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  1. Fine for me. I want to travel long term. 2 weeks is nothing. I will be jet lagged anyways. What the government should do is arrange full size apartments with cooking facilities for foreigners in Bangkok or near by. Have some service that will drop off food every few days. Once you are out of quarantine you will have your choice of hotels or guesthouses - all cheeep! Beaches will be empty, sound like a paradise. Once they iron out the details, i'll be there.
  2. Seems fair enough to me. 14 days is not too bad if means you can walk around in society without a mask and without fear of covid. Considering jet lag is 2 week is bit of a lose for me anyways. Here in Canada they are opening things up yet the cases are rising. It is a s-show, people don't care just like the states, they don't wear masks and think it is all conspiracy. Things are expensive and boring too. I can see the situation getting worse in the future and probably not getting better. Once you pass quarantine in Thailand i would guess you could easily go to Cambodia or Vietnam too. I can see a benefit of have very few tourist around, cheap prices, nice local atmosphere.
  3. 15% of people who catch covid will need to be hospitalized. That is how they know how many people have it or not. You can't hide that. People who are sick will go and get tested. If you have 10 cases in Thailand it means there is no more than 50-100 asymptomatic. Those cloth masks only work so well. Wearing an N95 will protect the users especially if they are on the bus or crowded place. I might add that you have a higher chance of catching dengue or Japanese encephalitis than covid this days.
  4. Try India sometime, generations of poor english teachers continue to teacher their version of Hinglish. Their Hinglish is so mangled that i am often asked what MY first language is.
  5. Surgical masks will only prevent sick people from infecting others. Don't you guys have n95's in Thailand now? N95 (and goggles) is the only thing that will protect you from the virus. Besides the numbers are so low in Thailand - what are you worried about?
  6. You don't really need an anti virus unless you surf dodgy sites. Even so firefox will protect you to some degree. You really need to run a dodgy .exe script for a virus to take hold. I keep defender off because it slows down my system and is probably spyware in it self. Now and then i check with: https://www.trendmicro.com/en_ca/forHome/products/housecall.html or https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/safety-scanner-download
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