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  1. 1 hour ago, johnnybangkok said:

    I promised months ago when all the Trump fans were extolling Trumps virtues over N. Korea that if the talks amounted to anything I would come on Thai Visa and publicly apologise.

    My public humiliation seems to be further away than ever.

    N.K. is a (well documented) master at this and is schooling Trump. Nothing will happen apart from more concessions and more hot air. 




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  2. Sugar and salt are not healthy but represent a very small portion of our world-wide health problems. Animal protein/saturated fat: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, are the main cause of 80-90% of human disease. The evidence is rock-solid. Google "plant-based diet" and see it for yourself. I'm 77 and have been plant-based for 3 years. Within a few short months my cholesterol dropped from 240 to 150, BP 110/70, and kidney and liver function normal. I exercise 6 days/week because I have more energy than I've had in 40 years. I take only one medication for enlarged prostrate due to 74 years of S.A.D (standard American diet). No more heel spurs, allergies, flu, headaches, muscle pain etc etc. I did it for my health, not for the animals. Check out the video "Forks over knives" on youtube. It will change your life. Of course, the doctors will never tell you this because if you are healthy, they make no money.

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