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  1. What about 7/11 workers? Oh and the guy who cuts my lawn twice a week.
  2. I am Scottish and pro independence but I feel it would be wrong for me to be voting in a referendum. Its surely up to the people who actually live in Scotland to decide their own future.
  3. And yet she has just been returned as the First Minister of Scotland. If the Holyrood elections were run the same as Westminster elections then Sturgeon and the SNP would have taken 88% of the seats in the Scottish parliament. Seems many feel she is doing a good job after all.
  4. Thats pretty much all you need but I would add a valve just before the non return valve on the towns water bypass line.
  5. If there is hesitancy in the population to get the vaccine its probably something to do with the vaccine thats being offered. Pretty sure most Thais are aware of the fact that the Chinese junk seems to be only half effective and has a high prevalence for side effects.
  6. Something weird about the place where he was lifted. Does this look like somewhere you would pay 20000 to 24000 baht a month for? Yothin Place - condo in Bangkok | Hipflat
  7. Yes in the same way EVERY pharma company does with EVERY medical product they make.
  8. I am starting to suspect that each little government department operates its own agenda. Hence we get conflicting information about many things but particularly over covid and vaccines. If I had to guess it seems if a department head dislikes foreigners we get one message. If a department head recognizes the need for or indeed likes foreigners we get another. Unfortunately for us it would appear the guy in charge of health in Thailand does not like us.
  9. Ah now I have to take issue with this. There are very few Trump supporters in Scotland.
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