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  1. Does a person deserve to forfeit his life because of one stupid act? According to you, yes, right? Wonder what your death will look like? Darwin at work? Is that what your loved ones will say? OneLessA$$holeFarang is what others might. Think about it.
  2. I've been living here part time for 7 years, have an apt. in BKK. Got my retirement visa last year. It's sad to see the tunnel vision and economic blindness that has gone on since I first studied the country before I came here. There are viable and time tested remedies that could be effected, but for all of the good things about Thai culture, it seems economic common sense has been left out of their DNA in favor of short sighted greed. Hence the choice of Chinese tourists over those from other countries. Like many if not most developed countries (Thailand not quite being one) , it seems that politicians are out to "get theirs" and as soon as they do or are sure they will, the future of their own country matters little. If it ever did. I've seen a lot of small affordable bars and guest houses struggling and closing their doors, unable to make their rent. Since I first came here in 2013, I have been amazed and dismayed at all of the bars even in the red light districts which have seldom even been half full. What are the landlords thinking when no more rent is coming in from these properties when they close doors? I'm going to stay here, since I learned via my own poverty in the US how to live frugally, and Thailand still beats the US hands down for an affordable good quality of life for my income bracket. I happen to like Koh Larn off Pattaya coast, my favorite place to stay there has held steady the last few years at $38/night. Bus from Ekkamai is cheap, as is the ferry to Koh Larn, 30 baht. Yes, there is a trash problem, but there are areas there where it is clean enough for me. I can cook for myself and buy my beer at a local store, walk more than ride, take trains and buses, sit at a picnic table with a small group of expats or Thais, laugh, enjoy life. These stories just make me sad. But at least they don't have Trump. I'd go anywhere to escape that sick megalomaniac racist SOB. So I still count my blessings. The world will do what it will, I will endure
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