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  1. You better do some search and find out who the America's allie (Syrian Democratic Forces fomerly called YPG and it's Syrian wing of PKK terrorist organisation) America is allie with terrorist organisation? Yes it is .And you need to learn that PKK-YPG- SDF which is all three are the same, carrying terrorist action to Turkey since 1983 and they killed more than 40000 Turkish civillians. Turkey has nothing to do with Kurds. There are 20 million Kurds living in Turkey as Turkish citizens and they have no problems. I bet you have no idea about those terrorists crossing Turkish border at night, killing people and going back to Irak and Syria. Before questioning the actions you better read,search and learn. By the way did you know that US goverment has given to those terrorists 70000 full of semi trucks weapons just in last 7 months? This is just last seven months. So you figure it out how many thousands of truck loads last few years. And these are all documented. I bet you never watch US senate hearings about the US aid to Kurdish terrorist group.
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