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  1. <deleted>???   If the cotton  linens are your problem and have been for years.  Get rid of the problem.  Polyester sheets and pillowcases have been around for years.


    I don't think you will be happy long term with synthetics though.  look up the con's of using polyester.  I don't think static will be a major problem given Thais humidity and lack of dryers.


    You might be better served purchasing  very high quality  cotton bedding, Egyptian perhaps or Turkish.  Cheap cotton sheets can shed like a malamute in July


  2. Getting a touch of food poisoning is common in many countries.  In North America we used to call it "Montezuma's Revenge".  The Mexicans and Central Americans had a different name but used to get it regularly on trips to North America.  A few years back I was feeling pretty cocky and eating off Cambodian food carts and smoothy shops.  Sure enough, I picked up a dose of the "Khmer Kiss"  (I know I shouldn't have but in my defense, I'm not very bright).  It's just our guts reaction to a new and unknown bacteria.  Uncomfortable but it doesn't normally last that long.


    Amoebic or parasitic diseases are a whole different thing.  They are dangerous and life threatening.  You should soon be at a doctors office requesting a tropical specialist and recounting which countries you've been in and the timeline.


    I'm glad these people finally got the assistance they needed and will recover.


  3. 6 hours ago, DLock said:


    I'm pretty sure she is making more than USD$1,000 per month.


    It may not be USD$33,000, but long haul truck drivers do ok, so I would not be surprised if she was pulling decent money.


    ...and good on her. I hope she is.

    Got offered long haul once.  It didn't interest me but I would think she could be earning about 300,000 per month.

  4. 16 minutes ago, pegman said:



    There is no place in Canada that wishes more that they were a state than the State of Alberta. Personally, I think the ones that want out should go to the closest border crossing and seek asylum in Trumpland. The white ones likely have a good chance of getting it. Hopefully Moe & Closet Boy are first in line. 


    Actually Pegman, I have to disagree with you.  Most people here (Alberta)  have no desire to be a state (Merican state that is).  Most are quite grateful we aren't and are vocal about it.  we are in fact somewhat proud of being the economic powerhouse that has supported our country for the last hundred years ... (could be just as proud for half the money).  I also would prefer that you stop characterising us as racist bigots.  Trash your own people wherever they are, if you must.  Leave us alone. 


    I'm not saying we don't have bigots, I don't know of a society that doesn't.  I live in a city that has a muslim asian filling his third term as mayor.  The voting has always been about performance and issues.  We seem to be somewhat indifferent to a person's race and culture.


    An independent State or country is not feasible as a quick look at a map shows and unless you're mathematically challenged we don't have the population to support our borders.

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  5. 4 hours ago, blazes said:

    Well, now that this insubstantial pageant has ended,


    the best thing Western Canada can do from now on is support all efforts by Quebec to have another independence referendum....The French will this time vote to leave and then the West of Canada can also leave, can go Wexit.


    Ah well (as Prospero the magician said):


    "We are such stuff

    As dreams are made on, and our little life

    Is rounded with a sleep....."



    Wow!!!  I beg to differ.  


    My hopes and expectations are rather more positive and do not include the destruction of the country.  There is a lot that can be done and will be done.  Things like this interview  make me believe that there is work to be done.  It is no time to start screaming <deleted> about quitting.


    Statement to the CBC

    "Two days after much of Western Canada rejected the Liberals on election day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today vowed to be more sensitive to the needs of Alberta and Saskatchewan and to build the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline in the face of entrenched opposition from environmentalists.
    Trudeau told a press conference in Ottawa this afternoon he clearly has to do more to earn the trust of people in the two resource-rich provinces. He said that work will start with ensuring more pipeline capacity is brought online so that oil producers can sell their product abroad at prices closer to the going world rate."


    It matters not whether your glass is half full or half empty .... there is plenty of room for wine.



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  6. 19 hours ago, Sheryl said:


    it is not clear at this point that foreign policies will be accepted for visa purposes. Still awaiting clarifcation.


    re the  the "approved" companies in addition to often not covering people past say age 65, most do not guarantee lifetime renewal. So important for people to look at that.


    One insurer boasts them will insure up to age 80, and apparently they will (if no serious pre-existing conditions) but they will not renew past age 80. in other words they would sell an 80 year old a policy and then refuse to let them renew it. Caveat emptor, be sure to look at provisions on renewals.

    Since this visa can only be obtained in a person's country of origin it would be nearly impossible to restrict policies to thai only for the original OA visa.  BUT  If one stays .... then they can insist you patronize one of their pet companies.


