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  1. Since US immigration requires biometrics for visa applicants yes they need everything like applying for a new visa. Like bank account, letter from employer etc. My wife renewed hers 2 years ago and she provided everything all over. Letter from employer,bank account,social security records,house registration (title) and also yes she needs to provide all the dates her previous visits to US. They didn't require all these for renewals some years ago because there was no finger printing.But once she gets her renewals then she will not need to provide everything all over again 10 yrs later since her fingerprint is in the database.

  2. 21 hours ago, rickudon said:

    I do. Have a close friend in Udon Thani on retirement extensions who was forced to apply for  the Thai insurance or told to leave the country. Happened about a week ago. He originally entered on an OA visa about 10 years ago, been on extensions ever since. He had a Health insurance policy (non-Thai)  for a 1,000,000 US dollars but they refused to accept it.......


    Immigration officers are a law unto themselves, what the next one will do, who knows, but this DID happen. Can only hope that some sanity will soon prevail, or we all need to start making plans.


    Probably that's a life insurance. I don't know about 1 million dollars health insurance. If anyone can afford to pay premiums for a million dollar insurance then he shouldn't complain about 45000 baht a yr Thai insurance premium, Bcz 1  million dolar US insurance premium will cost 45000 baht a month in US  maybe more with global coverage. Even Union retirees or union workers don't get that kind of coverage. How do I know? because i was a union worker once.

  3. On 11/4/2019 at 11:13 AM, BananaBandit said:

    the inheritance that i get


    i'm not even thinking about a will at this point. i probably have another 5 decades left on this planet. 


    i'm talkin' about  divorce.     would my thai wife get half of any inheritance i receive after we get legally married ?


    i'm a US national, in case that makes a difference. 


    i heard that thai pre-nups aren't exactly iron-clad documents.  do people feel differently ?

    I am US national too. If you bring your inheritance here then yes she has right to own half of it. But if you keep it in the states than different story. Remember Thai laws always on side of Thai nationals or they make it work that way. 

  4. 15 hours ago, Timwin said:

    This is so laughable. The flight ticket from UK to Thailand costs more than the average junior immigration official starting salary or is close to it. Average Thai salary is only about 16000 Baht. So if the officials are able to live here how come tourists flying from Europe could not?! You could live easily with less than $300 per month in Thailand. 

    That's the point. $300 a month ?! Thai goverment don't want foreigners to live on $300 or less every month and they are right.. They want tourists with money they can spend.They don't want backpackers or low life old farangs who go after girls at their granddaughter's age or underage girls. Which is we all can see everywhere old farts with young girls next to them.

    Think before you criticize what is your home country's immigration policies. Any EU countries or USA will allow low life people with no money or old fart child molesters into their soil just because they have a visa, $5000 in their vallet or right to have freedom of travel?

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  5. 10 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:

    The Kurds have been ( are still ) , Americas allies . They did a great job fighting IS .

    That is how Trump rewards them ...?

    Erdogan is an autocratic leader who wants to erase them all , he said that before and he is tying to do that now .

    Trump just let him do that ... I remember Trump said that he will ' destroy ' Turkey's economy if the Kurds are attacked ...

    So , now is the time to do that .

    But , as usual , it is all bla bla only ... if you believe this guy , you are lost , there is not a grain of honor in him , his actions contradict what he was saying before ,

    Trump is confused and should be impeached . The sooner , the better .

    You better do some search and find out who the America's allie (Syrian Democratic Forces fomerly called YPG and it's Syrian wing of PKK terrorist organisation) America is allie with terrorist organisation? Yes it is .And you need to learn that PKK-YPG- SDF which is all three are the same, carrying terrorist action to Turkey since 1983 and they killed more than 40000 Turkish civillians. Turkey has nothing to do with Kurds. There are 20 million Kurds living in Turkey as Turkish citizens and they have no problems. I bet you have no idea about those terrorists crossing Turkish border at night, killing people and going back to Irak and Syria. Before questioning the actions you better read,search and learn. By the way did you know that US goverment has given to those terrorists 70000 full of semi trucks weapons just in last 7 months? This is just last seven months. So you figure it out how many thousands of truck loads last few years. And these are all documented. I bet you never watch US senate hearings about the US aid to Kurdish terrorist group. 

