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  1. Why dont you just admit that you had no clue that King James and the act of union are not the same thing? Is the UK in a union with Canada? Same queen after all. I even suggested you googled it. And by the way very few are calling for Scotland to become a republic after independence so Elizabeth will still be our queen. However In Scotland she is Elizabeth I not Elizabeth II. We have never had a queen Elizabeth before.
  2. How many times. The act of union between Scotland and England happened in 1707. Not once have I ignored that James VI was also James I of England. But that did not create the union. Queen Elizabeth is also the queen of Canada. Does that mean the UK and Canada are in a union together? Or Australia. Or New Zealand? Or any of the other countries Elizabeth is queen of. You have somehow managed to convince yourself correcting your ignorance is somehow anti English.
  3. Wonder how Johnson is going to sell the idea of freedom of movement to all the Brexiteers .
  4. In what way have I ignored James VI? In what way have I shown any hatred of the English? Evidence please or dont bother to reply. I am not interested in any asinine quip. All I have done is point out your ignorance over a union you claim to like.
  5. You know you really should google it. Then you might understand how foolish you are making yourself appear. But we know what you like because you told us
  6. I was merely pointing out that your claim that the union was formed by James VI becoming king of England as well was wrong. It does of course show your level of knowledge with regards to the union you like.
  7. Am I the only one feeling disappointed by the quality of photo presented with this article?
  8. That was the two countries forming a union in 1707. Not the union of the crowns which happened over 100 years previously. So yes. You were wrong. Again.
  9. Yup. The vote leave campaign manipulated millions into voting for Brexit.
  10. I suggest you google the words British and Brits in order that you might learn their meaning.
  11. There is currently 650 MP's in Westminster. 533 are from England. Traditionally SNP MP's do not vote on English ONLY votes. Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MP's from Scottish constituencies do. If you want an English parliament then you need to start asking the government for one.
  12. And "Nige" is saying that Johnson is selling out on Brexit. Now which of the two proven liars to believe is the tricky part.
  13. Wrong again. James VI who was also James I when crowned in England over 100 years BEFORE the act of union. The rest of your post is pure fantasy.
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