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  1. You have a reservation not a booking. The reservation can be canceled at anytime by the airline but usually if it is not paid for in 48 hrs it will cancelled. Seems the Thai embassy is actually looking for a real onward ticket but they will accept a reservation. Do you honestly think a travel agent is going to cough up $200++ for a ticket then cancel it and get a refund all for a $12 profit. No. They are making a unpaid reservation which only certain airlines will do.
  2. It is only a reservation through a travel agency, it is not a real onward ticket. Also maybe only valid for a short time. We are the best company on Trustpilot Book a legit Onward Ticket for only $12 Our ticket is valid for 48 hours ++
  3. Nothing new. Thailand is always sketchy at night, it is when all the yaba heads come out. Probably this Latino was involved with drugs and or prostitution, that is the way they are.
  4. Gee's. What's it like to be in your 60's or 70's and only have 10k to your name?
  5. CDC says vaccinated travelers need not quarantine. Otherwise it is 10 days. Thailand, get with the program.
  6. Those ticket are not real tickets. They are fake. You might as well photoshop your own ticket. I've never been asked to show a onward ticket and if they did ask they probably won't check if it is authentic. Is Thailand really going to reject you at this point? As far as i know the only people who might ask is the airline you are flying with. Again they won't be checking if it is real and they won't care if you can get a visa or not.
  7. It is the same problem for retirees all over the world: low interest rates. With 1.5% interest on fixed income you need about 1-2 million dollar in the bank to retire.
  8. More people are unemployed so they are probably growing more crops.
  9. If more businesses like Tesla buy bitcoin it will go up in value. Telsa made more on bitcoin in the last month than they did in selling cars!
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