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  1. I just checked the options for marriage visas on the Savannakhet Thai consulate's website, since I do not have a 400,000 baht deposit ready yet. http://www.thaiembassy.org/savannakhet/th/services/104406-Visa-Fee.html But their web page lists only non-immigrant O visas (single entry) valid for 3 months, costing 2,000 baht. Recently, has anyone been able to get a multiple-entry non-immigrant O visa from Savannakhet that is valid for 1 year, costing 5,000 baht? If not, maybe Ho Chi Minh City could be another option? A visa agency I spoke to in Chiang Mai said that the multiple-entry 1-year option is only available if done through the agency, but I am thinking that is probably unnecessary?
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