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  1. Hello guys, did anybody recently get a ED visa in Saigon? The language schools now do recommend not to go to Vientiane anymore as they started to decline applications. Options are Yangon and Hanoi or Saigon. I checked the websites and it seems the consulate in Yangon has a stricter list of requirements, also listing a police clearance certificate, which seems expensive and just a hassle to get. Although I would like to travel to Myanmar, because I have already been to Vietnam, a safe Thai embassy is the most important point for me. If anyone has experience I would like to know: - whether you needed a police clearance cert. in Vietnam for the Thai ED visa; if yes, how did you get it in Thailand? It is not listed on the Saigon Thai consulate website, for for the Yangon consulate - from what I read on the forum here (last thread from February) I need a flight into Thailand (basically the return flight from Vietnam) but also a flight out of Thailand. Does this onward flight need to be within 90 days which is the initial/first stamp you got? This will be my second visit to Vietnam. I only stayed 2 days in Ho Chi Minh last time as I was doing a trip throughout the country. I would like to see more of daily expat life as an alternative to Thailand, if one day my options to stay here run out. Which district in SGN can you recommend to stay in? If allowed to recommend here: which visa agency is safe to use nowadays as I want to stay more than 15 days? Simple tourist visa 1-3 months would be my option. Your help is appreciated
  2. It all depends on your province and immigration office I think. 3 years ago in Chiang Mai they tested my Thai skills with some basic questions. After the new immigration office at the airport was finished it kind of stopped for me and they just extend without asking anything.
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