  6. On 12/28/2012 at 8:09 AM, oakweb said:

    Thanks for the help, we have a 14 rooms for rent and the laundry is quite the task with those little machines. So I was looking for something a

    little more industrial, I know they have front loading washers of commercial grade for sale somewhere.. I see them everywhere. The laundry

    place out in front of Tony's has one, as well as many others do.

    I'll try the Express contact, but surely with all these commercial laundry locations there has to be some vendor around that is selling new and

    used commercial laundry equipment.

    www.khtcs.com I bought my machines for my commercial laundry from these guys. 

  7. If you pay tax on your overseas income then you dont pay tax in Thailand. No double taxation. Or you can transfer money to your Thailand bank account and make sure you note on your transfer as a "LOAN"

    There is no payback time limit on LOAN to yourself. That's what I do.

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  8. On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 8:53 PM, steven100 said:

    what a nonsense heading ….  what do you want and expect in a foreign country ...

    flowers every morning after your happy ending. 

    I wonder what his country wants from foreigners. 

    These people have an attitue that they can do or they want to do anything in this country because it's a poor and 3rd world country and they are from modern,advanced,country (!) which is they treat refugees like a piece of meat and they don't want any farangs into their countries.

    They can't live or survive in their own country because they don't have enough pension or income but they live here on their pension without starving by eating 40 baht Thai food everyday. And they still complain for everything. Go back to your country buddy Thailand is already poor and they don't need poor farang! They need money, just like what your country wants.

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  9. Totally two different cars. Fortuner is a real SUV , CHR is basically a large car.

    Fortuner will be a good choice over CHR and handles better on Thailand roads.

    Fortuner will hold it's resale value more than CHR. I always prefer Toyota over Honda or Nissan.



  10. Price just about right for the consumer. Hotels are paying 1400 baht +/- for the duvet cover, 750 baht +/- for the king size bed sheet 100 baht +/- as wholesale price. Some people will jump on my reply just to say something. I know the prices because I have an industrial laundry!

  11. 18 hours ago, madmen said:

    How would they even know?

    Thai government has to report to US government any US citizen involves in a bussiness. Matter of fact US citizen has to file W2 or W9 US tax form before even open a bussiness here . Thai revenue service will hand you the US tax form to fill out, Also banks required to have a US tax form filled out by US citizen.

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  12. I married a Thai lady I met in USA, we lived in USA for a while then I wanted to move to Thailand to be come semi retired. I guess I am married long enough and living in Thailand long enough to know a lots of things.

    I specially asked to my wife about this topic and she just laughed. You don't pay salary to your GF or wife. Unless you are getting into relationship with a hooker. But other than that of course you should take care of your woman either, GF or wife. Stay away from a woman who is asking you for salary because she can change her job if someone else pays her better salary than you. So she is an unofficial hooker.

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  13. On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 10:21 AM, KittenKong said:



    I am at about 50/50 for investments/savings and I expect to keep it that way forever now.


    Not easy to get 7% on a sustainable basis without putting capital at risk. I would be more inclined to compare with the average FTSE100 return which is nearer to 4%. Then compare that with the 2.5% I get for my retirement deposit here and the difference is much smaller.


    But the main issue for me is that the 800kB deposit is the only easy and practical way that I can get a retirement visa here. I have no regular retirement income and also I really dont want to fart around with costly embassy declarations or documented monthly transfers etc. Deposit the 800kB and forget about it seems simplest to me.

    That's what I do. Deposited 50.000 US to the account and forgot it. My believe is if anyone don't have 25.000 US in savings shouldn't be retired. Just keep working, why would you want to retire and get stressed every time for an extension. Retirement mean is to have relaxed, worry free, financially stable life to enjoy the beauties of the life, enjoy your hobbies or just be lazy and do nothing. If anyone is not able to live like this then why retire? I don't get it. I met so many guys who are always in stress to worry about not to spend much money on food,drink etc. because their monthly budget is so low and worry about how to put 800 000 baht together to get an extension. Or even if they have 800 000 baht in the bank account they worry about how to get few thousand baht more interest end of the year. and keep track of the rates every other day. This is not a retirement for me. Retirement mean is just kick back,not worry about paying 300 baht for a Starbucks coffee or give yourself 800 baht steak dinner at the nice restaurant once in a while. Eating 30 baht street food everyday because it's cheap, not a retirement for me. This is how I feel and I thing how retirement should be. But of course some people can't live without stress and struggle to survive and they call it retirement. I stay away from those kind of people because I am retired and don't need headache or I don't want to hear problems.

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