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  1. Getting a touch of food poisoning is common in many countries. In North America we used to call it "Montezuma's Revenge". The Mexicans and Central Americans had a different name but used to get it regularly on trips to North America. A few years back I was feeling pretty cocky and eating off Cambodian food carts and smoothy shops. Sure enough, I picked up a dose of the "Khmer Kiss" (I know I shouldn't have but in my defense, I'm not very bright). It's just our guts reaction to a new and unknown bacteria. Uncomfortable but it doesn't normally last that long. Amoebic or parasitic diseases are a whole different thing. They are dangerous and life threatening. You should soon be at a doctors office requesting a tropical specialist and recounting which countries you've been in and the timeline. I'm glad these people finally got the assistance they needed and will recover.
  2. Well, I'm certainly ready to do my part and shower with a friend. But I'm older now, only one at a time.
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