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  1. If we can eventually vaccinate around 80% of the world's population, and provide boosters to those whose jabs don't protect from new variants, then there's a reasonable chance of containing this virus. Polio is nearly eliminated except in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where there is a lack of trust.
  2. Are pharmacogenetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation really applicable in this situation? This would seem more appropriate for the evaluation of medicines. Please explain.
  3. Regarding mRNA vaccines with a lipid envelope, there's an advantage over the viral vector vaccines: Sputnik, Sinovac, Oxford/AstraZeneca. With these, if the immune system encounters a new vaccine carried by the same vector virus as a previous vaccination, the new vaccination may be the subject of an immune response that renders the vaccination ineffective. Maybe the Oxford will be more successful since the vector virus affects chimpanzees, not humans, and apparently has not been used previously for vaccines.
  4. It will take time to get a system with a card that works for the whole world and protects public health, not simply an app for getting on planes between certain countries on certain airlines. The hope is that each country is keeping track of vaccinations in the meantime on a proper database.
  5. Even a capacity of 1.4bn doses is inadequate for Thailand and all the others who would like to have some. Considering the lead time to build up production mentioned here, 6-9 months, Western governments should be subsidizing construction as a way to have capacity in reserve. Since there may be even more advanced vaccines in the pipeline, we don't want to undercut their development by flooding the market, but in the end there should be enough capacity to produce and vaccinate their populations within a few months of the emergence of a pathogen with pandemic potential. Af
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