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  1. OP said new rebranding, just pointed out this rebranding started two years ago, so now it's just same words, better sign. I think it's good that they create those gay ghettos, in Phnom Phen you have to walk 400-500 meter or more before you find the next gay bar, so why not put it all together, very convenient. Also good for straight people, knowing which places to avoid. Even in Amsterdam most of the gay bars are concentrated in one area.
  2. dennis123

    Pattaya police detain 8 beggars with infants

    Also kind of sad it has to be videographed by someone before they take action on a long-standing problem, once it's out of sight all returns to normal
  3. dennis123

    Pattaya police detain 8 beggars with infants

    How about all the flower, fake cigarette, and last month firework sellers walking around with their baby. It's not just the beggars. Still have to meet a sunglass or fake watch seller with a baby though so guess it's not all lost.
  4. dennis123

    Pattaya launches study into tram system

    Trams are dangerous as hell when walking around at night, we have lots of trams in Amsterdam, and lots of small accidents.
  5. One last comment, why are you so anti-gay? Trying to turn a 100% gay area into a non-gay/mixed area. Did you invest in one of the businesses, like takeover one of the failing bars for 100k baht or something like I did six years ago? My biggest mistake EVER lol. It was only 1 year ago that the Belgium guy, that ran the 3BB gay bar, wanted to get rid of his lease contract for 150k-200k baht, he offered it to me when I saw him at Bamboo bar. Usually, It only looks busy because there are so many boys working there, and yes now, at the start of January, in peak season it's obviously crowded with foreigners, no surprise. Check back again after a few weeks/maybe months, and did you see how dead it was from 12-16 April? Literally, a ghost town because all the boys went home for Songkran. Take the boys away and nothing is left. Sunnee is really dying, I suppose most moved over to Jomtien. Altogether it does appear that sex tourism is slowing down so maybe your dreams come true one day.
  6. Because you are stubborn as always: PATTAYA, THAILAND - DECEMBER 30, 2017: Sign at the entrance of the "Super Town Jomtien Walking Street", also known as "The Gay Town", for the many gay bars in the area That's just when they reported it, a little over a year ago, added image to Shutterstock: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pattaya-thailand-december-30-2017-sign-1044075523 ThaiPost.no Vind deze pagina leuk · 12 december 2016 · Bij Jomtien Complex. Facebook post from 2016, whoops that's TWO years already. Thanks for noticing so quickly https://www.facebook.com/thaipost.no/photos/a.1838754726368222/1838755739701454/
  7. Could be that they adjusted the sign a little bit, I remember it earlier just said Super Walking Street.
  8. No, I am not incorrect that sign has been there for as long as I said, at the very least 1.5 years, but more likely 2.5 years already. Maybe you should open your eyes a little bit more. Any other gay that visits that area can confirm. And yeah at both entrances, still remember when I saw it the first time which is a loooong time ago as I don't go often to Jomtien Complex anymore. Used to go twice a week. In the beginning always mentioned how ridiculous it was.
  9. There used to be a ladyboy bar in the other soi that runs parallel on the busy one, it was always empty indeed. I read a few times that you said it's a large area, with multiple streets, well not really it's just 2 sois running parallel to each other and at the end a side street, and a short right/left one and that's it. The quiet/dead soi has hotels, blind massage, one or two other gay massage, and one or two gay bars, then around the corner to take the exit towards Jomtien beach again a few gay bars, a gay massage, and a restaurant or two. The main soi ONLY gay bars, some useless shops, few restaurants and gay guest houses on top of the bars, as well as gay restaurants, I never see male/female couples eating there, except for the one near Poseidon perhaps at the start of the entrance. See how often I use the word gay? That's because it's a 99.9% gay area so the responses you received are quite valid impossible to rebrand this area to non-gay.
  10. Seriously JingThing, when its the last time you've been to Jomtien Complex? Just this month? That Super Walking Street sign has been there for at least 1.5-2 years, odd you just noticed but okay. Mostly gay bars, how about ONLY gay bars. Oh yes, you are right, the one next to 2Donna is still a beer bar for non-gays the last time I checked. You know what happened when they hung up that sign?