    Understand I have a new OA visa stamped and approved but I will not be able to get to the kingdom until December 1.  I fear the IO's interpretation of the new regulations.  I am quite legal, it's just that when you've been arrested and you're getting kicked out of the country. neither the Ambassador or the Minister of Foreign Affairs is on hand to explain the error of his ways to the IO.  Getting rejected in Bangkok would cost me much more than the 80, 000 baht for the insurance.

    I may try to change my visa to a six month METV.  Tis an option, but it would mean that I've given up and am looking for another country to winter in.

  7. On 9/1/2019 at 2:05 AM, robsamui said:

    Actually - it's not! The info above relates to the pitfalls of people coming to live here, and if that isn't you, then you'll find it boring.

    I'm in Nha Trang, which has a climate the same as Koh Samui. The central part of the city is crammed full of different nationalities, with little Viet cafes side-by-side with nightclubs and Aussie pubs and market stalls, the streets are tree-lined and hung with fairy lights, a Grab motorbike costs 50 baht to go 6 Km across town, there are events and displays happening frequently . . . the only thing I miss are bars on the beach. Apart from that it's fun - and it's permanently affordable!

    I've always enjoyed Nha Trang.  Found it to be somewhat cleaner with a better infrastructure than Phuket.  First thing I noticed was the clean serviced garbage cans on the corners.  I had to stop and stare for a while  Found it to be quite interesting and the people friendly especially after I got past the Russian section.

    Used to be you could find a couple of beach bars a few hundred meters south of the big pink egg (pineapple?) on the beach. 

    I might drop over in the new year for nostalgia's sake 

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  8. 20 hours ago, mhortig said:

    Many of you say its a good idea to have health insurance, sure in principal its OK. But consider this, most of us older guys (72) have a few things wrong (pre existing conditions) ie: high blood pressure. Pre existing conditions are logically the most likely causes of future hospitalization. BUT all treatment will be excluded for preexisting conditions. And on top of that the cost of coverage for my age 9s 70,000 to 100,000 which I would have to pay in addition to the actual medical bill.  This so un thought out by the government and only benefits the insurance companies and their benefactors in government.


    Being in close to the same boat I sympathize.    I went to the insurance website of the government approved companies.  Two won't insure you after 65, one won't insure you after 70.  One doesn't handle incoming foreigners, just Thai residents outbound. One wouldn't say other than "we have no product available to match your requirements".


    I found a North American vendor that I'm pondering on.  It will end up costing about 87,000 baht if I take a 22.700 baht deductible. 


    This isn't an annual price, it is for a five month visit.  I snowbird here for four to five months then about six to nine weeks in Europe and then about five months in Canada.  This is a somewhat unexpected expense and does call for some thought.  

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  9. (Effective: 31 October 2019 your require a health insurance to cover a whole trip)

    1. Requirements for Obtaining a One-year “O-A” Visa
    • The applicant must be 50 years of age or older by the date of application
    • Applicants cannot be prohibited from entering the Kingdom
    • Applicants must having no criminal record against the security of Thailand or the country of his/her nationality, or the country of his/her residence.
    • Applicants must be of the nationality or resident in the country where his/her application is submitted.
    • Applicants must not have prohibitive diseases as indicated in Ministerial Regulation No. 14 (B.E. 2535).
    • Applicants can not be allowed to work in Thailand
    • The Consulate will be issue multiple entry visa only

    2. Documents Required to Apply for a One-Year “O-A” Visa

    • A passport valid for no less than one year and a half at the time of application
    • Two passport-sized photos of the applicant taken within the past six months
    • Two original of “Visa Application Forms”. Applicant’s signature must be notarized either by a lawyer or notary public.
    • One original personal data form entitled “Additional Visa Application Form for O-A Long Stay”  Applicant’s signature must be notarized either by a lawyer or notary public.
    • Medical Certificate issued from the country in which the application is submitted, showing no prohibitive diseases as indicated in the Ministerial Regulation No. 14 (B.E. 2535) (this certificate shall be valid for no more than 3 months). This must be stamped by a medical doctor.
    • A bank statement showing a deposit of the amount equal to no less than 800,000 Baht or an income certificate (original copy) indicating a monthly income of no less than 65,000 Baht. Alternatively, applicants can make a deposit and provide an income certificate indicating a total income of no less than 800,000 Baht a year. All financial statement must have the signature of the bank officer and stamped. Any bank statements require a letter of guarantee from the bank (original copy) as well.
    • A criminal record check indicating that the applicant has no criminal record in the country of his/her nationality or residence (this document must be valid for no more than 3 months).
    • In the case that the applicant wishes to be accompanied by his/her spouse but the spouse does not meet the requirements for the O-A Visa, a marriage certificate shall also be included in the application package (The spouse will be considered for the Visa for Temporary Residents under the ‘O’ Code).
    • Health insurance plan as listed on website http://longstay.tgia.org. Coverage requirements for outpatient treatment of no less than 40,000 bahts and inpatient treatment of no less than 400,000 bahts.

