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  1. Don't know how to see if they were real, it was years ago and i binned them. I wouldn't think a shop like supersports sells fake goods but hey this is thailand. But even those nike outlets sell crappy quality, i have some shirts where the logo came loose from the shirt after 3-4 weeks....and they are from the real nike outlet. I don't care anymore though, they can't speak english and are so dumb...bought a runningshirt for my wife in that nike outlet, above those shirts was a huge sign "30% off, entire wall" so i paid and noticed i didn't get any discount....i asked the manager why not and she replied the discount was only for the men department which was half of that wall...i explained her that entire wall means ALL products against that wall but she didn't agree....oh well...i'm not going to argue with an idiot about 3-400 baht....
  2. They ask much more...youaaa ly supaaa sy mai? You ea ea eat heee? And then mostly the oldest one is called who has to take over because they see my face not understanding a word of it.....sooo strange and soo hard to say. And no of course the Thai staff at Mac Donalds doesn't need to speak english, even the reception at large hospitals can't or the security/police in the malls. So why would they? That's why i hope the staff at Taco Bell can speak english...they are at Mercury place where loads of foreigners go to shop in Central Chidlom or stay in a 5* hotel. But hey, who cares for customers or quality tourists? Only there money counts.
  3. Well even the customers in the US aren't the brightest lights.
  4. I really loved those small MOS-burgers with a thick slice of good tomato....but once i got one with a large piece of very chewy meat in it, that slipped through the mincer i guess but i 've never been back there. Also their staff became very arrogant and stupid. But all those fastfood chains have the same problem which is the staff...they can't speak english, are not serviceminded, have no manager, no education and no manners.
  5. Because the Thai can't sapee inlit kab. Plus they are scared for other religions and need thai food. My wife won't go to indonesia with me, Bali is okay but no other island....
  6. MOS burger also started with long queue's...they opened many branches....they hired stupid staff, quality went down, customers never returned...they closed their branches.....
  7. 10 years ago i bought a High Sierra backpack in Supersports...lifetime warranty. After 3 weeks there was a hole in the bottom from touching my back when walking...i went to the shop and nope that was not for warranty...i got annoyed by that so they told me to go far far away to their headquarter somewhere in BKK and complain there... Another time i bought nike sneakers in supersports, a month later the whole sole came loose. So i never went there again.
  8. Well if i was Prayuth i would order the BKK-governor to go on tv and let him deal with this idiot scooterdriver. Lock him up to show an example and give the bangkokians a safe feeling. Or big joke could arrest him with a lot of show and lock him up. But the police refuses to do arrest drivers like this, i would also punish them for neglecting their duty...
  9. Why is mr Prayuth not responding to this??? Come on, show us you're the leader we will vote for and lock him up.
  10. That's all true for Thailand....sure not for Singapore. But my wife wears purses which cost more than the motocycle...will they wait for her to pass?
  11. The minivans also do that and i've seen the traffic police on the junction waving them to the front (cause they blocked the lane for the left turn) so they could speed off as first at green light. The police is big friends with the minivans and motocy taxi's, that's why they can do whatever they like...
  12. Yup, also taxi's can't just pickup passengers anywhere. Last time i took a taxi was from Don Muang at night. The engine stalled 3! times during our ride but he could manage to get it working in 30 seconds.. I asked him where he would go next and he replied back to Don Muang because he only has a license to pick up passengers from there.
  13. Yesterday i went to get pizza from pizzacompany...next to the counter was a 4 year girl playing on a very noisy electric game where she had to catch fish..it played very loud music nonstop....we even couldn't speak to the staff and there were loads of people there waiting....but nobody dared to tell the small girl to turn the volume down or turn that game off while in the shop.
  14. Before you know it you're in a fight between the mototaxi or taxidrivers in BKK....it's all maffia. So we go with our own vehicles, much safer.
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