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  1. On 9/9/2020 at 12:36 PM, nkg said:


    Interesting. Those are fairly cheap hotels, about 3000/baht a night. That might add up to about 50,000 Baht for the quarantine period, with tests etc included.

    The Graceland runs about 35,000 baht per week.  That's approx. 70,000 baht for the quarantine period.  I'd be curious how much the over charges will be for testing, extra cleaning, brown envelopes, etc. etc.

  2. 7 hours ago, Bkk Brian said:

    He arrived back in Thailand from China 10 weeks ago, incubation period is 14 days! Whats more likely, he caught it in Phuket or has carried round with him for 10 weeks with no symptoms?

    Exactly.  Choices between: The incubation period is much longer than reported. The series of tests were defective.  He may have been  wandering  around Phuket asymptomatic but shedding for 10 weeks.  Untreated because of faulty tests.


    Doesn't matter which choice is correct.  It's a massive problem for our health officials and a real kick in the head for our months of following  restrictions in an attempt to improve matters in the country.. He tried to do the right things ... Sometimes the universe is out to get you.  I hope it's not out for all of us.



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  3. 8 hours ago, Kerryd said:



    I'm not sure what crystal ball or fortune teller they are using to predict no water from mid-June to mid-July, but it could have something to do with the periodic El Nino/La Nina weather cycles in the Pacific which can cause increased/decreased storms in S.E. Asia (as well as the effect they have on North/Central America).

    During El Nino cycles, there are normally fewer storms (and thus less rain) in the Western Pacific as the warm water shifts to the East. It is the reverse during La Nina cycles.
    La Nina cycles average about 4 years, but can be as short as 2 years and as long as 7.

    And I have no idea if we are currently in an "El Nino" or a "La Nina" cycle right now but one would hope the people predicting the weather would know.


    We are currently idling away in a neutral cycle.  Temperatures drifted towards a weak El Nino system in January but have drifted back to being between cycles.


  4. On 5/9/2020 at 1:30 AM, Banana7 said:

    I tried booking with EVA today for BKK TPE YYZ on June 5. Trip is available but only for Taiwan passport holders. No go unless you have a Taiwan passport. Earliest, possible preliminary booking date is July 1, 2020 for non-Taiwan passport holders. July 1 is only the earliest preliminary date, and is subject to change to a later date, based on CECC restrictions for international transit passengers without a Taiwan passport.

    Heyy Banana, Thanks for the info.  It is appreciated.   I'm looking to the same flight except to YYC.   I tried booking in June with China Airlines but just ended up with  error messages and the no transit message.

  5. Unacceptable???


    I'm a little hazy on this but isn't this honorable politician the same one the announced a 5000 baht stipend to assist people who lost their work because of government decrees about covid?


    Isn't this the same honorable politician who ensured that his government lackeys disqualified 90% of the people who applied..


    And don't give me any flack about using honorable and politician in the same sentence.

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  6. Yeah,  while the continued transit restrictions are a sort of a kick in the groin, the news isn't entirely unexpected.  If you are Taiwan every other country looks like a black seething pit of pestilence.

    I greatly wish to stay out of the United States but that means getting dropped off in Europe.  That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling either.  Have to think about this.  Might give it a rest for a few weeks.

  7. Hi Georgegeorgia,  I think your friend became completely enamoured with his own personal vision of what Thailand would be.  He let it blind him to the reality of what Thailand is.  I wish him well.


    I think most of us have done that in some form or another.  Usually the teeth marks on your butt are an indication that you might have it wrong.


    I have learned over the years that the grass may or may not be greener on the other side ... but it's still freaking grass

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  8. Huh,  Thought this was a historic story about king <deleted> (Canute).  Back to bed I guess.


    You Brits seem to have been "fighting the Tide" for about the last thousand years.


    Why in Gawds name am I getting deleted for an early historic spelling of King Canutes name?? It was spelled King <deleted>.


    Your server needs a swift kick in the algorithm. !!!

  9. 10 hours ago, SupermarineS6B said:

    I've been praying they make that fatal mistake of winding up Cambodia again, i'd love to see T72s rolling down Sukhumvit amidst clouds of Thai uniforms and tons of cereal packet medals whistling through the air as the brave lads leg it to the UN or the yanks begging for help from the decadent farangs........ 

    Don't be so subtle about it, tell us how you really feel.  🙂

    I thought the T72 was still the favored vehicle of Russian tourists and that Cambodia was using the T55 variants. 

    Anyway, have a good day and a cold San Mig for me

  10. 15 hours ago, Just Weird said:

    It's very newsworthy if it serves as a warning to others who may be doing it.  It is also newsworthy enough to encourage you to read the entire thread!

    JW, I took your point and went back and reread the  Naew Na article.  I just don't see it as important at all.  At least no more important than a report on how many jaywalkers had been arrested or fined.

    We differ in opinion on this small matter.  That is allowed even encouraged


    Take care

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