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  1. You can't separate countries with regard to a world wide pandemic, it's all connected, it's all "on topic". Quite a short sighted statement in your last sentence to make after an editorializing rambling rant containing mostly speculation and unproven assertions. There is a reason that this is the job of epidemiologists and not self styled "expert" commenters. Comparisons are quite relevant, it is the only means by which to measure this. It's all new, never been seen or dealt with before. I'm sure Thailand is doing the best it can, and continues to improve. I'm sure they have been looking very
  2. Common misuse of the word "theory". An idea, speculation, a proposition, a proposal, is a hypothesis. A theory is an idea and hypothesis that has been consistently tested and proven true. That's why the theories of evolution and relativity are considered well settled except among kooks. And it is the kooks' misuse of the word theory which is often used to support their ludicrous denials. Granted, this only matters to the educated and those who care to speak accurately and well, not always the domain of commenters here. I agree to your point. But it should be said, there are no business models
  3. I bet some underpaid, overworked government employee retaliated against this guy, making BS excuses for cutting him off, probably couldn't handle an upset and frantic person calling them out on their mistakes. The Australian government ought to be ashamed of itself. This has been going on long enough, measures for helping stranded citizens should be firmly in place and effective by now.
  4. Well, son, there are things in life you're too young to understand. We adults must face a very complicated world every day and find it hard even for US to understand, so don't worry your little mind. Run and play now
  5. Are you somehow proud of your callousness? Are you an American? If not, I hereby grant you honorary American status. Now run and vote for Trump
  6. I can tell you from experience just being stranded here for an extra month as well as in Cambodia that flight cancellations in the early days were an unstoppable plague. I must have had at least a half dozen flights out booked and then cancelled abruptly just before they were scheduled to depart. I had to search flights every day and finally booked a one way that came up which left the very next day. That was to the US. For other countries it was even more difficult, and I seem to remember very few flights to Australia at that point
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