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  1. On 4/20/2021 at 1:33 PM, Liverpool Lou said:

    "On the 2 way road to pass a car with hybrid car is not a smart way with only gasoline mode since there will be not enough horsepower for quick speed up..."

    What?  Doesn't that depend entirely on the power of the IC engine?   They're not all the same!  How does a "2 way road" [sic] affect anything?


    "...today's high tech cars will perform better on high octane gasoline..."

    Using higher octane fuel than is recommended does not affect a cars performance in any significant way at all, regardless of whether the car has a modern engine or an older engine.

    How did you come up with all these? Did you do research or are you an engineer?  I made those comments as a retired proffesional driver for 10 years . I live the professional driver part for you to figure out.

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  2. I just got 3 months visa from USA, came here and applied here for marriage visa. it's easier.Make sure you tell Thai embassy that you are married to Thai national and you will change your visa in Thailand, so they know what kind of visa to issue, you don't have to go out and come back (border jump) to Thailand to change it to NON-O visa

  3. Yes, but you will have no pages left for an exit stamp and entry stamp at the final destination when you travel. Or you can get a new passport at you embassy and transfer the extension to new passport or some embassies return the old passport so you can carry 2 passports.

  4. They do feel love, actually their love is stronger than the European or US women. But they don't express themselfs, they are mostly not romantic but they deeply fall in love when they find the right man.

    it is true that most/some Thai woman wants nothing to do with Thai men since Thai men are not a real family men and self fish.

    But this applies to uneducated,village or low income Thai women/men

    Educated and self supported women with high income prefers white collar  Thai men.

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  5. it all  depends how you drive,what kind of car, how much weight you have in the car,road conditions,stop and go, use of air condition etc.

    You can own 2 exact same car and both will use different amount of gasoline. Even the day and night driving will make difference. Usually Hybrid cars do 30KM on a single charge, again it all depends how you drive. Younger drivers use hybrid power when they pass a car or for quick take off. On the 2 way road to pass a car with hybrid car is not a smart way with only gasoline mode since there will be not enough horsepower for quick speed up, electric motor will give you extra power for quick pass. 

    When it comes to se high octane gasoline. For sure it will be different than the low octane. High octane burns better and today's high tech cars will perform better on high octane gasoline and engine combustion chamber and injectors will stay clean longer.


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  6. 19 hours ago, Excel said:

    Out to impress the friends are we. Well for 4 million there is no better way than buying 7 Toyota Yaris's.,  one for every day of the week. Not many can match that sort of status. 😆

    Yaris and status? I wanna believe that you are kidding.

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  7. They will issue 5 yrs driving licence after your 2 yr expires. 

    Also you can get a international driver licence to drive in UK.

    But as far as I know, if any country's driver license has English writing on it can be used in any country without getting international license. My wife used her Thai license in USA for 6 months.  But UK police might ask you why you drive with Thai licence since you are a UK citizen.

  8. She has to enter with same passport she left from US. And expired passports can not be used to enter to any country for any citizen. Thai Immigration will ask her that how the US immigration let her leave the country with expired passport and also they will question her how the airline let her on board with expired passport.  If she says that she used US passport to fly then Thai immigration will ask her to provide that passport. It might cause a problem at the entry point if lying.

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  9. On 2/5/2021 at 9:15 AM, Sydebolle said:

    I am SOOOO grateful, that this finally is possible and that they got their priorities right.

    Instead of proper driving tests and, after an initial grace period, lifelong licenses (which can be lost in case of breach of driving codex) we now are blessed with personalized plates increasing road safety. Really? 

    There is no life long license in Thailand, first license is good for 2 yrs and then has to renewed every 5 yrs. Either you don't have license or you just wanted to say something bad. Be grateful to be here living as a guest. But of course if you moved here from the best country in the world have no problems,everything you have there is best in the world then criticize anything you want but only if your country is the best of the best. How you feel a foreigner moved to your country and bitching about anything and everything? You would tell him/her to go back to your nest right? That's why most Thais don't like foreigners, because most foreigners have no respect to their country and it's people. Then you feel bad when they call you dirty farang.

  10. On 10/22/2020 at 9:40 AM, johng said:



    On 10/23/2020 at 2:27 PM, Oldie said:

    Of course not. But what if you come into a situation that you can't have the pet anymore. What options do you have here in Thailand? 


    3 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

    Slowly pricing out those tourists from the west with the Baht increasing, and then the high amount of money needed in a tourists bank account for 6 months prior to applying, not sure how the Chinese normal zero baht tourist will be able to meet the 500K THB 6 month requirement. That is, unless they have the money hidden from their own Government in a bank account overseas.

    They don't require that 500K for Chinese, Yes it's on the paper but  they don't require it when Chinese people apply for visa at the consulate.

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  11. On 9/1/2020 at 11:22 PM, richard_smith237 said:


    I wonder how safe the 4th quarter of 2021 will be when people are hungry and desperate.....


    I think I’ll feel a lot less safe walking down Pattaya beach road with my gold chain, rolex watch and 25k (baht) in my back pocket...  

    Well , don't wear Rolex,don't wear gold chain,don't carry 25K in your back pocket like an American pimp, then problem solved and you are safe.

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