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  1. Beaches are far more safe than skytrains and shoppingmalls since they're open and outdoors... They better focus on the vendors in malls who just took their mask off because they can...
  2. Many restaurants upcountry are absolutely filthy....those people have never heard of hygiene i bet.
  3. Floyd broke into the home of a pregnant black lady, he robbed her and pointed his gun on her pregnant belly.... What a scumbag! How can they all protest for him? Loosers!
  4. In Asia region, Mahidol ranks 122nd among the top 500 universities from 30 Asian countries. 5555555555555555
  5. Half of the vendors on Chatuchak weekend market don't wear a mask...but they are thai and that's different of course.
  6. I would buy it taxfree on Changi airport....you get worldwide service anyway...And in Singapore they give you a western service...the taxfree discount you get there can pay for the airfare.
  7. I've been in the Apple stores, they can't even speak english in there... But if i wanted to buy one i would go into an apple store, put the cash on the counter, point at the notebook i wanted to have and tell them, leo leo kab...
  8. dunnow mate, it also isn't here...https://duckduckgo.com/?q=promenade+spain&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images
  9. Can you mention one place in thailand which is not filthy, crappy, messy, broken, underdeveloped? I can mention hundreds of good places, it's EVERY single big city in Europe.
  10. Well here's some pictures of examples...mind you these are cheaper, closer to home and much better than anything in asia so far. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=promenade+italy&iax=images&ia=images
  11. "police have been told by the suspect that he will surrender to their custody in one or two days." Are there more countries on the world with such a laughable policeforce?
  12. My cabinet maker for my massive teakwood kitchen had never seen a carpenters square...the drawers didn't fit well because the angles were not in 90 degree's which i showed him with my square... Thai are insanely unprofessional, you better do it all yourself.
  13. When a farang puts a cigarette butt in the drain he'll get a 2000 baht fine....speaking of experience.
  14. They do that with very large escavators parked on the sidewalk causing it to break everywhere....mai pen lai krub...we don't need no sidewalks.
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