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  1. Pain the ass? How? You hit the nail on the head. This is the major obsticle and major change that is the NUMBER ONE ISSUE. We got to that point, I got a contract, rental receipts, and all the paper work required previous years. Has anyone done all this by themselves including tm28 and tm30? If the landlord have never reported me years ago what can i expect? What would be the max fine and other new hassles?
  2. 5-Are we now required to report the bank balance 90 days after? (Site very difficult to navigate on old smart phone)
  3. Mods please move to visa forum. The questions now are: 1-What is the maximum fine for landlords not reporting be it months or years? 2-Is there a fine for late report of change of address? 3-How to get a medical exception and report early; will documents from hospital do? 4-Other NEW issues renters are dealing with, being refused extensions, etc. I know of one work around or bypass but can't post it here. Thank you.
  4. I think you are correct even with a Thai contract. I also think jomtien is only 30 days prior not 45. Anyone have experience with a medical exception?
  5. I this a new requirement to show funds 90 days after retirement extension?
  6. Jomtien renters retire. exten. changes update late 2019. From USA over 50 never had a visa problem or had to go back and fetch more paperwork for well over 10 years. Please forgive me if this has been covered. I did my homework and due diligence: google, three pages of both pattaya and thai visa forums here. Some threads were simply too long to tackel. I am hoping tv pattaya comes to the rescue. I asked more than one thai landlord and they are reluctant or refuse to sign a lease or contract with me unlike previous years. Some unanswered questions from my research: 1-Are rental agreements still requried at immg. and are other renters having this issue and what can be done? 1.5 - One LL said its illegal to sublet which was refuted by a noweigian who went to imm. with his tgf who 'vouched' for him staying with her and he spoke of tm30 and tm28 forms. One i must submit the other the landlord MUST submit? 2-It must be legal to sublet, yes? One landlord said her lease says she can not. This can not yet be confirmed or denied but i dont buy it cause the story is constantly changing. 3-Is this all about the thais not wanting the hassel of reporting farang staying there and/or a maximum 1900 fine for the thai for not previously reporting? 5-Is 1900 the max fine for the landlord not reporting farang lodger? Is it ever more? 4-I did read some immg. offices give you 45 days prior to renewal. Is jomtien only 30 or now 45? 5-Are we now required to report 90 days after the extension that the 800k is still in the bank? 6-Other renters similar experiences, work arounds and helpful info? Otherwise kindly move on to your next task. Please also note they are now not legally allowed to charge more than the govt rate for utilities. Yet maybe another reason they don't want to sign a contract. Cheers and thanks.
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