    3. Recommendations for foreigners with Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay) while staying in the Kingdom (very important)

    • Upon arrival, holder of this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for 1 year from the date of first entry. During the one-year period, if he or she wishes to leave and re-enter the country, he or she is required to apply at the Immigration office for re-entry permit (single or multiple) before departure. In the case of leaving the country without a re-entry permit, the permit to stay for 1 year shall be considered void.
    • The alien shall report to the competent authority after 90 days in the Kingdom, and report every 90 days thereafter with the immigration officer in the alien’s residence area, or report to the police station in the alien’s residence area if there is no immigration control there. (In order to report to the competent authority by mail, the alien shall do as follows: Forward the Report Form (To Mo 47) together with a copy of the passport pages showing the alien’s photo, personal details, and the latest arrival visa stamp and include a self addressed envelop with sufficient postage affixed. This must be forwarded 7 days before the due date. This package should be mailed to the Immigration Bureau, 507 Soi SuanPlu, Sathon Tai Road, Sathon District, Bangkok 10120.
    • At the end of the one-year stay, a visitor who wishes to extend his/her stay must submit a request to extend the period at the Immigration Bureau with documented evidence of money transfer, or a deposit account in the Kingdom, or an income certificate, of the amount of no less than 800,000 Baht, or an income certificate plus a deposit account indicating a total amount of no less than 800,000 Baht a year. In the case of conducting any following reports, the Reply Form for the previous report shall be enclosed as well.) Copies of any previous such Reports should also be included.
    • If the visitor’s spouse wishes to extend his/her stay as well, the marriage certificate must be produced.


    I have just got off the phone with the consulate in Vancouver, Canada.  Their directions from the mothership in Bangkok is to continue to issue the one year non imm OA as they have in  the past.  After October 31st, applications will have to have the proof of insurance form included.


    I did inquire about my particular situation i.e. I have my visa now but I'm not entering the kingdom until December 1.  The consulates directions from the embassy are that as long as the issued date is prior to October 31st the visa is valid.


    He agreed that the enthusiasm of IOs' at the airport of entry may lead them to a different conclusion than the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and suggested that I call back in early November when this circumstance should be clarified. 

  10. Ahhmm  Did I read that properly?  When did this Cabinet resolution happen?  It looks like April 2nd 1962 or 57 years ago.

    When will the Prime Minister and the Minister of foreign affairs be told that they have become redundant.  It seems that an assistant minister of public health will now be directing all embassies and consulates world wide to redefine the requirements for entry.  He also will be formulating National and international policy on who will be allowed to enter the country and what the requirements for that entry shall be.  Oh yeah, I guess that makes the Minister of tourism and interesting statistics redundant also.

    This guy is really streamlining the government

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  11. 3 hours ago, Estrada said:

    This is just a repeat of yesterday's news on Thai Visa/Nation which clearly stated that this applies for applications for O-A visas from outside Thailand which does not apply to Non-O retirement visas and extensions.

    I am outside of Thailand.  The courier delivered my passport with new one year O - A visa today. 

    Nothing medical other than not having elephantiasis, leprosy or the third stage of syphilis was mentioned.  I was asked how much money was available for this trip and had to provide a bank statement of an account.


    I think this gives me about a year to see how this insurance shakes out.  It might mean changes in my winters.  I am now doing a little investigating to find out what my options really are.


    Unlike most of you, I have no wish to permanently retire to Thailand.  I spend about five months in Thailand, about two months in Europe (mostly investigating vinyards) and about five months in Canada.  That pretty well seems to fill my dance card for the year.  I'm quite enjoying my semi romany lifestyle.




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  12. I try to go to the beach three to four times a week when I'm in country.

    I normally go to kamala (live there) or to Layan Beach (North end in the provincial park)

    I note that there are often groups (families?) of thais that use this end of the beach especially on buddhist holidays.

    I confess I go to layan partially for the beach and partially to enjoy one of Sylvia's great lunches at her restaurant ' in the park.

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