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  1. I've never paid much notice to this report that seems to come out every year claiming the same thing. Now I've had a look. 2 spots down below Thailand is Japan. And that's how I know this report is total BS. Just last year there was news of suicide rate among young Japanese being at a 30 year high. I've also spent considerable amount of time in that country and can tell you there is very little to be upbeat about living there and nothing for people to look forward to. China 5th least miserable? Yeah, I guess the government makes it illegal for people to feel upset there. Spain worse than Albania or Moldova? C'mon now
  2. There's been a number of posts made on TV about the supposed availability of eager beautiful Thai women who flock to farangs. Indeed this seems to be an important deciding factor for expats who move to Thailand. But upon reading the stories in detail some common trends tend to emerge. Often the relationship is a straightforward pay-for-play or a variation where the significantly older gentleman (60s) is expected to provide financially for the significantly younger lady (30s). Indeed, oftentimes it seems the stereotype is a lady in her 30s or 40s, has a kid or two, has been burnt by a no-good Thai husband and is looking to date an older farang instead. Or just a straight up BG stuff. Now, there's nothing at all wrong with any of that. But what about the young(er) guys here in their 20s and 30s looking to date "normal" women in their age bracket? I ask because as a caucasian dude in early 30s who's been here for several years I've been finding it impossible to get any sort of positive attention from Thai girls around my age. I check all the basics (dress clean, tall, cut hair and shave, good body and oral hygiene, not particularly weird or fat or anything) and the puzzling thing is that I still do better with women back in Europe and the West. Even in places like Japan and Korea which are notoriously difficult for foreigners I'm still getting way more attention than in BKK or CM. (btw I'm not bragging, just adding those details in for the sake of explanation - and wondering if others are in the same boat). Admittedly my Thai is very basic but even with overseas-educated Thai women who speak good English I'm still getting no traction at all. Keeping a conversation going is like squeezing blood from a stone and if I stop there's 0 attempt on their side at reciprocating or asking any questions. This is both online and off. Nobody has yet told me explicitly to **** off but the weird feeling of "why is he talking to me" is always there, even if the other person is a mutual acquaintance. Nothing of the sort happens in any other country I've ever been to with this severity. This goes without saying - but interactions with Thai men are just as sour. It's really odd to the point where I'm starting to wonder if voodoo curses might be at work here. Like I don't think I've ever managed to get a 7/11 girl to smile in 4 years. Mostly they just say "xx baht" and look away impatiently. If I try and throw out something funny or ask a question half of the time they will stare into space and the other half will start wrinkling their face until it looks like a shriveled anus, followed by an exasperated "huh?" or "arai?" Like what the hell, seriously, what is going on here? I've lived in other Asian countries for a long time so I'm no stranger to speaking slowly, clearly with easy words. So it can't be that. Am I not grinning wide enough? Not upbeat enough? Is everyone in BKK and CM just jaded as hell towards foreigners? My suspicion is that the younger generation are painfully aware of the stereotypical dark skinned Issan bar girl whoring herself out to pervy foreign grandpas and want to avoid the association with foreign men at all costs. Within my social circle the only young Thai-farang couples I know of live outside of Thailand. Are there guys here in their 20s and 30s who have had similar experiences? Do I have to be an aging pot bellied sugar daddy to get sum luving here?
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