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  1. You can try any pharmacy. Baclofen is an essential medicine.
  2. The risk of contracting or transmitting covid outdoors is very low. If you are vaccinate it is minute.
  3. "Ledn has a very thorough protocol for lending Bitcoin and USDC, and works with best-in-class industry partners to minimize the risk of its operations. However, Bitcoin and USDC held within the Savings Accounts is not covered by CDIC or any kind of deposit protection insurance policy." All i can say is to not invest more than 5% of your portfolio into crypto assets. I have invested in Amazon, Google, Msft, FB, CRM, JD, BABA, VEEV, ASHR. If you can hold these for few years at least.
  4. I thought the whole point of crypt was to unbank yourself? The whole was that you have a your own wallet and nobody can touch it and requires no middle man to sell or buy. Why trust some web site with no insurance?
  5. Many Thai's are xenophobic snoops and snitches. They are snooping on your wifi internet, the CCTV on every corner, in every shop, in every hall way of your guesthouse. Even some have hidden cameras inside the room!
  6. The risk of contracting covid outdoors is very low. Especially if you are vaccinated.
  7. Maybe now with just few tourists Thai immigration will lose their xenophobia and simplify their visa system?
  8. Thailand has hardly any tourist and yet they only give 45 days with a 30 days extension. What are they thinking?
  9. There is no reliable to prove if you are vaccinated or not. Governments will not release private health records to someone calling from Thai immigration department.
  10. In fact AA doesn't work, it has a poor rate of success. That is why i mention Baclofen - because it does work and many people do not know about it. And it is very easy to use. It doesn't sound like an innocent thread to me; it sounds like a cry for help.
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