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  1. Exactly! And their tyrannical rule will eventually come to an end. Go Boris.
  2. Climate change has been going on for thousands of years. Fake news. Simply a way for the globalist elite and socialist/communist cabals to rape the treasury of the U.S. Ain't gonna happen with Donald as POTUS.
  3. The same people that say "it's for the children" don't hesitate to promote or practice the killing of millions of babies in the womb. Hypocrites!!
  4. I needed anti-biotics recently for a bladder infection and enlarged prostrate. thankful for them.
  5. Totally agree which is why I only eat Whole Food Plant-based for the last 3 years. I have a long list of health improvements due to giving up animal protein. Check out Dr. John Mcdougal or Dr. Colin Campbell. Both nutrition doctors for 50 + years and have great websites in aiding the diet.
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