH, on the contrary I find it very interesting. I am just saying that TH, despite the Baht and the expensive ED visa is still better value if we just talk about money and everyday convenience. Immigration however will be the major point for me. Also the pollution in Northern Thailand. Plan B is mandatory like ExpatPH said, I totally agree with that. Yesterday I read something about changes in the ED visa system here in the forum, which was fortunately not confirmed by the school I asked, but it just showed me again the importance of plan B. I like the fact that so many guys go to Da Nang now; I went there only once for holiday. It is a little bit like Chiang Mai without burning season and Immigration trouble and a beach for me. Bohol seems beautiful; English and the girls seem to be the major plus points for PH.
  3. Thank you. I think the safest way is to get a new / last round 1y ED visa and sell it in that period in CM. I am a little bit confused about this thread: Need to talk to my school first; I am now abroad and was actually planning to do another ED visa later this year.
  4. Whenever I have to go to the airport I use Grab (and public taxi on the way back). Grab is more expensive than a red truck - I do not want to be responsible for the pollution they create. So I refuse to take a "taxi" like this.
  5. So even if the driver was fined 300k did he/she bother to pay it?
  6. Thank you for all your replies guys. That is why I asked the question, because it still does not seem to be clear how to sell a motorbike, even though it has been discussed to many times. When the time comes, I will do it on my last non-imm visa to be on the safe side.
  7. I do not understand the fuss. Cars can be banned. People are still able to drive, no matter what is "banned".
  8. Happy for that advice. I was just about to put some rabbit line stickers into my passport.
  9. Hello guys, planning to sell a motorbike in the future. I read it is required to present a residence certificate like when I bought it. AFAIK I only get this when I am on a non-immigrant visa in the country, e.g. an ED visa. I am asking this because I would like to keep my motorbike as long as possible and I also plan my visa. I want to avoid (For example) being the last 30 days in the country visa-exempt and not being able to sell the motorbike. Your help is appreciated
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