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  1. An O visa is if you are married to a Thai or have proof of income?

    What is an O visa please?


    Another possibility is go back to the Thai consulate in the USA. Will the insurance still be a requirement?  Or only on renewal?  Will medicare do the trick? Is an OA retirement visa from a Thai consulate still good for two years if you leave the country the last day or so of visa and return?


    Thanks again. 

  2. Sign at retirement desk says after Oct 30th Insurance needed (TIT.)


    I am covered under the Thai social security system and have been paying into it for over a decade.  Immigration at jomtien will not accept this though it covers most everything.  Lady says no it doesn't.  End of story.  


    I understand why they are imposing this rule but it clearly is not relevant for everyone and all I can think of doing is calling visa agents at this point because 50K plus more a year simply is not necessary or affordable for some of us. 


    Why wouldn't they accept Thai SS coverage?  To make money for insurers in Thailand me thinks or more under the counter money.  Is there an immigration office that would?  Someone mentioned Bangkok but that presents other issues. I think this may be a make or break issue for some or a work around will be in order.  What are other people doing about this?


    Once again I am covered under the Thai SS program and have medicare back home in the states for emergencies or to fly back and use.  I can not buy more insurance to stay here after a very long run.  This is not the only policy change that affects me as a renter.   :0( 


    This is a thread for those who don't fit into the cheat sheet thread or other threads popping up so please allow a conversation to ensue, thank you.

  3. Maximun fine for landlord not reporting tenant please?


    How much trouble can they get into if their lease does not allow sublease?  Im not sure about this it gets complicated.


    I heard it was only another 1900 baht for thai not reporting.  I am a renter with all the proper documents for retirement extension.  No time to read endless threads to search for simple answer.


    I know things have changed.  What can i and my landlord expect this year?  Previous years no problem.


    Feel free to point me in the right direction.


    Thank you.

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  4. 20 hours ago, EricTh said:

    Yes, the TM30  reporting is a pain in the ass.


    But if you tell the landlord that you will report yourself and you will be responsible for any fines for not reporting, I am sure the landlord will rent out their property to you.

    Pain the ass? How?


    You hit the nail on the head.


     This is the major obsticle and major change that is the NUMBER ONE ISSUE.


    We got to that point, I got a contract, rental receipts, and all the paper work required previous years.  


    Has anyone done all this by themselves including tm28 and tm30?


    If the landlord have never reported me years ago what can i expect?  


    What would be the max fine and other new hassles?

  5. Mods please move to visa forum.


    The questions now are:


    1-What is the maximum fine for landlords not reporting be it months or years?


    2-Is there a fine for late report of change of address?


    3-How to get a medical exception and report early; will documents from hospital do?


    4-Other NEW issues renters are dealing with, being refused extensions, etc.



    I know of one work around or bypass but can't post it here.


    Thank you.

  6. Jomtien renters retire. exten. changes update late 2019.


    From USA over 50 never had a visa problem or had to go back and fetch more paperwork for well over 10 years.


    Please forgive me if this has been covered.
    I did my homework and due diligence: google, three pages of both pattaya and thai visa forums here. Some threads were simply too long to tackel.


    I am hoping tv pattaya comes to the rescue.


    I asked more than one thai landlord and they are reluctant or refuse to sign a lease or contract with me unlike previous years.


    Some unanswered questions from my research:


    1-Are rental agreements still requried at immg. and are other renters having this issue and what can be done?


    1.5 - One LL said its illegal to sublet which was refuted by a noweigian who went to imm. with his tgf  who 'vouched' for him staying with her and he spoke of tm30 and tm28 forms.  One i must submit the other the landlord MUST submit?


    2-It must be legal to sublet, yes?  One landlord said her lease says she can not.  This can not yet be confirmed or denied but i dont buy it cause the story is constantly changing.


    3-Is this all about the thais not wanting the hassel of reporting farang staying there and/or a maximum 1900 fine for the thai for not previously reporting?  


    5-Is 1900 the max fine for the landlord not reporting farang lodger?  Is it ever more?


    4-I did read some immg. offices give you 45 days prior to renewal.  Is jomtien only 30 or now 45?


    5-Are we now required to report 90 days after the extension that the 800k is still in the bank?


    6-Other renters similar experiences, work arounds and helpful info?  Otherwise kindly move on to your next task.


    Please also note they are now not legally allowed to charge more than the govt rate for utilities.  Yet maybe another reason they don't want to sign a contract.

    Cheers and thanks.

  7. Please ignore repost at bottom.

    Difficult website from phone.


    Questions please:
    How long did you stay?
    Total cost?  Im expecting high.
    Anything else that might be useful.
    Thank you for posting.





