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  1. If you ask me she should resign right now. Definitely something stinky going on. And even if its not her its happened on her watch.
  2. Did you closely examine the vaccines for MMR and polio when you received them?
  3. How did it get in? We have taken back control of our borders after all.
  4. My point is unionists are very keen to belittle Scotland while ignoring whats going on in Westminster. Its only off the MSM (except for SKY and the BBC) south of the border. In Scotland this story has been running for moths. The unionist media are having a field day with it. Course if you ONLY get your news from publications like the express and Mail then yeah they have only started reporting it recently. With the usual hypocrisy. Salmond and Sturgeon could disappear tomorrow and its not going to change peoples minds about independence.
  5. So this is a good poll we can believe unlike the previous 22 polls?
  6. Whats the hallmark of a banana republic? Corruption? You can find no better example of corruption than handing lucrative government contracts to friends and party donators now can you. So basically Scotland is already part of a banana republic called the UK. Are you implying the UK is too stupid to run its own affairs? So whatever future Scotland might have or have not it cant be as bad as remaining part of the UK.
  7. Discussing other posters? Cross posting? You have been asked to provide evidence of anti English sentiment here on TVF.
  8. In what way is what you posted the truth? I am talking about when you liked a post calling me a traitor not the deflection you are trying interject.
  9. Oh and if its so easy to find old posts then you should have no issues finding all those anti English posts that you claim have been made.
  10. Very clever Vogie. I did not say YOU called me a traitor I said some other Brexiteer did and you liked their post. We then had a lengthy discussion about that at the time because I was somewhat disappointed that you did upvote their post. Given my service in the army. The rest of your post is simply deflection.
  11. It seems that TVF does not store its old posts. Do a search on here for the word traitor and the oldest one you will find is from 5 days ago. Use google and you will find none. So I suppose it all comes down to who remembers what. Now I am sitting here confident in the knowledge that a Brexiteer did call me a traitor and you and I had a lengthy conversation over the fact you liked his post. At the time I even pointed out that as a veteran of the armed forces it was highly offensive to call me such a thing. You on the other hand are sitting there either knowing what I have said i
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