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  1. 4 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

    I hear that doctors and staff treating the patients in China, do not even have access to decent quality masks, as the Chicoms were caught completely off guard, and masks have sold out worldwide, due to panic. The medical people in China are very scared. With the number of wet markets in China, they had to know it was only a matter of time before another outbreak like Sars. Why the complete lack of preparation? What were they thinking? Were they thinking? They have known about this since December 31st, when the first doctor went public, and was then humiliated, arrested, and forced to sign a ridiculous confession. The Chicoms are a completely ridiculous bunch of money and power hungry men.


    Dr. Jiang, the military doctor who became a whistle-blower in 2003, has been put under periodic house arrest and forbidden to visit the United States to collect a human rights award. He is also portrayed as a bad role model. A multiple-choice question posed by a test-prep school in 2017 asked about Dr. Jiang’s decision. The correct answer was B: It was wrong because it harmed the interests of the nation, the society and the community and should be subject to legal punishment.




    China’s highest court has praised eight whistleblower doctors who were arrested by Wuhan police in early January and forced to ­confess to spreading false rumours after they tried to alert the public to the unfolding coronavirus outbreak. The eight, all believed to be medical professionals, were ­arrested on January 1 and accused of “fabricating, disseminating and spreading rumours” over online posts in late December warning of a “SARS-like” coronavirus.






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    I lived in China for 4 years, ten years ago. The hospitals even in Shanghai are terrible, the doctors are poorly educated and the end result is always a bag full of "medicine". Thailand is a little better but still get the bagful of medication regardless.

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