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  1. 1 hour ago, nahkit said:

    Just to muddy things even further, at Khon Kaen this week we were told that we could no longer use a Kor Ror 4 when doing a marriage extension, it must be a Kor Ror 2. We've been using a Kor Ror 4 (new one each year) for the last 4 years. They then accepted the Kor Ror 4 anyway but said they may call us back to provide a Kor Ror 2.


    I gave them matte photos and they were ok with them.


    I also had to provide 2 photos of my 27 year-old son plus a copy of his id. No idea why, having children isn't a requirement for a marriage extension.


    They also spent some time asking about my family back in the UK, mother, father and sister. At the end of it all they had both myself and my wife sign a paper each which was completely in Thai (apart from my name) without any explanation of what it contained.

    I do my extension at Khon Kaen as well and was told the Kor Ror 2 was only valid for 1 month, which means getting a new one every year. Most of my family details are already in their computer database so wasn’t asked any questions concerning family back in Australia, and no problem also with matte photos provided we only supply 2 photos showing letterbox with address, 1 outside garage and 1 in the garden never any inside the house and they are fine with that.

  2. 3 hours ago, noone223 said:

    You are all angry for the racism Thailand has been displaying against you for years.

    Just leave the damn place.

    Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines are only a cheap flight away.

    It's time to Boycott Thailand . 

    Or they you wanna wait until they gather all the farangs up in a concentration camp?


    Are you saying there is no racism in those countries?

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  3. 17 hours ago, Beggar said:

    No this sadly is not satire. I myself use a 3M 95N mask when I go to the Central Shopping Mall here in Pattaya. I see very many Asian people using masks. But I don't see many Farangs using them. Now the question arises - are we using the masks sick or the others?

    How many of the people you noticed wearing masks in Pattaya are wearing the correct one, just wearing any mask such as the ones the minister was handing out is not suitable protection.

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Jip99 said:

    Try reading what I wrote, or is comprehension difficult for you.


    It is fact, and my missus being declined is evidence of that.


    If you know anyone who is Thai ask them to how you.....plenty of Thai reporting about the changes.

    Maybe it is your comprehension that needs some work as you seem to have misunderstood my original post. Yes your wife being declined is evidence that an ID is required while paying bills at Tesco, but there is no evidence to suggest the government is behind this upgrade. Let’s just agree to disagree 😁

  5. 56 minutes ago, Jip99 said:


    Find that for yourself....don’t expect others to do the leg work for you.


    The fact is that it has been introduced for everyone, with the requirement being a Thai ID card as evidence of identity. My missus was declined this morning because she hadn’t got her ID card with her.


    The issue comes with Farangs where it appears that specific alternatives have not been advised.

    Then there is no link only conjecture, try stating facts instead of unproven rumors.

  6. 16 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

    If you like look at his current videos.

    He is an expert in repairing Apple devices. And I mean a real expert, he does not just change boards, he changes individual components under a microscope, after he analyzes what is wrong. And he makes videos about it.

    There are not too many people around with his skill level and knowledge about Apple products.

    Just watch - and learn. And if you decide you know better than don't be surprised if one day you find out you should have listened to him. 😉

    I repair my own apple devices as well, but always willing to learn new things.

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  7. 56 minutes ago, Russell17au said:

    You are talking a load of rubbish. I am on a marriage extension and I have never had to supply any photo's of us on the bed. We were only visited by immigration on the original application. I have only ever had to give 4 photo's per year and one of those photo's must be outside the house showing the house number. Since the original application we have never been visited by immigration and we do not have to take witnesses when we do our renewal. The only thing that has changed for us is that we no longer can submit the income letter from the embassy so, yes, now there is extra paperwork which is quite simple to get from the bank.


  8. 23 minutes ago, neeray said:

    Sure Phils learn reading and writing in school. I have had two Phil "friends/s" when in my home county of Canada. Understanding either was a bitch (language, not them). They both were under the impression that they spoke good English. Maybe so but I think the problem was that they spoke fast and I couldn't comprehend. And both had been in Canada for a few years.


    One was a smart, hard working, penny pinching nanny who went on from there to gain more certificates, bought her family a house in Phils and has now brought her boys to Canada. This girl was totally honest with me.


    The other, also a nanny, was a lower IQ loser who got involved in drug use, stole all my money and documentation that was in a locked cupboard, one day when she was doing "paid for" house cleaning for me. Her Phil accent was also accentuated by her head being e-f-f-e-d up as a result of drugs.


    These two examples are to demonstrate my opinion of their English language skills. I have never been to Phils but fail to understand why English is said to be so understandable there (where they don't speak English on a regular basis).


    I wrote this in response to the posters who spoke of good English in the Philippines.



    Filipinos don’t speak good English, they learn American English in schools which is why I have to correct pronunciation when my son comes home from school after being taught by a Filipino English teacher.

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