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  1. The problem is with Thai plumbing. Your drain is not vented. To solve the problem simply add a vent pipe leading up past the roof line. The septic tank should also be vented.
  2. Does it look like that these days in the North? Or has the Asia brown cloud reached there too?
  3. No, no. This hotel will go for 1500+ baht a night when it gases off, i am sure the management is discounted it for that reason. Really nice quality big room. Woke up with a massive headache from VOC's. There is actually the 2nd floor if full of Thai's, who don't seem to mind the smell. I got another place now for 600 and it's pretty good actually. You guys are lucky you don't have allergies like i do, accommodations are a real problem in Thailand because of the poor construction of buildings. A typical problem is moisture penetrating from the outside under the slab and causing fungus to grow under the indoor tiles. The whole exterior of these buildings need to be waterproofed. Not with that crappy paint, it's not enough. I've stayed in many guesthouse in Krabi and many have that problem. Obviously i am a minority with allergies. You will notices many Thais with the sniffer stick all the time, that is the cause i believe, mold in their houses.
  4. It's great, i got a cheap price, it's near to Krabi town, a bunch of positive reviews, nobody is even here and many of hotels and guesthouses are completely full in town. This place is beautiful too. But, there is a bit of chemical odor and have a slight head ache. I guess this is why there is nobody here? Mind you i was just in another guesthouse with a mold problem and suffer greatly. Most of the guesthouses in Krabi have a mold/fungus problem. I could still be sensitive. Should i stay in the place because it is a great deal and very nice room, super quiet for 600 bhat (reduced from 700.) Everything is new. I've got the skidding door open and the AC on. The last guesthouse was 600 bhat, filled with mold, a broken mattress, A/C with two settings, on and too cold, poor wifi, noisy Spanish people etc. The thing is VOC's can be toxic. Presumably they used low VOC's in this place and it is mild, still do you think it is worth it?
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