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  1. Here is proof that sometimes "rowdy" passengers just "act out. This has happened on planes all over this world.
  2. Since this visa can only be obtained in a person's country of origin it would be nearly impossible to restrict policies to thai only for the original OA visa. BUT If one stays .... then they can insist you patronize one of their pet companies. Understand I have a new OA visa stamped and approved but I will not be able to get to the kingdom until December 1. I fear the IO's interpretation of the new regulations. I am quite legal, it's just that when you've been arrested and you're getting kicked out of the country. neither the Ambassador or the Minister of Foreign Affairs is on hand to explain the error of his ways to the IO. Getting rejected in Bangkok would cost me much more than the 80, 000 baht for the insurance. I may try to change my visa to a six month METV. Tis an option, but it would mean that I've given up and am looking for another country to winter in.
  3. I've always enjoyed Nha Trang. Found it to be somewhat cleaner with a better infrastructure than Phuket. First thing I noticed was the clean serviced garbage cans on the corners. I had to stop and stare for a while Found it to be quite interesting and the people friendly especially after I got past the Russian section. Used to be you could find a couple of beach bars a few hundred meters south of the big pink egg (pineapple?) on the beach. I might drop over in the new year for nostalgia's sake
  4. Being in close to the same boat I sympathize. I went to the insurance website of the government approved companies. Two won't insure you after 65, one won't insure you after 70. One doesn't handle incoming foreigners, just Thai residents outbound. One wouldn't say other than "we have no product available to match your requirements". I found a North American vendor that I'm pondering on. It will end up costing about 87,000 baht if I take a 22.700 baht deductible. This isn't an annual price, it is for a five month visit. I snowbird here for four to five months then about six to nine weeks in Europe and then about five months in Canada. This is a somewhat unexpected expense and does call for some thought.
  5. AAAwww <deleted>. I just looked at the posting date on this article. It doesn't have anything to do with the non imm long stay visa insurance requirements does it???
  6. <deleted> ???? Damm, I was just getting a really good panic on. What a waste of emotional angst Well, I'll believe it when the embassy gets the insurance notice off of their website I do think that a twenty five baht surcharge on every ticket into Thailand is a pretty good idea. Twenty five baht is not noticeable in the cost of a ticket, and the exact amount can easily be moved to a government account that the pols' can pillage to their heart's content.
  7. If there are 18 positive measures promoted, does that mean there will be 72 new laws enacted to restrict the tourists real movement and 2 or 3 new forms to fill out for when they aren't actually moving? Pilotman, lend me a little of your optimism as I look over insurance plans
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