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  1. Thanks. I went to ss office because my two year card expired. They took my old card gave me a copy and some paper work. No pink card. Thanks.
  2. All my research indicates this is a medical emercency. I saw Dr. Patcharaporn Wangvoraht at Sirikit and wants to operate asap in patient. Research indicates there are at least three procedures done as out patient. She wants to keep my head in one position. She did reccomend some other opthomalic surgeons at sri racha and bangok hospital. My head was swimming with the shock of eye surgery, possible side effects, or blindness untreated or even treated. I have many options including going back to the states, suggested treatment at Sirikit or let nature take it's course. If I could take the emotions and fear out of the equation I could make the best descision. Advice on the best Dr in Thailand, most succesful treatment, doing nothing, etc. I have a med. Certificate with diagnosis, partially blocked vision and paralizing fear. Thank you
  3. 1-Is there a limit on how much I can use/spend from social security hospital coverage? 2-Is there a use, age or sickness cutoff? 3-Anything else I should know regarding this? Thank you Nurse said no limit at govt hospitals but I don't take that as official. 4-How about if i were to use the hospital in Si Racha that is private but in the plan and covers some but not all costs, that's if I change hospitals. 5-The above is if I have the info correct, can not recall the hospital name.
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