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  1. You just proved my point. Your post is a litany of "I think". And where does this majority for Brexit come from? So the people who voted for Brexit believing that we would still be in the customs union have had their vote hijacked by you Brexit fundamentalists? Gove/ Farrage and Johnson were constantly claiming that voting for Brexit did not mean leaving the customs union. It was all going to be part of the negotiations remember? The easiest negotiations in history they claimed. This is democracy?
  2. No thats not what I said. Enough with the baiting. You know EXACTLY what I meant. This is the problem with Brexiteers. Reality is an inconvenience so the easiest option is to ignore it. Brexit is not an ideology with you guys its more like a religion. You forgo proof and evidence because faith and belief is enough for you all. Never mind what reality is. Never mind what the experts say. You have twee little sound bytes like "bulldog spirit" "It will hurt them more than us" "Brexit means Brexit" "Will of the people" "Respect the result" "We knew what we were voting for" and about 100 others. The ironic thing is I dont care about your Brexit. It is simply a means to an end for me. Brexit will cause Scotland to go independent. Now that is something I do care about and you guys are doing my job for me. So you can have your Brexit. The harder the better as far as I'm concerned. But in the years to come remember that it was you guys who brought the UK to its knees.
  3. What absolute nonsense. Voting remain meant, oddly enough, staying in the EU and complying with the legislation of the EU. At no point did anyone say voting remain means a hiatus. But you already know this. As for being unable to prevent EU policies well that just rubbish. The UK had a veto.
  4. The remain vote meant no change. You need someone to detail the changes of no change?
  5. In which case its going to cost more than 1900 baht.
  6. I think we all need to remember that Thai immigration has our phone numbers. If they want to find out where we are they could just phone. I like to imagine the call going along the lines of "Where are you" and my reply being "I'm in the intercontinental hotel eating caviar from the chest of a dusky young maiden". But more likely the answer would be "I'm in Tesco's buying socks".
  7. Thing with bum guns is remember to gag back the valve on them if you install a bigger water pump. I didnt and I paid the price.
  8. I see little point in arguing with Brexiteers. You simply refuse to see the evidence. Have fun in your unicorn infested utopia.
  9. Pretty sure they all considered themselves to be British rather than Scottish. Gordon Brown most certainly does. Indeed we even have a word to describe Browns independence opinions which are frequently given huge prominence in the media. Its called a "Broontervention".
  10. And because of Brexit they will most likely be the last.
  11. Is your entire knowledge of Scotland based on a Mel Gibson film?
  12. If your point is that there are far more English MP's (533) in parliament than all the other countries (117) then yes it does. English MP's regularly vote as a block upon issues which only affect Scotland/Wales or Northern Ireland within the union but have a hissy fit if the reverse happens. Hence the introduction of EVEL. English votes for English laws. All you other lot dont get a say.
  13. Trouble making jocks? Wow. It is the UK parliament in name only. In reality it is and always has been Englands parliament. I think those trouble making jocks will be gone soon enough.
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