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  1. Indeed it is stupid and dangerous to navigate a small dingy across the English channel but its not actually illegal to do so.
  2. Some "mental cases" ran off after hurling foul mouthed insults at the authorities, they said. Now those are the guys I like to give a few baht too
  3. Difficult to square your conspiracy theory with "the left" when in fact its been a "right wing" government in power since 2010.
  4. And at any point in that opinionated rant did you ever stop to think. "hey maybe I'm wrong here about stuff"? Scotland is going independent and we can leave people like you far behind. Enjoy your little Engurlund Brexit paradise.
  5. Let me guess. You were in the Special Army Soldiers and fought in every war since Gallipoli and once killed a Roman general using only your mess tin. At least thats what you tell everyone in the bar eh? Go on mate. How many years in the regulars did you serve?
  6. No you dont have a visa. You have an extension to stay. Bit pedantic really but you did start it.
  7. The same Tory party that promised you guys ever since they took over from Brown that they would reduce migration to 10's of thousands per year? Those Tories?
  8. Thing is I honestly believe it is government policy to discourage westerners from coming here. How this government could blame "dirty farrangs" for the spread of the virus while trying their best to get Chinese tourists back is beyond me. It was the Chinese who brought the virus here. China sees south east asia as its back yard. The Chinese dont want us here and will be coercing the Thai government to slowly make things difficult for us. 10 years from now I believe there will be a fraction of expats still here and very few western tourists. Some will hang on because of family and other reasons but the writing is on the wall. China can crush the Thai economy and move its own people in. Essentially it has already done it with Laos and Cambodia.
  9. Thing is illegal immigrants are exactly that. Illegal. The numbers actually arriving in the UK is in reality very small. We are an island after all. Even if they successfully evade the border force they cannot claim benefits or housing or anything else. Now the ones who are detained will be processed. Those found to be economic migrants will be returned. Those found to be genuine refugees from a country we bombed some democracy into will be allowed to stay. This is how most countries behave. Brexit will not change that. But these kinds of immigrants are not really the problem for Brexiteers are they? Its the immigrants from the EU coming to the UK to do the jobs that Brits just dont want to do that are their problem. Brexiteers believe they live the life of Riley. Free healthcare (same as UK citizens living in the EU get). Access to benefits (after 3 months). Free housing (if they meet the criteria and you can thank Thatcher for the council house shortage BTW). So given those preconditions the VAST majority of immigrants to the UK actually come here with a job already lined up. Often working on farms picking fruit and veg. Living in squalid conditions and working long hours for little money. When the job is finished guess what they do? They go back home. Thats the reality of immigration to the UK. Now who is going to do that job come January? Let me suggest all those plucky Brexiteers sitting in Thailand get back home and dig for victory. Stop expounding others to work hard and make Brexit a success. Lead by example. After all you ARE an immigrant living in Thailand because you want a better lifestyle. Immigrants are bad though remember? Hypocrisy and self awareness are not things Brexiteers really do though is it?
  10. They do need to get the kids back to school. Its damaging their education and the economy will never get back up to speed while people have to look after them. However they need to be closely monitored for local outbreaks of corona and temporally closed again if a cluster of cases appears.
  11. Hey link a reputable source and I will read it with interest. Its good to keep an open mind and get your information from various sources. But the Mail and the Express? Even wikipedia considers them as being unreliable sources. As is Katie Hopkins. Even barred from twitter now I understand
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