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  1. Really? Have you been to America, have you talked to American's? What about the majority of European countries and other countries who continue their dealings with China despite the large lack of human rights and civil liberties to anyone who isn't CCP first? The statement made is a sweeping generalization that does not resemble current foreign affairs and exhibits ignorance. Every country I've lived in is always about - people have friends, but nations have interests. I think it is to be applauded if most people in the world know what is going on outside their border and if they care about human rights or climate change outside their border, but this rarely happens. A poll was done just last year, stating that only 40% of Europeans have ever left their home. If this is true, most people would not know much about the world around them. It is easy to know about a neighboring country if that country is as far away from you as one US state to another. It is amazing that Americans on the east coast know what is going on in the west coast and vice-versa when the size, from coast to coast is bigger than Europe. I hope that you sir do not keep yourself too isolated from the world, but realize that this same idea goes on everywhere in the world. and most importantly, realize that those people who might know what is going on outside their borders are doing virtually nothing to affect positive change for people in other countries whose human rights are being abused daily. For example, how many people do you know, no matter their country of origin, know what is going on to the Uighur's in China, but continue to buy/support Chinese companies or don't even consider protesting their government to affect real change in the world against countries engaging in daily human rights abuses? If you're country cares that much about what others think of it, why is your country not leading a charge in a positive way, that is being applauded daily on the news? It is easy to criticize, it is another thing to see and acknowledge any good done in the world.
  2. The first line you wrote is true, at least for Georgia, so something must've happened when the lawyers for your parents got together. Women in the states are no longer entitled to as much as they once were.
  3. Someone please explain to me how this is any change. It sounds like we continue to consume the deadly, harmful pesticides with our food
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