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  1. Think of the money they are going to get from tariffs.
  2. Its obvious from your replies that you do understand that the question is dumb but do not wish to acknowledge that. I also note that you have deliberately twisted what I said. 55% voted to remain in the UK. 65% voted to remain in the EU.
  3. You dont understand do you? If you are a supporter of independence then the question gives you 4 options. If you are a unionist then the same question gives you 4 opportunities to say no. Its a dumb question. 65% voted to stay in the EU. More than the 55% who voted to stay in the UK.
  4. Its not my interpretation. Its a fact. Its a dumb question. They should have simply asked "Do you want another referendum". Another problem with the question is the options referring to a majority or not in the Scottish parliament. MSP's are elected via a variation of proportional representation. Its designed not to allow one party a majority. If it was first past the post the SNP would have something like 80% of the seats. So a dumb question.
  5. You need to check what it says. "in the next 5 years". That means the majority of Scots want a referendum to occur within 5 years. It does not say "in another 5 years". Its a loaded question anyway. If you do not want a referendum at all you will answer no to all the options. If you want a referendum you could answer yes to all the options or actually only give one answer.
  6. Hilarious. Especially given that Hadrians wall is not in Scotland.
  7. Why do the polls now show a majority for independence then?
  8. Short answer is British (English) nationalists are afraid of what will happen when Scotland leaves.
  9. Question time? You might as well base your opinions on the Conservative party conference
  10. I saw this headline and thought it was going to be about an encounter with a ladyboy.
  11. Drop your feet closer to the ground. The lower the center of gravity the more stable you are.
  12. You must be the most out of touch person on the planet regarding Scotland. You invent a group who favour independence and Brexit and try and portrait them as being true Scottish patriots? They are somehow the majority of Scots? Pure invention. Pure fantasy. As for being butthurt. Nope. I absolutely love that all you rabid Brexiteers have now given independence a real shot in the arm. Last three polls have all shown a majority in favour of independence. We are leaving. Get used to it.
  13. True patriots? What is this the 1930's? I dont care what you think. Your opinion as an English nationalist does not concern me.
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