    Bump june 2019 google seaŪrch rutin.


    Someone mentioned finding the doc from rutin at a cheaper govt hosp simply by google search.  Any other suggestions?


    I might pick dr rutin simply by name, must be founder.


    I need the best retina specialist still practicing.  I was told by the best there were dr sompat mon and we

  8. Bump june 2019 google search rutin.


    Someone mentioned finding the doc from rutin at a cheaper govt hosp simply by google search.  Any other suggestions?


    I might pick dr rutin simply by name, must be founder.


    I need the best retina specialist still practicing.  I was told by operator the best there were dr sompat mon and wed and dr sumpa m-f.


    Chime in asap.
    Thank you.

  9. I will preface this one by saying I rarely eat meats, I am a fish man, meaning I am not blowing wind up anyone's backside:


    The new central renovation now provides very good barbeque chicken (ok they did in the past) but now they have beef stew and barbeque pork, for the price, I was tempted to keep this one to myself, but what the hey.  What goes around comes around.  Really good satisfying 'rib sticking  eats' at a good price and buy as much or as little as you wish.


    Be sure to visit the o top shop across the hall for a 35-40 baht salad, not 85 at central and fresher.  

  10. On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 2:02 AM, petermik said:

    Exactly where is this place,I know the area well but I cannot find it?


    This is how I found it, I was walking to soi diana from pattaya tai and the smells hit me.  It is past the southern lotus express,  if you are heading to S.D. on the other side of the street, past the curve and a few massage shops, small place, very easy to miss. Best of luck.. It was still there yesterday,  it almost looks like someone's house and a small private party.   The only disappointment was the sprouts but no where is perfect.  What I tasted was so good and rich it could pass for gourmet in the west, but super cheap here! Your results may vary. I hope this helps and best of luck finding it.  

  11. If you like really 'ethnic' pre-cooked low cost thai meals, check out Khao Poon Resturant, on soi BhoaKhao, just past jasmine, heading towards Pat. Tai.on the opposite side of the street.
    I think it's a new small 'hole in the wall' place but the smells stopped me and I tasted three dishes, all superb thai cooking, or maybe I was just very hungry.
    This is worth at least one revisit.  Very friendly staff, such a nice change, and the chef even speaks English!


  12. Bronx pizza by the slice open late closed Tuesdays on soi Diana east of 2nd road on the north side of street. NO ambiance, but good slices of New York Style pizza, very thin crust. Two slices 115 baht, one for 70, topping included, already baked. The pies are a bit pricey (480?) but I imagine large and arroy.

    The new harbor mall has an all you can eat Thai buffet for around 120 Baht, I have not yet tried it but looks ok for the price and amount of food and your Thai companion might be happy there.



    On Soi Beaukow just south of Volare Italian restaurant intersection (west side of street).

    I have now tried this place a few times and have some good things to say about it.

    They serve both Israeli and Thai food.

    I wouldn't go to an Israeli place for Thai so can only comment on the Israeli food.

    The original menu when they first opened was a cramped two sided one pager, poorly designed, and very hard to understand especially for English speakers.

    That has changed!

    The new menu is crystal clear, with English and large pictures! thumbsup.gif

    I have tried:

    Shakshuka 140

    Perfectly cooked poached eggs, tomato sauce too minimalist, served with side Israeli salad and pita.

    Ordered spicy and got it.

    NOT served in the metal plan as pictured on menu. Served on plate instead.

    Coffee or juice included breakfast only.

    This was one of the better tasting Shakshukas I've had in town, but there really wasn't enough sauce.

    Hummous 110

    With pita.

    Tasted of some tahini in it (but not too much which is good for me) and some whole garbanzos on top.

    Very good.

    Eggplant in tahini (forget price)

    Roasted large eggplant piece SWIMMING in tahini

    Nice. But this is NOT baba ganoush (eggplant dip) which you can order but it's off the menu.

    YEMENITE chicken soup 200

    Very tasty. Smallish piece of chicken.

    Served with two authentic side adds, one spicy.

    I doubt it's world class Yemenite chicken soup because it's a COMPLICATED dish and uses really specialized spices ... but still, it was good eating.

    IF you like things spicy, ask for either "spicy" or "Zhug" which isn't really pronounced that way to add to pretty much ANY Israeli dish.

    Great with hummous.


    You'll usually find the GREEN version locally.

    To add, the excellent Thai waitress as well as the Israeli owner are remarkably friendly and seem to really care to make their customers happy, regardless of nationality.

    As regular Pattaya restaurant diners know, that quite often is NOT the case!


    Is this south of soi 15, north of the place restaurant and action street, on the beach (west side of the street) usually not many people, decent sized place, not small?

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