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  1. As soon as they have kids the long hair gets a cut....just like the schoolgirls..but it must be very hot to wear i can guess..
  2. fruitman

    Online media are reshaping civilisation

    It also forces the Thai shops to show prices when selling online....oh boy they must hate that!
  3. Do they have a special helmet for these ladies? And what if in combat when somebody looses his/her helmet and they want to use the one from a dead soldier? Nope, for armygirls i think millimetered hair is best...just like for the men.
  4. I dunnow but i would think the teachers would have to give the 'good' example...(just like policemen)...So whoever she is she sure needs to have her hair cut to the norm... I really like the long hair on thai girls.....what a shame they have to cut it.
  5. So you were a troublemaker.....did you have a mohawk as well or rastafari hair?
  6. And the one who cut the hair even has her hair longer than the norm.....Sooo Thai....
  7. I also hate the drivers who drive far too slow, like going 40-50 on the main road where 80 is the limit....they should use the frontroad or better take a taxi. Taxi's also like to drive too slow when they are searching for customers. And those tricycles who recycle old crap should be banned totally.
  8. Kasetsart university bang khen campus....i think google maps can show it but yes if you drive from don mueang direction chatuchak on vibhawadee road you turn left to bang khen....then it's on the left side where loads of cars will be turning left...it will be very busy and huge...it's all over the campus and takes a lot of time to see it all. Loads of food, animals, land produce, machinery, and plants for sale from vendors who came from all over thailand.
  9. I don't have any dragonfruit cactus anymore, i culled them and gave some away....my neighbour didn't prune his tree (which is gone now) so they were in the shade and going bad there. I have durian flowers now, 1 white jaboticaba fruit on the tree plus more blossoms...ross sapote blossoms...and the rest is not blooming but i have plenty rare fruit tree's. i'll get dabai seeds soon, already have 2 tree's but you need hermafrodite tree's and they grow 70% males from seed is what i read...so i ordered more seeds. Those are very expensive fruits from borneo, taste like avocado but i never had one. I also have pulasan, budded and they finally grow well now. If you need special tree's go to the kasetsart agriculture fair 25 jan and 7 more days after that iirc. (check their website)...
  10. I got about 15 of the best dragonfruit cuttings for free from a nice californian grower..i grew them for some years but my garden is too small for all of them...finally i culled all of them without getting any fruit. Sometimes they died, grew back but it was too much effort...also my neighbour decided to not prune his tree so they were in the shade. Anyway, i have plenty rare fruit tree's so don't care so much...On the kasetsart fair i've seen all those american dragonfruit cuttings for sale as well.. If i were you guys and lived up north i would grow pluots..also available on the kaset fair in BKK...pluots are very very nice (hybrid between plum and apricot).
  11. No thanx, i have a dekapon tree now...grafted. that's enough for citrus. But i can send you some seeds for free if you like, tomorrow we'll eat the 2nd one and they have loads of seeds, nice crispy ones but larger than on thai dragonfruit. I have seen all kinds of dragonfruit plants for sale on the kasetsart fair which will be held soon, 25 jan. iirc....last year they sold cuttings of the yellow there but mind you there are different yellows on the world..i stopped growing dragonfruit myself but since i ate this big yellow one i have to grow them again, they do have thorns on the fruit though. pm me your address if you want some seeds. I don't want to derail this thread but here you can see them.
  12. And that it is caused by the books which don't have good black letters so they're hard to read. That's not the fault of the printers though but it's caused by the inferior paper the books are made from, and that paper was imported from the foreigners.
  13. I grew fingerlimes some years ago untill they suddenly died. Have never eaten one. But i ate a yellow dragonfruit this week (still have one more), very expensive but sure worth the money....much much better than the ones from thailand...if i was a farmer i would grow those...i paid 20 singapore$ for 2 of them...
  14. I really hope they find the murderer.....in the Wat...what a low life he is.
  15. fruitman

    Safety first?

    A heavy cart like that can easy kill 2-3 japanese ladies when it storms down the escalator. It has to happen first before thailand will finally do something but i'm sure a week later they'll do it like before because it's easy for them. Also i wonder how much Thailand will pay my family in case i get killed this way....