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  1. On the issue of travel I posted in the middle of page 1 of this link: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1182111-after-folks-get-the-vaccine-what-will-happen-re-inter-travel-quarantine/ My post concerns the design and use of a WHO QR card along with various testing technologies. We need to have an new WHO card plus rapid antigen testing at check-in to screen. Assuming that passengers will be required to be vaccinated to travel internationally, we may still have to screen for Covid. The standards as to which passengers would need to be screened would be up to the destination
  2. It seems that some airports in Europe are doing antigen tests at checkin. In 15 minutes these detect, at up the 85% reliability, infectious cases of Covid, even if asymptomatic. PCR is overkill by detecting cases that are no longer a danger to others and takes too long for results.
  3. Even if there is no lockdown, if the population does not feel safe when in public places, then the economy will suffer anyway. So the impression of competence in government response is crucial.
  4. Some airports are doing rapid antigen testing at check in. Finally! I downloaded the study, but these things take a long time to go through. It doesn't seem that they tested for the effect of different ways the air nozzles above the seat could project viral aerosols. I would wear goggles on a long flight.
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