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  1. Loaded with a guy on the roof while the truck was racing to the fire....good to see that Thailand finally understands the safety rules..ahum.
  2. 555555 is that all? And what about the Thai insurance we HAVE to buy as a tourist?? Is that finished?
  3. Did Thai already refund all the tickets for cancelled flights? Who would fly with them now? They are on the deadlist me thinks.
  4. I will never forget how thailand treated the cruiseships and it's travellers....it was a big shame and i sure won't go here for a cruise.
  5. The Thai can't be bothered to train their dogs...they don't want to be the boss. One day i walked a puppy golden retriever in our private park, a Thai girl comes with her huge dog, it walks to my retriever and pee's all over it...the girl started laughing loud and told me in perfect english: It seems that he wants to book her for tonight! After that she walked away laughing, my dog was soaking wet and needed a shower. She should have told her dog that he was a bad boy but hey a Thai will never do that since they also never leard how to get corrected themselves.
  6. I wished the forza had bigger wheels...16-17 inch would be nice for the bumpy thai roads..
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